Jun 14, 2019

Everything you should know about Pizza your cholesterol

There are billions of pizza lovers all around the world. Pizza is one of those foods that can either be a sound treat or violate all of your dietary guidelines if you consume too much of it. Theres a high chance that if you are purchasing pizza from one of the famous food chains, youre most likely surpassing your recommended everyday portions for fat, saturated fat, calories and sodium. One normal medium sized pizza consists of more than 116 percent of your allowance for saturated fat, 65 percent of your total fat allowance and 70 percent of your daily allotment for sodium.

Despite the popularity of pizza, a lot of people eat it believing that its an unhealthy pleasure, which it certainly can be if eaten carelessly. But considering the choices that are present these days, if you eat pizza the right way, you can rest assured that its not something unhealthy that you are consuming.

If you are concerned about the amount of calories in pizza, then rather than consuming regular-crust versions and deep-dish pizzas, you should go for thin-crust ones. These contain much lesser calories as compared to regular crust ones. Deep dish pizzas, on the other hand, consist of the most calories.

However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that the brands of pizza vary significantly within these categories. One thin-crust cheese pizza piece is equivalent to one-eighth of a 12-inch, at one chain weighs under two ounces and consist of around 140 calories, whereas a slice from a different brand weighs 25 to 30 percent more and consists of 200 calories. In order to get an idea of what you are eating at a restaurant you can request nutrition handouts or check nutrition information at the website of any chain.

Too much cholesterol?

The other significant thing people worry about while eating pizza is the cholesterol-raising saturated fat. However, one piece of ordinary cheese pizza consists of around just three or four grams of soaked fat. When we consider that the recommended limits for saturated fat are 18 to 22 grams a day and or 12 to 17 grams for people with high blood cholesterol, we can see that a total of six to seven grams of saturated fat in two slices of this kind of pizza is not that all much actually,

Then again, in case you pick a social pizza with beef, sausage, pepperoni, or ground beef, an additional six grams of saturated fat will be added to these two slices cuts of pizza. You are bound to surpass the days suggested limits with this pizza choice. However, by avoiding super-rich options such as deep dish pizzas or ones with high-fat meat or additional cheddar, and controlling the number of slices you eat, you can enjoy pizza without any concerns and remain within the suggested fat limits as well.

The next concern that most people have while eating pizza is regarding the cheese. Though cheese is scrumptious, and consists of a lot of calcium and protein, it has a lot of cholesterol as well. One of the most popular cheese to be used on pizzas is the cheddar cheese. This might not be the healthiest choice for individuals who need to keep an eye on their cholesterol. One way of consuming reduced fat cheese is by eating homemade pizza which can use less fat cheese and significantly less of it with lean white meat chicken, more tomatoes and different vegetables to top it.

Another way to restrict the calories and fat you are consuming through eating pizza is through ordering half cheese pizza. You only get three to four grams of saturated fat in two slices of pizza, which is only 10 to 20% of the recommended daily limit. If your meals through the rest of the day have a high amount of fat in them, then ordering a less cheese pizza can be a good for you. However, since the cheese will be reduced, the amount of protein will be reduced to seven to nine grams in the two slices as well.

Healthier options available in the market these days

There are several health-oriented alternatives showing up in the market as well. One popular chain offers a new layer pizza which consist of 30 percent less fat as compared to their standard thin crust pizza. One slice of these twelve inch pizzas consist of only 150 to 170 calories rather than 200.

Other new options are less sound. Another popular chain presently offers a thin crust pizza with less 'net carbs' because of higher fiber content. This pizza consists of generally a similar measure of calories and carbohydrates as the chain's standard thin layer pizza, however, the amount of saturated fat is higher in it.

The most critical decision you make about pizza, in any case, is the number of slices you consume. Every slice of regular crust pizza consists of a similar amount of carbohydrates as a piece of bread. Every slice of normal crust pizza is equivalent to one-and-a-half or two slices of bread. In this manner, consuming four slices of pizza is as much as having four to eight pieces of bread with your dinner.

Restrict the Number of wings and breadsticks as well

One thing people usually do when they limit their slices of pizza is to consume breadsticks and wings in its place. Every breadstick consists of 2.5 to 6 grams of fat and 90 to 150 calories.

It's better that you increase the veggies in your meal. When you order pizza the next time, request that they add a reduced amount of cheese, pepperoni and sausage and instead increase the amount of vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, broccoli and peppers. In case you're eating out, go for a pizza choice with additional veggies, or first begin with a veggie-stacked serving of mixed salad. In the event that you order a take-out pizza, buy it at the supermarket, along with a pack of baby carrots and celery sticks or a bag of ready-to-eat salad.

The one final tip to restrict the amount of pizza you consume: order a pizza that consist of only what you need.A 12-inch pizza or medium sized pizza is enough for four individuals as it will provide each person with 2 slices. Because usually when there's more pizza, the chances are you'll continue eating.


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