JC’s Steakhouse Menu

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  • Jodie W.

    My Husband and I went there last night as a post Valentines Day dinner. I was so hoping it was going to be amazing, because I really want them to succeed. Atmosphere very cool, staff very friendly. Although we were never asked how our meal was. I would of been honest and told them my Halibut was over cooked and very thin!! Not worth $30. My Husband had top sirloin which seemed to be ok. The food was very bland, in fact we had to add salt and pepper to everything. Never had to do that before in a fine dining restaurant. Also, I would suggest they have some music playing and serve some sort of bread with dinner. First impressions are so important.... It doesn't make me want to go back unfortunately. I hope the owners read these reviews and really take it into consideration to improve. They need help..Call in Chef Gordon Ramsey!!!

  • Shawni S.

    Best kept secret in Gilbert! I stumbled across this place via Yelp one night and thought I would give it a try since it's right by my house, couldn't be worse than the Mexican food joint that was there before (no offense), and, worse case scenario, could busy myself on the iPhone (as us singles usually do while dining alone). However, little did I know that I would walk into my soon-to-be favorite local restaurant. The bar area is great, especially for single diners. In fact, there are so many single diners (compared to the usual scene), that I not only felt comfortable dining alone, but after 15 minutes, I was dining with and getting to know everyone else at the bar. The only time I pulled out my iPhone was to share photos with other patrons, talking about similar trips we had taken. Not only are the bar and wait staff excellent, but so is everyone else dining there; what a local restaurant should be. One night the bartender was the co-owner and another, Nick. Both were great and made me feel welcome. Their passion and belief in the restaurant and food was incredible and made me want to go back, just to say "hi." Awesome vibe aside, let's talk about the food. On both occasions, I've had the filet. Grilled to absolute perfection. It had a nice "crust" on the outside while medium rare on the inside. Wish I could do that at home! I don't know anywhere you can go to get that quality of steak for such a reasonable price. The clam chowder is amazing (and yes, served with crackers now). The downside is I love my go-to order so much now, that I don't want to try anything else. I recently had family in town and they asked where we should go for a nice dinner nearby, this was the first on my list, surpassing the downtown Gilbert trend thing going on right now (which is also great, but not if you want to eat right away without a huge wait and actually talk to other people). This place is such a gem that after 15 minutes of sitting in this restaurant, my guests agreed this was a great spot. However, after eating the prime rib, they insisted they come here with every trip to Gilbert. In sum, not only is the food great, but so are the people that work and dine at this place. It's now a staple.

  • Stephanie P.

    Good food, good service. We had a steak, cheeseburger and kids chicken strips. Everything was good. The kids meal was big enough for both our kids, plus had leftovers for lunch the next day.

  • Barb D.

    Great prime rib and I had the Mahi Mahi. Super service, and wonderful music in the bar for an after dinner drink

  • Bill B.

    Not sure where the other folks who took the time to review JC's were eating. Safe to say they were not at JC's. The space itself is awesome. Excellent bar, great beer selection, top shelf liquors. Staff was very attentive. The NY strip was perfectly cooked as were the sides. JC's is well worth the trip and way better than any out of state chain.

  • Malissa D.

    Horrible, high priced and no customer service. Went in with a party of 4 ordered 2 steaks n 2 seafood dinners. All 4 dinners were under cooked, scallops were quarter sized n raw inside, halibut was the size of a post it note n raw in center. Baked potatoes were so cold when cut into the butter didn't melt. Steaks were riddled with veins n grit. When we sent each meal back they re fired the seafood, replaced the steak and potatoes with new and it was still terrible. Bill was over 200.00 and they didn't even offer a comp. desert for all the problems. Save your money and your time and go somewhere else

  • Steve H.

    nice waitress but that was the extent. over priced, bad food, bad music,ran out and puked the artichoke dip...next time...i will walk ouutside and throw 150 bucks in the street

  • Joey O.

