High Hill Inn

265 Green Rd
East Montpelier, 05651
I hate to be overly critical of a B&B because I generally do prefer them over a hotel anytime. This one, however, was slightly below my usual standards. Pros: - Very comfortable room. - Nice amenities - big TV, big bathroom. - Joe, the innkeeper, was very friendly and even sent us home with some fresh cranberry bread. - Nice views. Cons: - The website doesn't exactly lead you to believe that this is someone's home. That your room is a house where people live not a B&B that functions to serve it's guests. - It really could have been cleaner. The bed and room were ok but the bathroom definitely needed a good scrub. - The innkeeper was not there when we arrived at check in and didn't arrive until 6 hours later. Kind of odd for us because we really felt like home invaders. Fine for the innkeeper because it's his house, he can come and go as he pleases, but it felt very awkward for us to let ourselves in. - Overpriced. I'm sorry, $150 for one night here a downright rip off. - The breakfast portion of the experience wasn't ideal as we were served eggs and bacon, neither of which I like. It's not required but being offered a choice would have been nice. I felt forced to eat them so as to not seem rude. Also the innkeeper chatted politics and the economy for 2 hours while we ate. I'm on vacation buddy, I don't want to talk about this stuff or feel forced to listen to it. I felt too self conscious to just get up and go back upstairs so I sat there while he addressed my SO and made me feel like I didn't exist. Awkward.
My husband and I recently visited Vermont so I could meet his family, and we found this amazing B&B while we were searching for places close to his parents house. Below is an account of our full experience: 1. When I first called to make our reservation, I spoke with Anne-Marie. We ended up having close to a 30 minute conversation on top of making our reservation because she was just so friendly and easy to talk to. I mentioned that I just married into the Morse Family (of Morse Farm Maple Surgarworks fame), and it was so neat to hear that she knew and loved the farm and the people there. That immediately got me excited for the trip. 2. We first arrived around 4pm and were greeted by Joe and Anne- Marie. They immediately made us feel at home and helped us settle into our top floor apartment. 3. We ended up staying for a total of 3 days during peak foliage season, and the view from the top floor room was spectacular. Every morning they greeted us with fresh brewed coffee and a home cooked breakfast. What I really loved about the place was the fact that they have a bunch of animals on the property. Ann-Marie would let me help her feed the goats, chickens, and horses. I was in heaven! 4. We stayed in two rooms during our stay: the 3rd floor apartment and the king suite. What we loved about the top floor apartment was the fact that there was a lot of space to spread out. I tend to wake up a few hours before my husband during vacations, and I could get around without having to worry about waking him up. The king room was our favorite though. My husband and I are both very tall, so we usually do need a king bed to really get comfortable. The large soaking tub in that room was amazing as well - definitely helped with relaxing. 5. What I loved most of all was Ann-Marie and Joe. They really made us feel at home. I know some of the other posters talk about how weird it is to stay at a B&B that's also the home of the proprietors, but I don't understand why that would be a draw back. They're both friendly, personable, and genuinely care about making you feel comfortable during your stay. They'll go out of their way to make that happen. I witnessed them putting two other guests in touch with someone they hadn't seen since their childhood, and they made breakfast for all of them. IT WAS THE COOLEST THING. Haters gonna hate on B&B's that are also people's homes - whatever, I say! I'm staying here every damn time I come to Vermont. I don't care if the room costs $150 a night or $300. I want good people like Ann-Marie and Joe to stay in business for years to come, and I'm more than happy to help support that. You should feel the same way. Stay here on your next trip to Montpelier - You won't regret it. Just don't forget to swing by the Morse Farm while you're in the area ;)
This place gets a bonus star for the friendliness of Joe, the owner and innkeeper. He was the saving grace of the entire experience. There are two types of B&Bs - 1) The ones that feel like a boutique hotel 2) The ones that feel like someone's house This place fell into the latter, and it certainly wasn't what I hoped. There was a note up on the door telling us to come in, which was good because the innkeep was nowhere to be found. I walked through the front door to see a spacious, but somewhat messy, kitchen. Stacks of mail were piled up near the stairs. There was a fridge crowded with notes and pictures. Boxes sat next to the door. I found my room soon enough, and it was thankfully plush and opulent. The views out the back window of the mountains were practically Middle Earth-esque. After a couple hours of watching college football and lounging in the impossibly soft bed, my concerns about driving up a gravel road to an empty and untidy house began to melt away. It wasn't until the next morning that I really got to chat with the innkeeper, who whipped up a tasty, if uninspired, breakfast of farm fresh scrambled eggs, bacon and banana bread. We chatted for a couple of hours as we ate, which I enjoyed greatly (but perhaps many travellers would not) and headed out soon after. I wouldn't call my brief time there a bad experience, but I didn't enjoy it tremendously. I would've liked more of a "by the numbers" stay, with a welcome at the door and a slightly more satisfying meal.

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