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  • Ray M.

    This is a pretty great (fox) hole in the wall. The waitress was really sweet and energetic. Our food order got messed up but the food was still really good. I'm likely to check this place out again if I'm in the area and hungry again.

  • Andre' B.

    This place has gone downhill since the new owners took over. There's more space than there was previously, but the service, food quality, and menu has completely made a 180. I am bummed I don't have a nice place close by to eat at anymore. It took literally 50 minutes to simply get one order of house nachos.

  • Jacob K.

    Worst service EVER. Went for the Mayweather/PacMan fight, obviously it was going to be crowded and slow but tonight was unnaceptable. Ordered wings, took 1.5 HOURS to come even though I continued to check in with the waitress. Since those took so long I ordered another order but those never came. Took 30 plus minutes to order my first drink. The couple next to me ordered food before the fight and when it was over they still hadn't received their food. My buddy ordered just a basket of frys that took 1hr 35min. The A/C was inoperable so it got pretty stuffy in there with everyone piled in. I can't forget one of the best parts, the bathroom had no toilet paper and the owner seemed to not even care after being brought to get attention. I'm not even sure why this hell hole is even getting 1 star.

  • Marc S.

    It was The Foxhole. Now it is Bar Down. We never got to the food because our Salad and a Wrap order took over an hour to prepare. They weren't busy--they were just rude. If this place lasts a month I'll be amazed.

  • Joshua S.

    I really wanted to enjoy this place, really! Since the move to West Jordan, we've been looking for a place nearby to replace our old favorites, but I found it severely lacking. I even ordered all the stuff that the other yelp reviews recommended. The "Stinky Nephi" wasn't very good, in fact, I'll go ahead and say that I didn't like it to the point where I almost didn't finish it, but I was hungry... so I did. The sweet potato fries were drowning in oil and the fry sauce had a very... odd flavor about it, I can't really place my finger on why I didn't like the fry sauce, but I've certainly had better. And the conversation in the room wasn't exactly pleasant banter to listen to. Yes, I understand that I went to a pub, I was expecting a certain amout of crudeness and vulgarity, but I did expect everyone to be over 21 years of age. I really didn't want a nostalgic visit to the school cafeteria as we listened to the waitress talk to her regulars about popping pimples while I was trying to eat.

  • Emily S.

    I wont becoming back here, they food was pretty lack luster and over priced. Their drink selection was limited and directed towards people who like budlight and other cheap beer. Another thing that irritated me during my meal was the atmosphere, I know its a bar and theirs going to be banter but I know want to know disturbing facts about the bartenders life.

  • T. S.

    This was our first time here, and last! They do have Schofferhoffer which is great, but the food was not good. Fries were overly greasy and salty. The sandwich had to be sent back, and I'm not sure which time was worse, the first or second. The staff was nice, but the service slow. Speaking of staff, Allorah was awesome. Saturday night and it was pretty slow. We came for the poker game, and Cody, the dealer was rude and unprofessional. We will never play this game here again. If you enjoy West Valley establishments, this is the place for you. Being in West Jordan, I expected something different. Maybe we'll stick to Salt Lake.

  • Josh H.

    Holy crap, this place is completely awful. Aside from the fact there was a beer pong tournament going on, it felt like a ghetto frat house. The food was a level of awful I can't I even describe. A simple steak quesadilla was a flat cheese taco, steak and taco meat are so not the same thing. A French dip sandwich that is a fried slap of mystery meat, with some sort of gooey au jus, was an epic fail. All that and the fries tasted like fish too. I have never seen a more oblivious, non customer oriented staff. Repeatedly tried to flag down staff to get some assistance, after ten minutes of waving at every staff member with a truly disgusted look on my face a finally shouted hey to one that was ignoring me. After numerous excuses for the poor quality food, and justification of the hood rat pong tournament, I informed the supervisor that I will not return, will not pay for my food, I will pay for our beer and I will never darken your door again. Never again!

  • Lina D.