    Hi, Yelp users I normally wouldn't take the time to write a review on any place but I chose to do so for this steakhouse for the simple fact of the so called critics crying about there's smoke in the dinning area, you should of order the wah burger with some French cries! If you really read all the reviews the bad ones anyways it must of been all one table because they are all complaining about the poor ventilation which there's not... To discredit all of the bad reviews it's very easy a couple of them consider Texas road house a steakhouse hahahaha it's like calling Jack in the box a gourmet burger stop it... So my experience with JC's has been all good I get the ribeye with a potato and Mexican Shrimp Cheviche Shooters are 2 legit 2 quit... But seriously don't listen to all the want to be critics on here all I'm just saying if you want a good solid meal go to JC's. I live in Gilbert and I'm so excited to finally have a steakhouse to call home!!

  • Holly D.

    We went opening night for the Grand Opening. Service was good. Nice waitress but she was still learning the menu so that was understandable. Salads for all of us were good. The clam chowder was great. I ordered the scallops and they were much smaller than I imagined, but I ate them all and they were good. My husband and his friend got the steak. I think the only complaint was the price. The steaks were not amazing but your average steak. We expected this place to be affordable and it definately was a pricy night. It was a little smokey in the place, but I really could care less. I'm not that picky. SO all in all....food was average, service average....and we will probably give it another try since we live so close by.

  • Tonna S.

    The Salmon entrée was excellent! Fabulous desserts and attentive service. Will go back again!!

  • Amandalyn W.

    I used to dine at The Groves and when I found out that Denis and Dianna opened this restaurant I knew that I just HAD to eat here! Walking through the doors you just are surrounded by an amazing ambiance! The entire place is gorgeous with chandeliers and sheet metal and brick walls-it is so urban chic! I got the sirloin steak with mashed potatoes and it was great! The service was absolutely phenomenal, the server knew all of the items on the menu and gave great options for anything I was not sure about. One of my pet peeves is having an empty cup and I'm happy to say that mine never went empty! I went around closing time and they were more than happy to accommodate my me and my party of five-even staying late to get us dessert. I will absolutely be back here and I hope everyone enjoys the service and food as much as I did!

  • Pat G.

    Last night my husband and I enjoyed a lovely evening out at JC's. We had very flavorful filets, his 10 oz, mine 6, both prepared and served perfectly at Medium. The crisp Caesar salads were excellent, dressed with just the right amount of their house made dressing. I had mashed cauliflower which I enjoyed as much as the sautéed side vegetables. We did not however save room for dessert. Next visit we will keep that in mind before ordering. Diana teased us with descriptions of some of Dennis' desserts. Yum. Our server was attentive and helpful. We are looking forward to the addition of music during a future dining experience or bar/lounge visit.

  • Heidi C.

    I am very pleased to write this review not only because of how wonderful this place is, food included, but because of all the negative comments. This place is brand new and like any new place kinks have to be worked out. So if you yelp users are reading these comments keep in mind that most of the reviews were made within first 4 weeks of opening. I have been to this restaurant 4 times now. I love the decor, the service and specifically the food. I would highly recommend the ribeye and if you like seasoning like I do I always ask for any steakhouse to add extra. JC's is not a cookie cutter steakhouse and the fact that it's a mom and pop restaurant should be appealing to anyone of us who loves to support our city of Gilbert. Don't let negative comments clout your judgement give it a try. You won't regret it!!

  • Vickie H.

    We took our friend for her birthday. My husband and I ordered steak and steak fries. The 10 oz filet was cooked perfect and was very good. But not much seasoning. The small strip was OK but was an odd cut. Our friend ordered the halibut. It was cold hard thin and didn't seem like any Halibut we'd every seen. It was sent back. The servers seemed young and inexperienced . It lacks ambience- music would enhance the experience. I would try them again as they were eager to please.

  • Alison K.

    Not very impressed with this place. However the front of the house staff were pleasant and friendly. I ordered the Alaskan Salmon and it was raw and had no seasoning. The veggies were cold and mushy and the mashed cauliflower had no seasoning as well. I sent back the salmon and they came back out with my plate that still had the veggies and mashed cauliflower and said they put the salmon back on the grill. Five minutes later they brought my original salmon back out barely cooked. I asked them to take it off the bill and I sent it back. Mind you this was a $25.00 salmon plate. I would suggest going to outback you get better quality food for cheaper. It really is a shame that this place left much to be desired since we live so close. I would suggest either lowering their prices to reflect the food quality of investing in a new chef.

  • Alan H.

