Stage Coach Inn B & B

RR 108
Bakersfield, 05441
On a rainy Sunday morning a couple weeks ago, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, we drove around looking for somewhere to have breakfast. We were up at Bolton Valley for a wedding and after checking out Sunday morning we were starrrving. We happened upon a charming 3 story period building with white porches and hanging plants, it was almost disgustingly adorable. But it had a sign outside saying they were serving breakfast. Sold. We went in and the inn is furnished with an array of antiquities and period furnishings but not to the point it feels stuffy or overdone. More cozy. We got the last table in the tiny dining room and the woman running the breakfast invited us to help ourselves to the table in the next room, full of fruit, pastries, granola, tea and coffee. The instant gratification of this set up could not have made me happier, except that then as we waited and munched on granola and fruit and tea, the service was so attentive and warm, it would almost be off putting if it hadn't been so genuine. Anyway we both ordered from a long list of hot breakfast items. Eggs benedict and a mushroom cheddar omelet. This is clearly a place to sit and savor the morning and the fact that our breakfast took longer than it might at some of our boston haunts actually added to my overall enjoyment of the meal. I was so unhurried and unfettered by time. When our breakfast came we sank our teeth into some seriously delicious food. My mushroom omelet was maybe the best I've ever had... I don't know how they did it but the mushrooms were SO flavorful. And the eggs benny by my boyfriend's account were "top notch." As a side we each got a potato patty which was essentially a latke and SO delicious. Perfect for soaking up extra hollandaise. And seriously, the service was exceptional. Attentive, but not overly so, and I think the thing I liked most was the family feel that the staff created. It felt like we'd been invited over to breakfast. I don't know why or when we will be in Waterbury VT again, but I think I would make a point to go here just to go to the Old Stagecoach Inn again. And not just for breakfast next time because if this breakfast made my day the way it did, I can only imagine if I stayed here how happy I would be!

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