    I guess this place is going by Bar Down now. Therefore, it's insinuated that this is a hockey bar, no? Hockey term=hockey bar. A few teammates and myself head out here on a Friday night to catch the Stanley Cup playoffs. I walk in before the rest of my group arrives, and try to find a table not covered in dust. Seriously, all of the tables looked like they hadn't been wiped down in months. So I sit and wait for a waitress. And wait. And wait. After about fifteen minutes, finally someone glances over at me and asks if I've been helped. I ask what they have on tap and she can't remember hardly any of them. I ask for a PBR, super simple. Fifteen minutes later, still no beer, but the rest of my group arrived. Fifteen minutes after that, no one has taken their orders, still no beer. Eventually, someone comes around, asking us again if we've been helped. We asked for menus, and the waitress looked genuinely confused that anyone would want such a thing. Place more orders, I just got fries and asked where my beer was. "It should be coming out soon." Fifteen minutes later, we all get our orders and finally my beer. The fries were alright. One star for good fries. Everything is going fine at this point, the waitress is keeping up on our drinks. Then, during intermission, I go to use the bathroom. No toilet paper. Or soap. Or paper towels. On a Friday night, no less! This place needs to step up their game on bathroom maintenance, holy hell. I felt disgusting. So another big group of people come in and fill some tables close by. No problem, the more the merrier - except they had kids with them. As in, ages 4-14. And they weren't controlling their kids. Running around, shining laser lights in people's eyes and on the TV's, getting in the way. Since when do bars let kids in? People tend to go to bars for adult time, not communal babysitting time. Here's the part where I pointed out that this is a hockey bar comes into play. In the middle of two different playoff games, a waitress comes by and informs us all that one of the TV's would be changed to baseball. Um, what? You're interrupting playoff hockey for regular season baseball? In a bar called Bar Down? People were pissed, but I guess patronage opinion has no voice here. At this point, there had been no sign of our waitress for a while, and I wanted another beer. I walk up to the bar and ask someone for another. The woman literally CRINGED at me, and said, "I can't have you at the bar." ...WHAT?! "Whoever has your tab has to come and bring it to you. Who is your waitress?" I don't know, she didn't give us a name and hasn't stayed around long enough to remember what she looks like. What the hell kinda bar is this? People can't order a drink at the bar, in a bar? At this point, I was thoroughly done with the place, but stuck around to finish the game. For some ungodly reason, management decided it would be a great time to start karaoke. Imagine this: a hockey bar that plays baseball during the playoffs, allows kids in, where you can't order your own drinks, that does karaoke at the same time. I don't remember coming to Chuck E. Cheese. So the game finishes, thank god. Time to pay our tabs. No waitress. Of course. Track one down, she spends twenty minutes trying to figure out receipts. Finally get mine, she swipes my card after a lot of difficulty with her iPad, then tries to write the tip on my own receipt for me. Yeah no, I'll be doing that, thanks. I definitely will not be coming back to this place, not until they fix a lot of stuff. I made sure to be this detailed in my review not for potential customers, but for the owners. Hopefully they'll read all these reviews and get their shit together. Plus side: They only charged me for two beers and then fries when I probably had six beers.

  • John R.

    It used to be so good.. and then they started messing with stuff. The farm burger was amazing until they changed it. Now it's the most expensive burger I've ever found. Even more expensive than a buffalo burger at a steakhouse. That's ridiculous. Additionally, their servers are ridiculous. 4 of the last 5 times I've gone in there, I've ordered a farm burger and been served a fox burger. This isn't really a noisy bar, and those two words don't sound alike, so I have no idea why it keeps happening. The fox burger is about the most mediocre burger I've ever eaten in my life. And in spite of screwing it up 4 times, they've never once comped my food or done anything else to make it right. I can't say I'll never go back, but I can say it'll be a long time before I forget why I don't eat there regularly. My previous good impression is probably enough to convince me to try it once a year or so, but the consistent bad service will keep me from making the mistake any more frequently than that.

  • Troy C.

    Very friendly quick service. Stopped in for lunch, opted for the special, Marinated Turkey sandwich on Brown Bread. The sandwich was ok, I asked for hot which got me slightly overcooked bread and warm to cool turkey. Flavor was OK but probably would not order again. The surprise was the fries, fresh cut, crispy, hot, and very tasty.

  • Kate M.

    I had zero expectations going in. We have seen the place a few times and wondered about it while we were out and about. I noticed on one trip to Harbor Freight (next door) that it was open late. Open late, (angels singing), these are my favorite words. Often we're up late, and when we want to snag dinner most places are winding down for the night. That's life in the Utah suburbs for you. But, this place is open until 1am. This was a trip to have a beer and a bite, not necessarily a meal, and we figured we'd give it a shot. Not the best looking place, but the bartenders were sweet and attentive. It was fairly busy for a Sunday night, but at 10pm there's not many places to hang out. Our drinks arrived right away, the beer is priced well and they have a nice selection on tap. We ordered, and watched a game and the patrons. Within a few moments our food came out, and we were grateful. He ordered a Stinky Nephi burger, and enjoyed the burger stuffed with garlic and jalopeno. Fries were pretty good, crispy and served with fry sauce. I had a basic cheese quesadilla, nothing great, but it was a nice size serving. We'll be back another late night for a snack or some burgers and beer. They have a couple interesting sandwiches that would be great after a night out. **I give it extra credit for having a Buffalo Bills flag, it reminded me of one of the dives back in that neck of the woods.