    Okay, as I said I read the reviews and decided to try anyway. Started out fairly good. I hope the management reads and pays attention to the reviews that are written. Tried the dinner salad - was good but could have been colder. Had to ask for the bread. Noticed specials on a board after going to the restroom, even though on a board, it would be good for wait staff to present the special(s). Ordered the filet med and it was medium rare very center. Told management in hopes they would address fixing it for the next customer. It was right at 35 minutes from order to being served. Taste was good, baked potatoes were cooked very well. Veggies were good, but could've been hotter. Okay, now for the dessert this where it went wrong asked for creme burlee- choice chocolate or pineapple; chose chocolate - it wasn't a creme burlee it was chocolate pudding with carmalized sugar on top! It's pricey and will not be a destination any time soon. Had music in the bar which was loud and the acoustics are poor so the places becomes loud and isn't conducive to a conversation. Turn the volume down. The waiter was good till we told him the dessert tasted like chocolate pudding and lacked the texture of creme burlee. The place has character just needs a few attention to details.

  • Jeff B.

    Great atmosphere! Absolutely love both the food and the staff. We make it a point to stop in as often as possible.

  • Doug S.

    We noticed what had been a Mexican restaurant had become a steakhouse and me being a big beef eater, We decided to take my sister in law and her date there. I had the strip steak medium rare. It was cooked perfectly and hot on the plate. The rub on it was so good I added no seasoning. My wife had the kabob and it was flavorful. My sis in law had the clam chowder and raved about it as did her date who had the scallops. There was no room for dessert this trip. Service was fast and friendly. Price was a bit expensive but reflected the quality meal and was worth it. Jc's, welcome to the neighborhood! We will be seeing a lot of each other!

  • Tina J.

    I met my friend there for a drink and dinner at the bar.I have never had such an unfriendly bar tender. We got there at 6 :30 on a saturday night and the bar was still rather empty at this point the live music had not started.. Point being he was not super busy. I cannot give you his name because he never offered it. Getting his attention was difficult he seemed fairly tuned into the golf game playing above his head. We finally got a glass of wine ordered and then I was able to grab him one more time to order some food. He was the unfriendliest bar tender I've ever encountered!. My friends steak came out with a baked potato. I had just ordered some potato skins without the bacon. They did not arrive. Still no word from our bartender. My friend proceeded to eat her steak dinner with a butter knife. Our service was horrible impossible to get bartenders attention and the one time I had got it to order our food he had acted as if we had just truly bothered him. Approximately, 10 minutes later a woman brought out my potatoes. Unfortunately, they had not held the bacon. I was able to trouble the woman for a steak knife for my friend before she scurried off. I hadn't realized the bacon because it looked like they had put bacon on them and then realized their mistake and picked the bacon off. Out of let's say 7-8 skins 5 were picked clean of bacon and 3 were not. It took me a few minutes to realize this. I couldn't return the food because there was not service the angry bar tender was too busy apparently to look our way or even check on us. ( bar was still not full) Mind you my friend and i had both been out of wine for a good 10 minutes before our food even arrived. He never approached us once without us literally having to raise our voices and wave him over repeatedly. I explained the bacon and asked it to be removed from the check.There was no apology, nothing. He brought our check and a manager came over and apologized for the bacon saying she was the one who had brought it out and it should have never happened. I appreciated that and she did remove from our check. she suggested I should have returned it . Honestly, at this point we had to get to our movie and I didn't have the time to speak to how bad the service was and the no wine, no salt or pepper, delay in getting my skins, no steak knife. I was so disappointed. They really improved the decor, towards the end of our meal live music began which was lovely, so I really thought this place had potential. The other thing I should note is they were serving their red wine at room temperature!! I would expect that from a sports bar but not a steak house. All their red wine was just sitting out at the bar :(. Unbelievable, that an upscale steak house would do this. I hope if nothing else this review prompts them to change that. My friend and I each enjoyed one glass of white which at least that was chilled. Would have enjoyed more had our bartender not been so bad. Chill your wine (all of it) and get better service and I might try it again but would not want such another bad dining out experience so may not risk it.

  • Jeff R.

    Wow, I try and support local business and I don't mind paying for a good meal. What a joke. The scallops were the size of nickels, the halibut was maybe 2"X2". The potato's were cold, the prime rib overcooked and the prices through the roof. Don't waste your time. Try the DC Steakhouse instead.

  • Tom K.

