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  • Angelique a.

    I have eaten at two other Good Egg locations -- Phoenix and Scottsdale -- several times each. They were never very good. This is why I was so pleasantly surprised by a great omelette today at the Good Egg on McQueen and Elliot. It was very tasty, with lots of fresh veggies done the right way. (So many places leave them practically raw so they don't have to worry about overcooking them.) And NOT GREASY, which was always the problem at the other locations. The potatoes were just ordinary and I would have liked them crispier, so my four stars is for the great omelette, unfiltered apple juice and good service. A good point about the service, which shouldn't be something unusual for a popular restaurant, but unfortunately it is: The meals for all eight of us came out all at the same time, and nothing was forgotten. I can't tell you how many times I've been out with a group when half the table waits five, ten, or even more minutes for their food, or when side dishes are forgotten and brought out much later. At this Good Egg location, the waitress was helped by two other waitresses so we were all served at once.

  • Donn M.

    Erik, the manager, is extraodinary - he makes guests feel valued, which isn't always the case at other establishments. This morning I enjoyed breakfast at this Good Egg - Erik greeted me quickly and Sandy, the server, got my order correct.

  • Natalia C.

    Quick and good service. Good breakfast food. Makes me a happy hungover person :) The bacon was good, my friend got the french toast and it was cinnamon-y, yum! I also liked the buttermilk pancakes, and their potatoes. Nothing wrong here, but nothing too fancy.

  • Joe R.

    The friendliest staff serving really good breakfasts in a super clean environment. I eat here often and the food is always hot and served exactly as requested. I feel more like I am among friends than in a restaurant.

  • Alison K.

    Nice little breakfast place. My only gripes have to do with the laws of Arizona regarding dogs.

  • Derek N.

    Great breakfast. Served quickly. Tremendous service. It's a chain, but it does one thing and does it well. BREAKFAST. Getting hungry just thinking about it.

  • Natalie M.

    The is our favorite place for breakfast. We take everyone here when they visit from out of town. We've never had a bad meal out of all the times we've eaten here. I have been to several of the locations and they are all fabulous food and service wise. The lunch menu is yummy too! They offer some healthy choices as well which is always important!

  • Fauzia I.

    went here yesterday for a late breakfast-at-lunch-time, first time and as always based on previous reviews ... so here is my two cents. I was glad there was no wait, which actually surprised me. Clean, cute country decor. I liked the water pitchers on every table. The lemon inside was a nice touch, but have to say that to a ice-water-and-lemon-freak to me, there was too little ice and too little lemon. But I don't like overwhelming people with special requests so I didn't say anything. Although I'm sure it wouldn't have been a problem - everyone was very friendly. The menu was fun to read with lots of options. Notably, side item substitutions are easy and standard. Ok, on to the food. My husband had an 3 egg omelet, which while it was good, was smaller than we expected and have had elsewhere. I ordered the Eggs Benedict with turkey, which was also just ok - not great. The smoked turkey was incredibly over-salty - I left it on the side. What was wonderful were the pancakes, which gave my ratings the two stars. Unlike anywhere else I've been, you can specify if you want the extra ingredients mixed in or just on top. I did ask without knowing and it paid off! They were truly scrumptious, light, fluffy and delicious. Next time I go, it might be alone but for those pancakes it would be worth it! Also, they offer a card which you can get stamps on with purchase of an entree and some days are double stamps. After 6 stamps you get a free entree. This is awesome! I will be back soon.

  • Sandra D.

    This is your typical breakfast/ lunch only place. I chose to go because I love one of their omelettes ... that is unfortunately now no longer on the menu. I guess they got bought out by a national change and made some budget cuts here and there. The waitress was nice enough... And after she spilled my juice all over the table, she took it off the bill (I should hope so since it was $3 for juice and she never refilled the spilled portion lol). Accidents happen so it's not because of that, but because of the "meh" food, that I won't be back.

  • Tonya M.

