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Visit below restaurant in Green River for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Green River for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Bob V.

    Best home made biscuits and gravy. Coffee was perfect. Stumbled onto it on a motorcycle cross country ride. GPS all showed chain restaurants and then Buckaroo's. I had to stop in and see it and was glad I did.

  • Daven B.

    Excellent food, very large portions, great service. The outside of the building was a little rough looking. However, the inside was clean and friendly.

  • Tracy C.

    Aweful! The waitress spilled coffee on our table and never cleaned it up. Meals overpriced for amount and quality of food. Husband and I ordered the same thing, one plate had twice as much food as the other did. Food tasted terrible, will not return to this place again.....ever.

  • Jim D.

    For what it is, and where it is, this place is great. The portions are large and almost everything seems to be made with care. It's well-prepared food served promptly by friendly staff. For breakfast, I had Mel's Burrito (recommended by Mel herself over their other burrito) which was a delight for a meat loving breakfast burrito smothered in just the right spiced chili verde sauce and cheese. The rest of my companions had a kielbasa skillet (delicious), two omelets (really good and very big) and biscuits and gravy (excellent). Lots of fresh coffee flowed. For lunch (separate visit) I had a cheeseburger that was perfectly cooked and just the kind of gooey indulgence cheeseburgers ought to be. I got it with a mound of fresh-cut fries that were very good. The did suffer some from the usual issues of being a bit greasy and slightly under cooked, but I have an unnaturally high demand for fry quality that's almost impossible to please. Ignore that, these we're excellent by normal standards and perfect for the cheeseburger. Fried zucchini was another option and probably a better one. The zucchini tasted fresh and the batter was light and tasty. Boring ranch dressing for dipping. Dining companion had a Monte Cristo which was well prepared and delicious. They even served it with a side of jam, which makes no sense for me, but it is a quirky tradition and a nice touch to the attention to detail of a proper Monte Cristo. This place cares. The hamburger steak was a disappointment. I'm not sure how a hamburger steak couldn't be if I'm honest, it's something old people order for..whatever reason old people order weird things like that. It was one of the cheeseburger patties grilled up with an onion slice grilled and chucked on top. Good mashed potatoes though and then lost it with a cup of peas in water. But the soup that came with it was excellent. If you're old, order a cheeseburger and get a cup of soup added to it. You'll be better off. Also, don't be stupid and order fancy stuff in a joint like this and expect to be happy. They do basics really well. Use their strengths and you'll be very happy. This is my official stopping place in Green River, it's just what you need. Pepsi products.

  • Alex L.

    An A-OK breakfast spot in Green River, WY. It's right next to the Mustang Motel, so we hopped on over right after our stay to try it out before we got on the road to Denver. The portions were HUGE, but the wait for our food was long (at least 45 minutes) and the prices are high for a divey breakfast-y diner. We ran into a lot of locals and characters here and it's a fine place to to get a feel for the small town and the locals who live there. I ordered a skillet with gravy, potatoes, pork and eggs. The gravy just overflowed. The entire dish was mostly gravy and the potatoes could have used some crispiness, flavor or different style of cooking. Truth be told, they tasted a bit stale. The eggs were great and the gravy was delicious, but too much. All you could taste was the gravy. The coffee was decent and bottomless. The waitress was nice, but once again; it's hard for me to imagine why it would take 40 minutes for a breakfast dish, especially when there were many empty tables. It put a little stress on our timing to get to Colorado by evening on NYE.

  • Angela H.

    Meat in sandwich was bad... Came and took my drink for a refill and took 10 minutes to bring it back. Wouldn't do anything to comp for the bad sandwich, and charged me full prices. Definitely won't be back.

  • Tony K.

    Nice place for breakfast or lunch in the middle of nowhere. The half green chili omelette was nice. Very courteous staff.

  • Julia L.

    Good breakfast Good fast service even when very busy. Lots of local people so you know it's good.

  • Hailee B.

    I had the pancakes and they were so perfect and fluffy and the portions the cinnamon roll is like 8" round and the pancakes are like 10" round it's all so delicious and moist

  • Albert B.

    Home cooking, nothing fancy, good meal in green river. The price was very fair for the food served and service provided. I would return and would recommend to others.

  • Laura M.

    This place is home grown old school cooking for sure. When we went it was pretty dead, and only locals were around, they made us great food and it was just a regular place. Not fast food, or chain. It was great.

  • erle h.

    The place was a welcome find in this area where there's not much to speak of. The food was good , chicken enchilada soup was the highlight . The waitress was very nice and found me a spot to charge my phone.

  • James S.

    Like others said, for what it is, this place is great. My son and I weren't in the mood for cereal at the hotel, so we stumbled into this place. Absolutely the best breakfast we had during our entire vacation. I had a Spanish Scramble which was potatoes covered an a chili verde sauce with eggs and cheese on top. The portion was huge and the flavor was divine. My son asked for a cinnamon bun for the road and they packaged up a bun that was at least the diameter of a Frisbee. Ridiculously huge, but delicious. The prices are as great as the service. Wish I could bottle it up and take the whole place home with me.

  • Frank S.

    Not many choices in this little town, but Buckaroo's had a couple decent Yelp reviews, so what the heck. My guess is this place is much better for breakfast than dinner. Tried to order fish and chips, but they're out of fish. Had the open face turkey sandwich with fries and gravy instead. Hey, I was ready for a good night's sleep (food coma) anyway. Strangely, the sandwich and fries was covered in white, biscuit type gravy instead of turkey gravy. Still tasted decent, and the fries were good, so rolled with it. I was the last table in there at about 7:30, and they were closing up around me, so get there early if you want dinner.

  • Todd H.

    This place is tops for breakfast in either Rock Springs or Green River. Good food and if you need a change in a menu item it is never a problem and never comes with an additional charge. If you would rather have a pancake than toast.....no problem. Buckaroos is the quinticential American Cafe. The service is good too!

  • Captain D.

    Nice decorations- The buck head hanging off the wall. Stopped there to get food on I-80, with a town name like Green River (like the Creedence song), I had to stop. Burgers were decent. People there were nice. It looks like a neighborhood hang out, everyone knew everyone.

  • Jay L.

    Nice and unique decoration, big - really big portion of food, food was ok but service was sweet and warm. We enjoyed popper and burgers(Fries, chili and cheese on top...hmm hmm). Price is right($6-9 burgers or sandwich set) cute town with the warm local food.

  • Jenn S.

    It seemed like a good idea cause we had been driving for hours but it was just sorta bla. I got chicken fingers and a salad. The chicken fingers were fine, I mean you can't really screw up fried food but the salad was sorta nasty. It was all about the ambiance which was great. It was all locals in there, even some cowboys which was super awesome. Plus the moose head on the wall was pretty exciting. The menu is pretty large so I'm sure there is something good on there. It beats fast food.

  • G And G.

    Loved the moose head, great breakfast, friendly, good service, good coffee. Definitely recommend!


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Buckaroos Family Restaurant

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