    This is a new place in Gilbert and we were looking forward to trying it. They were open for 3 weeks whenwe decided to give it a try. This was a big mistake. We went to JC'S with a group of 5. When we entered the decor was simple but seemed ok. We were seated in the front near the fire place and we were excited. However after a short time we found the even with the fire the was cold. As this was our first visit we each ordered something different. I had the lamb chops. I asked the waitress how many chops were in the order. She said I am not sure, 3 or 5, they are not separate they come as a rack. When they came there were 4 all cut separate. I asked for med rare they came med well. I also ordered French Onion soup. The cheese on top was a Craft Single not even melted. My wife ordered Prime Rib med rare. It came med well. She also had a baked potato that was cold enough to have come directly from the refrigerator. My son also recited a baked potato that was just as cold. He ordered the sirloin med rear and it came med rear. My daughter in law ordered scallops. A couple were done and a couple of the scallops were half cooked. Now for the service. The waitress was pleasant but not trained at all. She could not answer any questions about the menu. I finished my dinner first. My wife was about 1/3rd finished. My daughter in law and son were half done. The waitress came over and took my plate asked the table if we were going to have desert. I was the only one done. She promptly brought the check. She was so quick that my wife had finished two more bites. The place was not busy!! I don't think she was trying to get rid of us just not trained. We are going to avoid this please in the future.

  • Belinda B.

    i think some of the negative reviews are a bit unfair-restaurants are rarely perfect when they open and generally need a few weeks to work out any issues. We visited this restaurant for dinner and overall were very pleased. Loved the decor and the noise level was low. We ordered several items that people gave negative reviews about, and found the food to be delicious. Calamari was cooked perfectly, Clam chowder was nice and hot, and petite sirloin and rib eye were cooked exactly how they should be. Our server was new, so there were some minor issues with service, but the staff is friendly and eager to please. My only two suggestions would be to serve bread and to have some ambient music in the background. We will be back and hope others in the area will give this steakhouse a try.

  • Adam L.

    Really wanted to like this place. Atmosphere seems pretty cool. Industrial like with a modern flair. Wife and I were excited to try this place. Walked in and was hit with a ton of smoke. The whole dinning area filled with smoke. Not sure if it was supposed to be this way or something "happened". Looked past this and decided to sit a high top in the bar area. Our waitress was great and took care of our drink needs promptly. Order an appetizer and our dinner about 7:15. App came out and so do our salads about 10 minutes later. Wedge salad didn't come with dressing, but I looked past that as well and our waitress got me dressing promptly. We ordered the pork skins and they were pretty damn good as well. This is where it all the goodness ends. 8:30 rolls around and we have no steaks? No dinner to be had. Asked for our bill as we had to be somewhere by 9. Waitress was very apologetic for what happened. However no manager came out to apologize or anything. What happened to our order? I just wanted to know what was going on. Anyways ended up wasting almost 2 hours and no dinner. Highly disappointed with the experience. I was hoping we had a local gem here in Gilbert. Hopefully this is only because they are new.

  • Jill S.

    I wanted to take a minute to share our positive experiences at JC's Steakhouse as I feel they've received some unfair reviews following their opening week. The service is now on point and the vents are now working; no smoke was seen in the dining room whatsoever last night. We spoke to the owner and he said they identified and resolved the issue. We've been twice now, the food was amazing both times. We were with friends last night and they too had a great experience and will return. We started with the delish smoked trout and lobster dip; unique but amazing with the large perfectly seasoned chunks of smoked trout and lobster. The Asian chicken wings were on point with a sweet and spicy sauce and a housemade chili dipping sauce; yum! Also, the wings were huge, I've never seen anything like it. The French onion soup was one of the best I've had. For the main entree I previously had the halibut with their special Olympia sauce which is similar to a heightened version of tartar sauce, cooked perfectly, not dry as Halibut tends to be. My friend had the seared scallops which was prepared perfectly, I had the mahi mahi with a blueberry sweet chili sauce. I could eat the sauce alone but it was a match made in my foodie heaven; I loved the sweet but spicy undertones! The men both had steak: the filet and steak Diana. Again, cooked just as they ordered it. The steak Diana had a black pepper mushroom sauce which my husband thoroughly enjoyed and he's a picky eater. The mashed cauliflower is something we don't see at many restaurants and we eat out often; just another example of the pride that the owners take in raising the level of their patrons dining experience. For dessert we had a chocolate molten raspberry dish, creamy in the center with a light raspberry sauce; fabulous! The decor is very appealing as well. Give this family owned restaurant a chance, the opening service and smoke kinks have been worked out and the food is top notch!