    It's been a few years since I've been at The Good Egg. I don't remember if I didn't like it or was just underwhelmed and opted to not go back. I can't say that about this visit. WOW, I left full, impressed and wanting to go back ASAP! We came in around 10 am on a Sunday morning so we expected a brief wait, it wasn't bad, maybe 10 minutes at the most. After being shown to our table we were greeted by a super friendly girl named Tarisa. I ordered the mushroom caps and she quickly had a suggestion for me. Apparently there are mushroom caps that aren't on the menu that have feta, mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto. Sure, why not! I appreciated the suggestion and liked all the ingredients she listed. The only problem was, I couldn't have imagined they were going to taste so phenomenal. Without her suggestion, I never would have left that happy. I will be back SOON and will not even consider ordering something else. I didn't care about the eggs, potatoes and English Muffin, granted it was all wonderful but the star was the mushrooms. Please put those mushrooms on the menu!! Tarisa's phenomenal service has gained your restaurant a repeat guest!!

  • Nawaf H.

    Great place to have breakfast, nice friendly staff and delicious eggs. I like how the staff keep asking if anything is needed, and they serve really good coffee, nice place to start your day with.

  • Mike M.

    I love it when family comes in from out of town... one reason is I get to go out for breakfast! Alas, I'm the only one in my house that likes breakfast food.... :( So when my brother was here this week, we ran right up to The Good Egg. It's always solid but this was a reminder... when they are on... they are ON. I must say, the service was 6 stars. I had the Eggs Florentine... very well executed and really hit the spot. My only criticism would be the side of rye toast came barely toasted. I know I could have asked for them to toast it up.. I'm sure this would have been done quickly, but there is simply a timing issue with eggs and toast! Must be the same time man! ... lol minor issue... I like coming her. :D

  • Olin C.

    I have been eating at the Good Egg for several years (multiple times a week). Not just the McQueen location but many others including Dobson Rd., Alma School Rd., Central & Camelback, Ray Rd., etc. When First Watch bought out the Good Egg the first thing they did was obliterate the menu. All of my favorites were gone with the exception of the Bacado. When I complained I was told they would still make any of the old items. But that was only going to last until they had a turn over in cooks and the new ones didn't have a clue how to make deleted items. I then started noticing other negative changes that were likely made by First Watch's bean counters such as, the 'to go' cups were considerably smaller (only a big deal because they charged $2.50 (now $2.59) for a glass of iced tea which is an outrageous price to pay when you only drink 1 glass with your meal; a side order of sausage used to come with 4 links, then they changed it to 3 links, now it is 2 smaller links for $5.00. Then I noticed they changed from a name brand jelly packet to a cheaper lesser quality jelly packet, now they just bring you jelly in a small cup and who knows what the ingredients are or if they get it from China or something? One complaint I have always had was they tried to post "heart healthy" signs next to the more healthy entrees. Not sure if they do it now on their new menu but they never offered "real butter." I went to the Ray Rd., location earlier this week and noticed they had a dish of "real butter" packets sitting on the counter and thought yay, they did something right. Today I went to the McQueen location and asked the server if they had real butter packets there. He said he wasn't sure but he would go check. He went to the kitchen and came back and said yes, they did. So I ordered my wheat toast dry with a butter packet on the side. When it was served there was no butter. I asked the girl who brought the meal about it and she told me they didn't have real butter packets. I explained the server went and checked and that they were supposed to now have it. A few minutes later the server came back and said "sorry, the kitchen manager lied to me and we don't have real butter." I told him I only ordered the meal because he told me they did and now I didn't want the meal. A few minutes later the manager came over and did his best to make it right...but what can you really do? I appreciated his attempt but it was futile. Obviously I didn't pay for the meal I didn't eat but my companion did eat. What we did pay for was 1 bowl of oatmeal, 2 sausage links (small) and 2 glasses of iced tea and the bill was $17 + dollars...outrageous! Because of my dissatisfaction over the last year or so, I have started going to other restaurants for breakfast. Frequently I would run into people who used to work at the Good Egg but left. Their stories always centered around dissatisfaction in the way the employees were treated by the new owners. All in all The Good Egg was, at one time, a great place to eat breakfast. But, I always found First Watch, while similar, to be inferior to the Good Egg in terms of menu choices, food quality and customer service. Instead of bringing First Watch up to par with the Good Egg, they brought the Good Egg down to First Watch standards. First Watch is real good at making their menu appear good, but they just can't deliver. Very disappointing and I will not return there.

  • Alex D.

    4 stars who paid for those nothing special by any means. Really nice staff . I could make better food then what I was served. Seriously who paid for these reviews, doesn't taste right to me. Lol. Hey you been warned.

