Father’s Restaurant

RR 5
Westminster, 05158
We visit family in the area several times a year, and we make it a point to have breakfast at Father's Restaurant. Our party of 5 with one child had both the buffet and menu ordered items. There's plenty of food for the price, and the wait staff is friendly and helpful. The buffet selections are many and varied. You can't go away hungry. Quality is excellent.
Stopped by here with my dad on our way to Okemo for a quick breakfast. Friendly and quick service and yummy food. Got the egg and cheese on toast, dad got the breakfast sampler and both were really good. Hash browns were so-so but overall good food and very affordable.
This is a casual place for a simple, quick, affordable meal with table service. The food is tasty and the service is pleasant. The waitress was accommodating and brought my sweetie a breakfast menu, although it was past noon. When someone at the table behind us inquired whether a certain soup was salty, the waitress brought him a sample. I read an old review where someone grumbled that the waitress only tells the specials to the regular customers. I have found it's best to be proactive and remember to ask about any specials, even in high-end places, let alone one like this, which is much like a diner. Our waitress was the only one waiting on tables at lunchtime, so she was too pressed for time to tell us all the lunch specials. She pointed me to the blackboard to check them out. I ordered the turkey dinner, which was moist and flavorful. I was pleased to see that they had roasted a turkey breast, rather than using turkey loaf, which is what one gets at the diner in nearby Bellows Falls. My sweetie had the egg sandwich, which was a hit, and the pancakes, which were a miss, being rather soggy. The coffee was disappointing and doesn't have much of a kick. A small serving of dessert is included with each meal. The strawberry-rhubarb pie is tasty. The bread pudding was so-so. We'll be back when in the area and wanting to grab a quick meal.

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