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  • Scott G.

    Love this place. The owner is a sweetheart. Yes, the decor is a little dated, but the prices are fantastic. Service is quick, the staff friendly and the food tastes great. Why anyone would give this place a bad rating is beyond me. This is one of those little restaurants you just love to find.

  • Lindsay C.

    It was a Saturday morning, I hadn't slept in days. Upon a hazy recommendation from the Hollywood Alley (RIP), I trudged my way through the streets of Gilbert to Mesquite Grill. Thank God for this establishment. Why? a) bloody mary (super huge glass) available for breakfast b) delicious Mexican omelette (chorizo, cheese, salsa, etc) with a side of guac c) plenty of seating, nice and cool d) great waitstaff-- "old fashioned" (lady orders first), but a bit surly and fun I ate my way from misery to happiness at Mesquite. And I couldn't even FINISH my bloody mary. It was that big. Love ya, Mesquite. Be back as soon as I'm in Gilbert... errrr... within 25 miles.

  • Mck C.

    I Love this place...its comfort food with a crazy price and service that would keep you coming back. The bar does a hugh amazing bloody mary (Best in town) and the kitchen keeps it simple but perfect.

  • Chris K.

    Great food, great service, Cindy and Steve are awesome. Thanks guys. The food is always exact and the prices are still stuck in the 80s. Lila rocks, if you decide to stop in the bar side. Always look for the stroganoff.

  • John K.

    This place is a great neighborhood bar the owners are awesome and the Breakfast is home cooked and delicious. The Bloody Mary's are huge and the are made from the owners own recipe oh and they are spicy and Delicious also . We are coming back here from now on. 5 stars all day! Try it!

  • Charles K.

    Great diner type food served fast. Bar on one side quaint diner on the other. Good food, fair pricing. One of my all time favorites.

  • J A.

    Have been going to this dive for over 20 years, it is a bit dated, But the owner is awesome. And the food is great and priced right. Ask for the monster breakfast. It will stay with you all day. Hope to going for the next twenty years.

  • Tiger C.

    I had the Taco Salad for lunch. It was spicy which made up for any shortcuts from a short order kitchen. Very friendly folks. I bet they are a perfect place for breakfast a simple country breakfast. Prices are really cheap! Cheaper than fast food!

  • Wanna K.

    Food is pretty good cheap (on the menu)the waitress is the owner and she will trip you off add charge you way too Much for stuff and then go crazy on you off if you mention it or tell her that your food is wrong. She is very rude and sassy. .. NEVER GOING BACK which is sad because it is a cute little dive


    Most definitely a hole-in-the-wall neighborhood bar. Decor is very much dated, but the bartender, Debbie, is super nice and tends to her customers' every need. Food is ok, but not the best. Owner is rough around the edges, but extremely funny and carries a take shyte from no one attitude, but in a good way. Not my favorite place, but ok if you like dive bars.

  • Kelly J.

    This place is your classic hole in the wall outdated dive that you'd expect to see on the side of a country road. Food is not to shabby and CHEAP! I've only been for breakfast (several times). I get the steak n eggs w/hash browns and it's a steal at $6.95! Biscuits and gravy are pretty decent as well. As far as the waitress (owner), yeah her customer service skills and attitude could use work for sure but she can grow on ya. I don't go expecting 4 star service but for good and CHEAP food!! I do think the mimosas and bloody mary's are a bit over priced ($7.50) but other than that, you'll leave there full, satisfied and not broke!

  • Brandon V.

    This location has 2 businesses. A bar and a grill. I never entered the bar. I only eat at the grill for breakfast. I love the food though. This is a great, greasy spoon when you don't care about exotic "gourmet" concoctions an upscale location or an eye catching electronic sign. This place serves your standard menu items. Quality food, reasonable prices and low overhead. Just the way I like it! The other reviewers commented on the owner and her abrasive nature. I agree she is abrasive but only at first glance. She is funny and sweet if you give her a chance.

  • Jack R.

    This place is unique. Family owned and operated the owners care about their customers, the food, and the cleanliness. The evidence is on the wall --- high marks from the food inspectors and high praise by the Food editors from the local papers. We have eaten there more than 100 times and never had a disappointment in food, service or ambience. Reminds me of "I was country before country was cool."

  • Brent H.