  • Greg L.

    I came to check this place out the night of the Utes/USC game. I had come across the location before when previously looking for choice Burgers in the area. I don't recall the name of the burger I ordered but I will say the burger was not excellent. The price of the burger was premium and I felt sad paying $8+ for a burger so uninspired. I will say that I visited after 9pm, so maybe the person who makes the other burgers wasn't in that evening. Now to comment on the service, I got a nice big welcome greeting when I entered and each person that took care of us that night was very attentive and very pleasant. I may try this place for a burger again if I get the feeling that an afternoon attempt may yield a better result. In closing I will say that the location surprised me with it's high ceilings and open layout once I entered. From the outside you might think it has low ceilings and you would feel cramped. Not the case, the feeling on the inside feels like a Wingnuts if I had to provide a comparison. Maybe not as much floor space but the ceilings is what i'm talking about. Enjoy Yelpers!

  • Charles S.

    I've been to the Fox Hole a few times since my original review, so I figured it's time for an update. It's still a solid 3-star joint. The wings are GREAT! The buffalo chicken sandwich is NOT great. It doesn't have nearly enough sauce and is overcooked to the point of being difficult to chew/eat. The fries are really good, as are the onion rings. I've also tried the Idaho nachos (nachos with potato slices, instead of tortilla chips). They're close, but no cigar, to being very good. First off, the order is HUGE! There must be 4-5 whole potatoes sliced up in there. I personally like nachos with the fake cheese sauce they use here, although some people hate that kind of thing. They have plenty of jalapenos and come with sides of salsa, sour cream and guac. The problem with the "nachos" is the thickness of the potato slices. They're super thick, which makes them have the consistency of a baked potato, rather than a chip. If they were slice more thinly and cooked to a crisp, they'd have a sure-fire winner. I really like the decor and ambiance of this place and they have a TON of TV's, so they're sure to have your preferred game on one them.

  • Nick V.

    Wow. What a hidden gem located in a strip mall in West Jordan. Excellent service, excellent food, cheap cold beer. I have no complaints. Three of us went in for lunch on a Saturday. I had the garlic burger, my friends had the foxhole burger and the french dip. I tasted all 3 and all of them were top notch. The sweet potato fries were amazing and the onion rings were really good. I like the fry sauce because it had a kick to it. The Au-ju and horsh radish were note worth. Not overly salty and not cheap junk. The garlic burger was one of the best burgers I've had at any place, and probably the best burger I've had in Utah. Juicy and flavorful. The bun was fresh and had good texture. The toppings were all fresh and good. We all had a nice tall mug of ice cold beer that was priced correctly. Another big positive is no minors allowed. Finally a place I can go and get a good meal, cold beer, and not have the experience ruined by other people's hell spawn acting up in a public place.

  • MC Free W.

    I found the Fox Hole completely my accident while driving around during my lunch break from work. I ordered "The Stinky Nephi", a great name for one of the most unique and flavorful burgers I have ever stuffed in my face. This garlic burger absolutely puts to shame any other garlic burger in the valley, including the one served under the bunny sign. This thing positively reeked of garlic, and I mean that in a good way. The patty was large and very juicy, with cooked onion and jalepeno mixed right into the meat. It wore the cheddar cheese I ordered llike a freakin' hockey mask. It melted and smothered the whole patty. With lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mustard, and a delightful buttered bun, this burger was a true winner. But be warned, The Stinky Nephi actually does stink. Of garlic, that is. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a cold draft beer, and there are plenty of options at the Fox Hole. But since I had to go back to work, I settled for iced tea. The fries were very interesting as well. There were thick ones, thin ones, long ones, and short ones all in the same order. But each was cooked brown and crispy and tasted great. Their fry sauce is housemade and was quite good as well. The young waitress was sweet and called me "Hon". Her extremely short shorts and white high heels made her all the more appealing. Nice legs there, sweetheart. The Fox Hole looks like it would be a really fun bar at night. Pool tables, TVs, games. Hot Legs assured me I would be pleased with their buffalo chicken wings. I will definately be back to sample the wings, and more of their menu of other pub standards.

  • Shabah B.

    We go here mid-day on Saturday's for a beer and a burger. It's not fancy, but it's got that local, comfortable bar feel.

  • Jerry P.

    NOT impressed. Food is edible, an alright beer selection, but service was lacking. My advice, Bout Time pub & grub is just up the street.

