The Dump

105 W Edgewater
Cambria, 53923
A good small town bar/restaurant, with a sort of biker flair to it. My fiancée's mom lives in Cambria, so we're in here often when we're up to visit. Bartenders and regulars are always friendly to us. A lot of times at bars--especially in smaller towns--if you're not in there a lot you're sort of ignored. They don't do that here, and it's refreshing. They have a pretty good selection of beers both on tap and in bottles. You can get most of the standards, and a few Wisconsin products like New Glarus. The food is fantastic. The Friday night fish fry (and shrimp) is just outstanding and terribly underrated (I would even recommend driving up from Madison for it, if you're up for a drive). The burgers are also excellent; my favorite is the Topper Burger, the sauce is a bit spicy and has a hint of sweetness and it is delicious. The burgers are always cooked perfectly. I've never had a bad side dish here, either.
Great place to have lunch, burgers and fries were the best, the staff was fast and friendly. What more could you ask for in a small town population 400.
Understaffed. Friday evening and we could barely even get drinks from the bar. Staff couldn't be bothered to take our order for food, nor clean our table off from the last group. When bartenders shouted "it's going to be a wait!" when new customers walked in, we gave up our filthy table and any hopes of getting served food. We walked out after our one lousy drink. Too bad I can't review the food. Its too difficult to get any service.

(920) 348-5733

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