  • Marcee F.

    It obviously wouldn't compare to Mastro's or Fleming's but for the price and location, it was surprisingly awesome. So for what it was I am giving it five stars. Excellent steak! The filet was cooked to perfection and had so much flavor. The sides were good- the mashed cauliflower, the complimentary bread, the sautéed vegetables, and a decent side salad. I personally wouldn't recommend the beer chicken- it was way too strong of a flavor but the server really liked it and highly recommended it so order at your own risk. The atmosphere was awesome. Live music playing in the background and the decor was so cozy yet still chic- dark wood with industrial accents.

  • Stephen K.

    My wife enjoyed her grilled chicken Breast. I had the 22oz Porterhouse with a Pinot Noir. Our daughter ordered the Steak Oscar. We all very much enjoyed our meals. I found the atmosphere interesting. It was a comfortable classy room, dimly lit with a beautiful chandelier. What was interesting though was that their was no background music. It was relatively quiet, and you could carry on a conversation with your family without shouting over the noise. Our waitress was friendly and helpful. The restrooms were clean. Over all we had a great experience!

  • Lenore B.

    My hubs and I tried this place out in March 2015 for his birthday. Although we enjoyed the look/decor of the place, there was no music playing so all you'd hear was the kitchen clatter echoing through the dining area. We ordered the charcuterie board as an appetizer which we enjoyed. Everything else after that was just "meh." We had clam chowder, ribeye steaks, mashed cauliflower and mixed veggies all of which tasted bland, as if it was prepared cafeteria style. It looked very appetizing but it was disappointing. We skipped dessert because they were out of chocolate cake and the creme brûlée wasn't set. The price for the food was too expensive for the quality & atmosphere. I will say that our waitress was lovely and gave us wonderful service.

  • Nikki S.

    I have stumbled across JC's on FB because the Harry McGraw band was playing on a Saturday night, I am a HUGE fan of this local musician. Luckly JC's is right down the street for me. Sat night me and my daughter decide to go down and listen for an hour maybe have a few appetizers. I rather eat off an appetizer menu, than order a full meal....anywhere, especially if they have good apps,........no cheese sticks, chicken wings, basket of fries, nothing fried. When I saw the bar menu, I totally got excited. This is my type of place. First, the charcuterie board was great. Meats, cheeses, pickles, it was great. I think it could of used some crustinie's, or some type of bread with it.....but still it was great. Prime rib sliders.....off the hook. I could of ate 12 of them, so good. Daughter had the Big Mac Martini.....Mac & Cheese, bacon and jalapeño in a martini glass.......HOLY F**)$ that was great. Forget this tiny martini glass.....GIVE ME A BUCKET OF THIS!!! So nice to see my daughter's eyes light up when she took that first bite. Needless to say Harry McGraw and awesome bar appetizers, I have now found my Saturday night spot.......See you next Saturday!!

  • Deena V.

    Back to JC again. Had the charcuterier board, very good. A variety of meats and cheese with some mustards. It does not come with bread or crackers, and I thought that was very odd. We asked for crackers and when we received the bill we were charged extra for them. I ordered the clam chowder because the last time we were there it was so good I could not get enough but it was different this time. Thicker, like too much flour, not great. Different cook stirring the pot I guess. My husband had the hamburger and he very much enjoyed it. The bar is beautiful and a very good selection of wines, the service was excellent.

  • Jaime P.

    Great Friday night dinner! I had the 6oz filet which was perfect. Waitress seemed really new but was good. Awesome local place to eat with a good atmosphere.

  • Alexa M.

