Leslie’s The Tavern At Rockingham

660 Rockingham Rd
Rockingham, 05101
15 years of experience waiting tables in places like Aspen and DC; I judge a restaurant on two things: food and service. This place gets 5 stars for food, but only one for service. My wife and I went into Leslie's on a Thursday night at 7:30. Restaurant had 20 or so other patrons. It took 10 minutes after being seated to get water, and a drink order. By that time we were ready to order our food, and we placed food order with the server. After that we were never checked on until our food arrived. A mixed green salad for her and the chèvre and hazelnut ravioli for myself. They came out of the kitchen at separate times. We had to ask for bread with our meals. Nobody ever checked back to see if everything was prepared OK. The table next to us asked for bread and were told they could not have any because they only ordered appetizers. Come on, bread costs 50 cents. Two other tables seated after us appeared to be getting the same poor service. I had to get up and refill our own water glasses. Was presented the check, then had to wait 10 minutes for anyone to come take my credit card. By that point we had enough, I left cash and a tip that reflected the poor service, and got out of there before they could ruin anything else. The kitchen prepared both meals perfectly, kudos to them. However this place needs some serious training for their waitstaff. Did I mention that my waitress was named Leslie? I sure hope it was not actually the namesake of the place, because that would be even more embarrassing for them.
Highly recommended by a friend who's father had been a regular, we had our first honeymoon dinner here. Nothing else seemed to be open on a Sunday evening anyway... But oh my: Beautiful garden outside, charming decor inside (including a lovely patio) and a delightfully friendly waitstaff headed by Leslie, the owner who turned out to be as warm and wonderful as the food! They cook with as many local ingredients as possible and it was easily tasted in our salads made with veggies from up the road. It seemed their menu may not be fixed, which would make sense for local (therefore seasonal) ingredients, so you may find completely different offerings, but if our experience was any indication, you won't be disappointed! - My new husband, Derek, tried the (house made) Thai curry vegetables with jasmine rice. They accommodated his heat preference and matched it perfectly. - I opted for 2 irresistable-sounding appetizers as my meal: crab cakes with chipotle sauce and wild mushrooms in phyllo. I'm not a crab cake expert but they were pretty damn awesome: wonderful flavor with that melt-in-your-mouth texture that makes you wish there were more than 2, but with a heartiness that makes you thankful there were only 2! The mushrooms were something spectacular... If you're a fungi-phile like me I can only describe it as a little piece of mushroomy heaven wrapped up in a delicate blanket of buttery awesome, then drizzled with nirvana (which turns out to be a balsamic reduction). 8 days later and my mouth still waters at the memory! - Needless to say we both cleaned our plates. As musicians, our only -- and I mean ONLY -- complaint was the music, which seemed to be smooth jazz and Muzak's evil offspring. It was soft enough that I could ignore it, but alas, poor Derek was aural agony :-( Certainly most people would find it a pleasant din if they noticed it at all. However, based on everything important (cleanliness, service, food) this place is top quality and gets my highest recommendation.
Wow - I cannot believe the other reviews! I double checked to make sure I was reviewing the same place! Went there on a recent Thursday while visiting our daughter at school. Ordered cheese plate, onion soup and crab cake for app's - all were brought out at separate times, but tasted okay. Tiny cheese plate for $14 - we are in Southern VT, right? Dinner continued with meals being brought out separately, with large gaps of time between each. There was one other table in the restaurant! DD had the filet which was good, but it should be at $30+, DH had steak and cheese - sliced sirloin with a boursin sauce - just ok, and I had the braised pork in a mustard sauce - I had to send it back - awful! It was sliced, dry, tough pork. Potato sides unedible - rock hard. When I explained to the waitress it was more like roast pork she responded, "I saw him braise it." Huh? When the check was brought out, waitress informed us she had to talk the chef out of coming out to our table - was he going to confront us?! Never again!!

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