  • Tauhid C.

    WOW try out their Lumberjack skillet - you'll either stuff yourself so much you'll fall asleep on the car ride home or you'll have leftovers for later or the next day. I normally don't like chains, and especially diner-like chains. But this place was definitely a good find and I left thoroughly happy.

  • Ana M.

    We ate breakfast here yesterday, and we just had to come back again today. The food is delicious and the staff is super friendly!

  • Derek S.

    Amazing service (thank you Tarisa) and well portioned meals. Fast, hot, and delicious food when you're in the mood for breakfast or lunch. Try The Elevated breakfast sandwich if you love avocado.

  • Vanessa W.

    I have been here a few times now and although I will say my servers have been great, the wait times (for seating AND food) can be much improved. The food is good, not anything super amazing, but decent. Great choices for kids as well but overall, MiMi's or Crackers and Co. Cafe are just better for breakfast.

  • Kevin L.

    Unfortunately with new ownership of all the Good Eggs, the frequent diner card is now buy 10 meals, get one free. It used to be 7 meals. I guess new ownership doesn't care about loyal customers! Food is okay and pricey. Wait staff is great!

  • Bruce K.

    I have a great deal of respect for a buisness that values the customers. After having an unpleasant experience I was gifted a gift card at an attempt to better my experience. This experience was much better. The service was great, the food was awesome. I certainly will continue to be a customer thanks again.

  • Marina M.

    My daughter and I go here every Sunday for 'brunch'. We usually go around 1pm or later so there's never a wait. We've been doing this for at least the last 6 months and not once have we had a bad experience. The hosts always know where we like to sit and some of the waiters and waitresses see us and come say hi if they can. Everyone is always super friendly and helpful. Also, the food is great! I tend to try different things to switch it up from time to time, and I haven't found anything I don't like. I've been to multiple Good Eggs throughout the Valley and this by far has been the best one I've been to.

  • Katarina H.

    The hubby and I have been meaning to try this place out for a long while now and we finally got around to trying it out. The restaurant is clean and welcoming. Immediately upon walking into the door we were greeted and sat down. We brought our girls with us and we all got our drinks. The kids drinks are a little small both kids finished their drinks before the food even came out but they were able to get a refill to go with their food and the drinks were spill proof and had lids which is an added bonus with how accidents happen with kids. We got our breakfast and the kids were happy with their pancakes. I got the Eggs Benedict. I was surprised at how many different types of Eggs Benedict but I ended up going with the classic type. The eggs were wonderfully done and the country potatoes although very simple were really good. When we got our check, I was surprised that they asked if we wanted any of our drinks to go. That's not something a restaurant asks you on the way out and its a nice option to be able to get your drink to go so you can take it with you. All in all the experience was very nice and we will for sure be coming back.

  • Kevin C.

    Great breakfasts, and not as crowded as some of the "trendy" spots nearby in Gilbert, which can have completely ridiculously long waits on the weekend. Started coming here for that reason, and really like it. They have probably the best hash browns I've ever had (you have to ask for them, country potatoes are the default breakfast side), and great omelets. Service is generally very good, though can be a bit of a hit and miss. Will continue to be a regular.

  • Rachel M.

    Went for breakfast this morning, wasn't very busy and service was horrible. Gave up waiting for the server to bring our check. After 15 minutes of waiting for her to stop by after we were finished eating (as she never stopped by to ask how our meal was, nor refill our drinks) went to the register to ask for our check. Heard our server tell another table that she will take their order but then she was going to sit down and eat her breakfast at a different table near by. Overall, she seemed very unprofessional and staff was very disorganized, do not plan to go back soon.

  • Alicia C.

    Consistently delicious. I love to try new places but when I know I want great breakfast that is always on point, we go to the Good Egg.

  • Trisha D.

    This place never has a long wait, always has delicious food, and their snicker doodle coffee roast is very delicious, a must try! The staff and even the manager is always super friendly, upbeat and always helpful.

  • Sylvia M.