  • Josh V.

    Great service and friendly staff. The fox hole is always a fun environment with a lot of great people.

  • Alana D.

    First things first. Our waitress was fantastic- sweet, attentive, and all around great at her job. In fact, the two girls that serve as the wait staff were just wonderful, fun, and well-organized. Other than that, not impressed. We went at about 9 on a Saturday night and the place was only about half full and didn't get any fuller. Should have been a sign for a local "bar" on the weekend. And let's be clear- it's not a bar, so you have to order food. It's a really divy place that serves a limited selection of beer and four types of wine. They have a smaller selection than some food trucks I've been to. Don't be surprised if you see children running about too, because it is "family friendly". As for the food, we ordered the Fox Hole Burger, the Stinky Nephi burger, and the Utah Cubano. The burgers were huge. The Fox Hole was the clear favourite in our group, with the "toppings" mixed in with the meat, and the onion rings it came with were good. The Stinky Nephi, their garlic burger, was dressed the same as the Fox Hole. You couldn't so much as taste the garlic, but feel it. Not an entirely pleasant experience, even to a girl who regularly doubles the garlic called for in a recipe. The fries and sweet potato fries left something to be desired, but the "Hole" sauce they came with certainly kicked things up a notch. The Utah Cubano was ok. It was our waitress' favourite, but we found the pulled pork overly salty (we agreed it was probably where that chunk of meat was located in the slow cooker) and the pickles weren't exactly pleasant. Like I said before, the place has a really divy atmosphere. They have various sports on the overhead tvs, poker tables on one side, a couple of gambling machines scattered throughout, and their sound system (which jarringly switches between Top 40 and soft rock) is battling with the samba beats from the club next door. Between those and "that guy" present at every bar (you know, the one that just won't shut up and has the volume levels of a fussy two year old on a plane) who just happened to be sitting next to us, it was rather headache inducing. It wouldn't be so bad if their kitchen staff was quick, but a twenty minute wait for one burger, no sides, is asking a bit much in the way of patience from your customers. My suggestion would be to come here at lunch if you must, especially if you want to bring your family. But, since we will not be returning, offering any suggestion besides just not going should be considered moot.

  • Dean S.

    This is a fun little neighborhood bar. Today was my first visit to this hidden "clubhouse". It is only about one mile from my house but when I walked in I felt like I must be out of town - great, cheap beer on tap, friendly service and crowd, and daylight out the large ground level windows. Since when did we allow bars out of the basement? Great food. This is a cozy and enjoyable local spot just like in normal neighborhoods outside of Utah. All those other favorable reviews are absolutely true - this place is great.

  • Dan Z.

    Great little pub style place to get a cold beer and some really good food. Unlike most bars, The Foxhole's more relaxed atmosphere lets you sit down and have a good conversation with friends. You can also shoot pool and play other games while watching different things playing on multiple screens. Their unique assortment of burgers are delicious treats. Don't let the names fool you, these burgers are worth driving across the valley for. The staff there is awesome, polite, and friendly. The Fox Hole is a great place to go with friends to relax, have a cold one, a great burger, and just enjoy.

  • Jason H.

    Read that this was one of West Jordan's top 10 local places. I can't tell you anything about the food or drinks or prices. What I can tell you is that my wife and I walked in, the bar was full, but only 2 tables were taken. We sat in one near the door and waited to order. And waited. And waited. The waitress went past us 3 times and didn't even acknowledge us. She was spending all her time with the two couples at the other table. 15 minutes later we walked away. Might be great if you are a regular and friends with the wait staff, but not good for a first visit.

  • Caitlyn C.

    Horrible service! The food was good, but took sooo long to get to us and it wasn't even busy in the place. It took at least a half hour for them to make 3 sandwiches. The one and only waitress in the place didn't fill my water once. She was on her phone texting at one point for at least five minutes. We had to walk up to her to both get our check and get our change. Horrible horrible service. Will not return.

  • Maestro L.

    Fast friendly service here. Burger cooked perfectly but sadly the buns are to dry and crumble apart so you eat a burger with a fork.

  • Travis B.