    Well let me fill you in.... this place ROCKS!!! First time eating here. From the moment you enter the establishment, you are greeted by very friendly staff and everyone you walk by says hello with a sincere smile. The decor is classy, rustic charm to it... from floor to ceiling. The chandelier is over the top fabulous!! My mom and I were seated right away and everything from drinks, appetizers and entrees oh and dessert were delivered in great time! No long waits in between any of the courses. Everything we ordered had great flavor.. cooked perfectly! Every item on our table was fresh. And when I took my first bite of my sirloin steak ... I took a trip down memory lane to when my dad used to grill his famous T-bone steaks on the grill. Literally for me this was soul food. Appetizer: Crab cakes - they tasted freshly made (not out of a freezer) and had a bit of a kick... just thee best crab cakes I have had by far. The Caesar side salad was just as yummy... the dressing rocked and there was thick shaved parmesean....so yummy! The sauteed fresh veggies tasted so good. No funny taste like they came from a bag in the freezer (you know what I'm talking about) and a lovely rice pilaf to boot. Then we ordered the Death by Chocolate cake to share... did not disappoint at all!!! Again the staff was very attentive and the manager came by several times to make sure we were doing fine and even cleared dishes off or topped our tea off. That doesn't mean our waiter was not around. He was there just the right amount of times checking on us and clearing dishes and filling our glasses too. When leaving... the same.. every employee you crossed paths with or caught their eye.. they said thank you for coming in and have a great weekend. Bottom line... we WILL be back and as often as possible!

  • Mark T.

    First beer pairing the beer was from Desert Eagle and the food by Chief Dennis, we had four course meal paired with 4 beers it was awesome. If you can make it the fourth Wednesday come on down for culinary treat

  • Lewis G.

    My wife, a friend of ours visiting from California, and I had dinner at JC's Steakhouse last night. It was our first visit. As my wife and I drove by JC's today on our way to an appointment, we talked about our dining experience. The good: The hostess was terrific, both on our way in and on our way out. A good start and, thankfully, a good finish. The menu, both in design and content, shows some personality. Of course our server recommended steak, and we all decided that we would do that. My friend and I both ordered the wedge salad, and it was excellent in all respects. My wife had the dinner salad, which she reported as good though apparently not as good as ours. The steaks arrived too soon (see below), and when we tasted them all of us liked the flavor very much. Our friend is more of a foodie than either of us, and he commented several times on the excellent flavor of the meat. The bad: The wedge salad is not a direct substitute for the dinner salad, and in fact is a larger serving than the dinner salad. Perhaps that was why neither my friend nor I were finished with our salads when the main course arrived at our table. Yes, prompt service is generally a good thing. This was bad for three reasons. First, the dishes were all fairly large and there simply was not enough room on the table for three salad plates, three dinner plates, six glasses, a basket of bread, etc. Second, maneuvering plates around without getting in each other's way pushed my salad enough to one side that it was harder to reach and less enjoyable of a dining experience. Third, and most problematic, our main dishes sat on the table for several minutes before we could get to them, and all of our sides (we all ordered the mashed cauliflower) were basically cold when we were ready for them. All of that would have been avoided by a more attentive server, who would have cleared the salad plates before bringing the entrees. We all liked the mashed cauliflower, but would much rather have had it (and the green beans) warm. But by far the biggest issue of the evening was the meat, which was inferior in every way except for the flavor. We ordered three different cuts cooked two ways. A top sirloin medium rare, a ribeye medium rare, and a filet cooked medium. A filet is generally a better cut than a ribeye, which is a better cut than a top sirloin. Not ours. In fact all of our steaks were made from very poor pieces of meat. The top sirloin was actually the best cut of the three, and the ribeye, which was supposed to be 10 oz. (bone-out), yielded perhaps 5 oz. of edible meat. Even the filet was not completely edible because of fat. Additionally, both the ribeye and the top sirloin were cooked unevenly. They were supposed to be medium rare, but each had one end that was rare, and had it not been for the sear could have been used for steak tartare. We discussed this for several minutes at the table and perhaps should have called it to the attention of the hostess. Our server seemed not to notice that we were all sending back plates with large pieces of undercooked bad meat. As we talked today we wondered if we would return to JC's, and we decided that we would give it some time before returning. The experience was not bad, the wedge salad was very good, the sides might have been good, but the beef was a fail, even with the great flavor. And that just won't do for a place with "steakhouse" in the name.

  • Tony V.