    The Good Egg is one of our favorite breakfast spots in the valley. The food is delicious and we enjoy frequenting this location since it's so close to home. We typically go during the weekends. Going on a Saturday for lunch is not as busy as Sunday. We have tried a handful of menu items and none of them disappoint. My favorite is the nurse bialy. It's a filling meal but very healthy option. The Good Egg does a great job at highlighting menu items that are under 500 calories/light choices or placing them in one location for the health conscious to locate easily. My hubby loves the skillets! All of them. Life is too short to have crappy breakfast. Go to the Good Egg and treat yourself to something delicious.

  • Jay P.

    I give them a 3 star rating because the food was good but we ordered 2 juices and the waitress never asked what size we wanted and automatically poured us the large. The prices are small $2.00, medium $3.00, and large $5.00. I have to say that paying more than $3.00 for any juice is outrageous and price gouging in my opinion. We told the waitress that we wanted small juices when we realized what the prices were and we saw her take the large back to the kitchen. The small juices were not much larger than a shot glass anyhow. I know this is a profit area and I get that, but $5.00 for a small water glass size juice is outrageous. Food was hot and fresh and the service was great otherwise. They used to give all tables a pitcher of ice water in the Mesa location we used to frequent. I don't know if they stopped doing that but we did have to ask for ice water.

  • Erik G.

    The service here is the second to none. The food is very Consistent. Pancakes Are to die for!!!!

  • Michael W.

    we had breakfast served by tarisa. she was so polite and kind. she was very accommodating. the food was good and served very timely. there was no obnoxious background music being played. we enjoyed our morning

  • Breanna C.

    One of my favorite breakfast places. I've tried several different options and so far haven't found anything I didn't like. It's a little pricey but worth it for the quality of food.

  • Cherie G.

    Excellent service and food. We go every Sunday before I go to work and sometimes we are running late so we call ahead and order. We already know what we want because we get the same thing every week. I also really like that they have stevia in the raw to sweeten my coffee. Every one working there are friendly and prompt.

  • Brandon B.

    Came here in a daze after not having slept for a loooong time and flying in to the airport with Dad; reminds me of the nice breakfast diners in Chicago, got the combo with turkey sausage (still greasy--defeats the purpose), eggs (always the same everywhere), french toast (more white bread, nothing too special but filling), coffee. Nice atmosphere and no major problems, would be great for the weekend brunch!

  • Marcus W.

    Another breakfast/lunch only establishment, closing around 2:30p each day. The menu, as you'd expect, is focused on egg dishes and they do them well. I tried the eggs benedict and it was good, although not as hot as I'd have liked (luke warm at best). The prices are reasonable, less than $10 for most dishes. The service was lackluster- and it wasn't even really that busy (9a on a Sunday). We had to ask for drink refills several times (and cream for the coffee), she seemed a little put out by our asking for refills, which I didn't understand. The rest of our table seemed happy with their food- although general consensus was that the breakfast potatoes were not that good (bland, and a little overcooked). There are plenty of options for dieters and vegetarians. I noticed the menu provides caloric totals for each plate, which is definitely a nice touch. Most breakfast places are dangerously high on fat content and calories. I would probably try this place one more time to see if service picks up. My eggs benedict was $8.50 and cup of coffee made the meal around $10 total plus tip/tax. I remembered other Good Egg restaurants drawing big crowds, especially on the weekend so I was surprised to see this place pretty dead for a Sunday morning. It might be a newer location and one that most aren't aware of- so if your a fan of the Good Egg chain head over to the McQueen and Elliot location to avoid wait times and large crowds!

  • Rodney M.

    Went there today for the first time for a late brunch. Was slightly hungover. The interior was your typical homey restaurant type feel minus any soul. Great service. Good hot sauce selection, anyone that carries Green Tabasco is "ok" in my book. Liked the pitcher of water they leave at table. Arnold Palmer was slight heavy on the lemonade, which was so tart it was like a slap to the mouth but in a good way. Good menu, nice selection without overloading with choices. Was in the mood for breakfast, something Ordered the 'Macho Nacho' - two eggs over a bed of hash browns, barbacoa, black beans, strips of tortilla chips, served with sour cream, guacamole and a couple tortillas on the side. What can I say, pretty damn delicious. Tortillas were interestingly thick, but went well. Ordered the eggs over easy but came out a little too solid. Dish was so good I forced myself to eat all of it and was uncomfortably full the rest of the afternoon. Definitely a solid breakfast spot.

  • Kenuway S.

    Macho Nacho Benedict so amazing!

  • Nancy H.