    There's something that feels sinfully delightful about eating in a bar during a work lunch. Maybe it's the beer taps calling your name or the neon lights in the window saying "no kids! This ain't Chili's!" Whatever the appeal, the Fox Hole rewards your darker side with food that is less bar-like and more on the side of a good sammich shop. The Cubano was a good blend of pulled pork, cheese, and a secret sauce. (probably not a secret, I just don't know what it was.). It was a tad dry and I should have ordered a side of the sauce. I opted for the fresh cut fries and was rewarded with the potato goodness with just enough of a tan and grease flavor to let you know they truly aren't the genetically engineered products you get from the Clown or the King. I also ordered Doc's Balls which turned out to be Scotch eggs. I've never had them before and was intrigued by the combination of an egg coated in sausage and fried. I wish the sausage would have been more flavorful but the addition of salt and the mustard sauce it was served with made them good. Carol, the daytime bartender was extremely friendly and offered to turn on televisions, change stations, or what ever we needed. Good service worth acknowledging. This is a good lunch spot that is off the beaten path and rewards the travel with good food, a nice atmosphere, and a bar setting that isn't dark and dingy.

  • Jas M.

    After spending two weeks on the road trying every burger I could, imagine my surprise when the best one was just blocks from my destination. The Stinky Nephi was great! Large and juicy, with bacon and cheese and peppers folded inside the patty... It packed a ton of flavor! And the bun was terrific, as well. The bar itself, tucked away as it is in a strip mall, is unassuming and visually underwhelming. But when I stopped in on a Friday at 10pm, the karaoke was blasting and the clientele was friendly and vocally supportive of the singers. Karaoke is most certainly not my scene, but it's always heartening to see timid singers get cheered on. If I lived around here, I could definitely see myself becoming a regular.

  • Ryan C.

    It's the kind of neighborhood dive bar that everyone loves .. like Cheers. It looks a little rough on the outside ... okay, okay . the outside matches the inside. But drinks are cheap and it is easy to get in - no cover. It's a great little place to snag a tall beer and sit and talk. You don't have to wait for drinks or yell at each other over awful, blaring music. Plus, it's right around the corner from our house so it's convenient. I like this place a lot.

  • Jean W.

    Well, well, well...who'da thunk this unassuming little sports bar tucked away in a nearly invisible strip mall would be serving up such an outstanding garlic burger?! I did, actually. We had family in from out of town, and we were looking for a place closeby for a laid back meal and maybe a drinkie or two. I'm so glad I took the sage advice of Matt W. to come here and try the Stinky Nephi Burger. I had mine with Sweet Potato Fries and an almost-frosty draft Squatter's Hef with oranges. The whole thing was enjoyable, especially the burger. It's as they say it is; a garlic burger rivaling more famous versions in the Cottonwood'ish area. The bun is somewhat firm and very tasty, but fell apart on the bottom from the juice of this creation. Fresh sheets of green leaf lettuce, beefy tomato slices, and pepper jack cheese melted around the patty all assist with the impressive flavor going on with the burger. Dressed appropriately with a tasty garlic sauce, this was a solid handful of garlic bomb deliciousness. We all ordered it, and we all absolutely loved it. The sweet potato fries were really good, but not the best I've had. Nice texture, not too mushy. In fact, a few of the fries weren't quite cooked completely through. The spices used could have been kicked up a bit for me. They were slightly bland. Good fry sauce which helped the lack of zest in the fries. Although I prefer mine frostier, the beers were really good - especially at $3.25 for a pint of Squatter's. Hubby enjoyed the Shock Top at the same price. Domestic drafts are only $2.50. Wow. I love saving money on delicious adult beverages! The service at Fox Hole was all smiles, and fairly quick. Tiff took great care of our party of four, making sure we had what we needed, and answering all of our questions. She was delightful. They have beer and food specials on chalkboards right inside the front door so you won't miss them. There are pool tables and plenty of TVs around the large room housing the entire public area. It's not a big place, but a small party could have a good time here. The sports mood is set by several team flags and marquees hanging on the walls, with mixed memorabilia throughout. It's not terribly tastefully done, but it's a bar. Sort of. They only serve beer, and I think a few wine selections, but no full bar. One complaint - the chairs are very uncomfortable. They're actually typical bar chairs, but really hard to relax in at all. I found myself yearning for something softer and more supportive. If I were interested in watching the game, I concluded that I'd head home for comfort reasons. After scarfing down a delicious garlic burger, of course... Overall, a really nice chill meal, cheap drinks, and friendly people!

  • Rick W.

    I have driven by this place countless times and never took it seriously because it's in a strip mall and looked pretty blah. I finally decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised with my experience. The place isn't much to look at but I go for the food and drink anyway. The Stinky Nephi was a piece of the celestial kingdom! I could smell the garlic before the waitress reached the table. The drinks were cold and inexpensive. I will definitely be returning.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 1:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch, Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Divey
    Noise Level : Average
    Music : Background
    Good For Dancing : No
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Happy Hour : Yes
    Best Nights : Mon, Fri, Sun
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Drive-Thru : No
    Caters : No



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Fox Hole

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