    First I wanted so badly for JC's to be great. Came in at 7:30 on a Friday. There was no wait and front of the house was friendly. The booth was comfortable and the decor was nice. We ordered calamari and it was excellent. I would order that panko yumminess again. The bread came out and it was cold, like it came from a fridge. Not every good. Then our meal came out my wife ordered halibut $30. It was thin and way over cooked. I ordered a 12 oz ribeye medium and it came out almost blue. Not to mention I order a baked potato and the got them switched on the wrong plates. Finally we looked for redemption in desert. That didn't happen, creme brûlée not set and a plain carrot cake. Sorry JC's not a meal to make me come back. The server was good but the food did not back it up.

  • Alyssa W.

    This lovely establishment was well worth coming down to! I ordered the beef kabobs which were sweet and savory and utterly mouthwatering served over a bed of tasty rice. I could not put my fork down! Also, the service and environment was awesome! The owner personally came over to our table and made sure our meals were satisfiable. I love the decor and open feel of the restaurant, not sure what people were referring to when they said it was smoky because the air was clear as can be! Overall the experience was fabulous and thoroughly enjoyable, I definitely suggest it to anyone.

  • Angela G.

    Extremely cool bar area with great service and delicious food. The Prime Rib Sandwich was simply amazing, as was the Bacon Burger (served on a pretzel bun). They had an extensive beer and wine selection and everything on the menu was tempting. The owners came out and talked to us, making sure that we were completely satisfied with our experience, and that's a nice touch, especially in this day and age where things are so hectic that sometimes we lose that face-to-face interaction. It's refreshing to have something so fantastic so close to home, I'm sure we will be "regulars" now.

  • Stacey B.

    My husband I went last night for dinner. Arrived close to six and were seated right away. Great decor and atmosphere! I love the chandelier! Service was friendly and attentive and our orders were timely. We ordered the smoke trout based on other reviews here and weren't disappointed it was really good! Then we each ordered the Steak Diana with mashed cauliflower on the side. I loved that they had cauliflower as a substitute for potatoes. We enjoyed our meals, we both loved the sauce and the vegetable sides too. We will definitely be returning soon.h

  • Marti H.

    Finally!! A STEAKHOUSE in Gilbert that has wonderful service, atmosphere and the food is fantastic !!

  • Tracy K.

    Really enjoyed our meal. I ordered the rib special - Oh my goodness - the rack hung over the edges of the plate. Quite good, and enough for at least 2 more meals. Dennis makes great soups! I had a corn and green chili soup he'd whipped up. Husband had a petite filet, and he usually complains about something. Not this time. Great food, service, and I love hearing live music.

  • Brad C.

    The wife and I were excited to have a new restaurant open so close and we visited a couple weeks after they opened. The decor is very nice and overall it's a good atmosphere except for the smoke coming from the kitchen. It remains need me of an episode of bar rescue that I had watched. Overall the steaks were very bland and had very little taste. I ordered the ribeyes and my wife ordered a cut with crab on top that sounded wonderful but ended up being very disappointing. We are both very experienced steak eaters and we both agreed these were some of the least flavorful steaks we had ever had. We both normally go medium rare and the steaks did come out cooked properly. The shrimp cocktail was really good and priced well. The side veggies with my steak were good. The side mashed potatoes were served on the cold side. We were both really glad that my wife steak came with hollandaise sauce to actually give out steaks from flavor. The food did also take a while to come.out. Overall we were very disappointed. We both agreed a place like Texas roadhouse would be a much better place to get a steak. We do plan on going again in 6 months to see if they have improved but both of us left very disappointed and not eager at all to go back.

  • Ashleigh S.

    Service was good. Soup was good. Husband had the ribeye because they were out of the Porterhouse. He enjoyed it said it was better than Texas Roadhouse. I had the halibut... I will try something different next time, flavor was ok but it was a little too over cooked and dry and for $30 portion was small compared to other places I've been. Daughter got the Mac n cheese, it was a homemade mac n cheese not the Kraft like at some restaurants.. It was good! I will come back and try it out again. Maybe I'll give change my rating if the fish isn't over cooked next time...

  • Briana B.

    My husband and I had our wedding reception here a few weeks ago and it was perfection !!! The staff were so helpful setting up everything and making sure all of our guests were comfortable ! Love the ambiance and decor. Dennis and Dianne were a delight to work with and catered to my every whim. All of my guests raved about the food and desserts . I can't thank them enough for making my big day so special.


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Opening Hours

  • Tue


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

JC’s Steakhouse

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