    Very friendly great service excellent food Terisa was an excellent server I was in a hurry and got my good very quickly

  • Diana M.

    Everything is great! Erik, the manager is exceptional! He goes out of his way to make customers feel like family. Ask for Kelly. She's very good at suggesting alternatives if you're looking for something a little different. I love the Macho Nacho Benedict with barbacoa beef and more black beans (less potatoes). Fantastic!

  • Joseph P.

    After an epic night of partying it was the next day and we needed to hit a spot for breakfast... Entered the restaurant it was really busy there was a 15min wait it want really fast. We were seated our waitress seemed less than happy to be there... I on the hand could have been anywhere that sold food. I looked over the menu and ended up going with (Old Pueblo) Chorizo & mild green chilies on top of potatoes under melted cheeses, topped w/2 eggs cooked to order* & Pico De Gallo. Salsa & flour tortillas on the side... I rate the meal as followed. Old Pueblo - B+ I would order this again for sure it did the job for me... So if you have a hangover and want to feel better after that epic night this is the meal for you.

  • Nicole G.

    This was our first time dining here and neither of us were impressed. My skillet was very bland and the turkey sausage had lots of cartilage in it. Gross. We won't be eating here again. Wish it was better since they're a local business and I like to support locally owned business but just can't do it.

  • Dani O.

    What a wonderful breakfast place! Sandy, our server, was absolutely outstanding catering to our every wish with a smile! The food was great, atmosphere perfect! Will definitely be coming back!!

  • Inga M.

    I will not be back. I've been here 3 times because they are so close to my house, each time trying to see if maybe I'm wrong. Well 3 strikes you're out. The pancakes had way to much baking soda or powder and the omelets are overcooked. The only thing that was good was the sip of mimosa I had. Not impressed.

  • Jeff H.

    Like Denny's... OK, better than Denny's or IHOP (iPoop), but there are much better breakfast joints nearby. Two suggestions: Brunchies & the Hanger Cafe (Chandler Airpark). All that said, this place isn't bad. The staff is crazy friendly and we saw them interact with some of their regulars like they were family! I'm guessing some of the old farts we saw there go there every day!

  • Andrea K.

    Okay, I've given you two different tries Good Egg! WHY do you over cook the eggs on an eggs benedict?? If your specialty is eggs I expect a proper eggs benedict. Everyone else's meal at my table looked pretty average as well. No one seemed overly impressed by what they ate.

  • Chris T.

    ***CHAIN ALERT*** The Good Egg... There couldn't be a better name for this spacious restaurant devoted to serving you the tastiest breakfast ever (okay, maybe not EVER! But pretty close). They have a great variety of Omelettes from the classic "Denver" to (my favorite) the "Hey, Rickie!" Their pancakes are great! Light and deliciously evil (or Evilly Delicious?). The atmosphere is pretty close to a typical breakfast diner, but you don't have the chore of watching the cooks sweating over the hot griddles. They have a small breakfast bar in the center and plenty of tables. The outside area is pleasant with shaded drapes to block the hot AZ sun, and the eyesore of the strip mall. Even if there is a line, it moves pretty fast and you are seated before you know it. This location is right by my house, so we have eaten here plenty of times and I have never had a 'bad trip'. Overall, nothing TOO special. Just good food, clean, friendly attitude, and fast service!

  • Bruce A.

    This was my third time at this The Good Egg. It is a nice place with friendly staff and no wait. The food is good and I like the fact that they give you some guidance on calorie count per meal. With this place being so close to home, it sure beats the McDonald's across the street.

  • Randy H.

    Great food, and an excellent service experience. Erik and Sandy greet patrons by name and make everyone feel welcome, which is a rarity in this industry demographic.

  • Mark S.

    My favorite for bacon and eggs. Bacon is thick, smoky, and delicious. Breakfast potatoes are diced and cooked perfectly. Toast is thicker than most and topped with real preserves. Over easy eggs just the way I like them and not greasy. All you can drink coffee and you're ready to go.

  • Formicas F.

    Not impressed. Feels like a Dennys. I suppose if you MUST eat at a chain restaurant it would be OK... but life is too short to eat at chains. So I will never go again. For breakfast only- it's hard to mess up eggs!


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :6:30 am - 2:3


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Breakfast
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

The Good Egg - McQueen

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