    This may be indeed the best hole in the wall restaurant in the east valley. This place is a sleeper but indeed a diamond in the rough. The waitress is a hoot, she calls it as she sees it and often starts singing randomly based on what is playing on the radio. The daily specials are always a hit and the food is always fresh. Any regular yuppie would walk in and walk right out and that is another feature I love. Most of the patrons work near the area and seem to visit daily based on their report with the waitress. And yes they all are working class people that refuses to eat crap via a chain restaurant/drive thru. My wife had the daily special open face pork tenderloin sandwich w/mashed potatoes and gravy while I had the cheese crisp with machaca, homemade salsa and sour cream. I could eat here daily and caught myself laughing out loud many times because of the waitresses quick wit.

  • Lola L.

    Was looking for a place to eat lunch, didnt want fast food...but.. yeah McDonald's would have probably tasted better. Walked in and noticed the outdated decor...and the smell. Decided to give it a try anyways. Ordered the chili burger. As soon as they delivered I was like ugh. I took one bite and it was the worst chili i had ever had! Never going back...

  • mark g.

    went to try this place based on one review on yelp the waitress was rough around the edges in her waitress/hostess roll the place smelled like one of those old town restaurants that people probley smoked in for years combined with greese that may not get changed as much as it should. as the waitress cleared tables there was alot of crashing of dishes in the dirty dish bin. I must say i sliped out before ordering food may be good if lucky ........

  • Seth F.

    The Mesquite Grill is located in an unassuming business park just west of the railroad tracks that run south from Mesa. In my experience, dining establishments like these are usually delis catering to the 9-5 crowd, and typically only open weekdays for breakfast and lunch. What caught my eye about the Mesquite Grill was the fact that it was open on a Saturday, and there were several cars parked out front, which meant customers! I decided this warranted further investigation. Stepping into the place, it was immediately apparent that this is a working class, down-home, regulars type of place. A little country, a little worn and dated, but in a comfortable way that made me feel at home. After being greeted warmly by the waitress (who I later found out was also the owner), I was handed a menu and seated myself. Breakfast is served all day, but I was there for lunch, so after scanning the lunch menu options I settled on the "Newport". The Newport is a grilled turkey and swiss with diced mushrooms, onions and green peppers on a hoagie roll. Choices of sides include fries, patato salad, and cole slaw. Both the potato salad and cole slaw are made fresh onsite, so I opted for the slaw. The prices are very affordable -- most lunch entries were between $5-7. The sandwich was pretty tasty, and the cole slaw delivered. Portion size was just right for someone hungry for lunch. This place is the essence of the locally owned hole-in-the-wall, and the staff really makes you feel welcome. The vibe reminds me of the Chicken Pie Shop in San Diego. I'll definitely be back to try breakfast.

  • David C.

    Shame on me. My wife and I have been putting up with the breakfast Nazi for years. Today rather than eating at that arches we came to patronize Mrs rude. My wife needs sugar in the AM, this fine establishment does not serve sweet tea. So the Nazi makes her own rude remark, she has no reasoning skills. She also came up with her restaurant remarks. Since we came to this dump, she counted on us as a party who will accept her abuse. Sadly, she owns the business and we still tipped her well. Her husband and grandson are sadly beaten by her meanness to them. So today I offered to even pay for the tea, she refused I guess it would ruin her fadder. So the only things is to infrequent the Nazi, as she treats customers as she,s doing them a favor. Good luck poor husband and grandson.

  • Leticia W.

    It's sunday and I'm killin time before my sons basketball game, had intentions of goin to wildernest bar, but this was closer. This place not at from Inspire courts. They do serve breakfast all day which, in my opinion is awesome. I didn't order food but checked out the menu. Prices seem fare. Typical dive bar. Friendly service (1bartender), dark, musky smell, 1 pool table, all TV's tunes into nascar. It did the job for me. One beer and in and out i time for my boys game. Thank you for being convenient and quick. Next time I'm in the area Need a beer to kill time before a game I'll come here.

  • Barry T.

    Been going to the Mesquite on and off for years it's right around the corner from my work great food great people never really had a bad time or meal there great place. Good food good prices A little hard to find but worth a look you can't forget the bar next-door either nice little place

  • C N.

    Definitely NOT a sports bar. Horrible and few TVs. A local dive bar? Yes. But don't call yourself a sports bar if all you have is 1980's vintage TVs.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Breakfast
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Divey
    Noise Level : Average
    Music : Juke Box
    Good For Dancing : No
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Happy Hour : No
    Best Nights : Thu, Fri, Sat
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : Outdoor Area/ Patio Only
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Mesquite Grill and Sports Bar

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