Ranch House Diner

10 S Stone Rd
Snowville, 84336
TL;DR: quirky fun small-town diner and we liked (not loved) the food My son and I were making our way on I-84 from Salt Lake City to Burley, ID when I decided I HAD to eat dinner (it WAS after 7 pm and I AM a senior citizen). I checked my GPS and found only 2 places to eat until we hit Pocatello. We got off at the Snowville exit and found the two eating establishments, catty-corner from each other. We decided it would be easier to park the moving truck and car-on-a-dolly next to the Ranch House Diner, and I'm glad we did. The diner is a delightful, quirky place, as only a "mom and pop" place can be. When you walk in the door, the restrooms and a small foyer of sorts are on the left. This foyer had various knick knacks and gifts, including some humorous paperback books. Copies of the books were available on each table so you could look them over while waiting to be eat. Another thing on the table was a small wooden outhouse. To say anymore would remove some of the fun of discovering for yourself why this item is on the table. There were several "stuffed" animal heads in the restaurant, which you'd expect in a place like this. One of the heads, a huge elk, deserves a second glance, though. I won't say any more than that. Now, to the food and service. The menu is rather voluminous for a side-of-the-road place. Everybody should be able to find something to eat there. My son and I both decided to try a sandwich called The San Juan. The owner said her husband tasted one like it on a trip to Puerto Rico and decided he wanted to put it on the menu. It contains chicken, bacon, cheese, onions, pastrami & roast beef, all piled on a sub sandwich bun. It comes with a side order. The only three I remember were fries, potato salad and buffalo chips. My son got the potato salad and I opted for the buffalo chips because SOMEONE in the family has to eat the "greasy stuff". My son liked the potato salad. When I asked him to rank it from 1-10, he gave it a six, then said he wasn't an expert on rating potato salad. I don't eat the stuff, so I am of no help. We both agreed that we liked the buffalo chips. They are what we in the Midwest call "homemade potato chips". They didn't have buffalo sauce or seasoning, so I'm not sure why buffalo is in the name. The sandwich came dripping and oozing and soaking thru the bun, just like a handful of meat and cheese on a bun is supposed to do, by golly. I had asked for mine without onions but the cook forgot and put a few on the sandwich. Instead of just letting it go, she came out of the kitchen, explained what happened and asked if I wanted her to remake the sandwich. I decided to go with the flow. The flavor was fantastic, that's all I can say. I asked the cook to reheat my chips because they were only lukewarm. They came back right away, so I don't know if she just microwaved them. They still weren't piping hot, but I just wanted them in my belly by that time. While I didn't complain, the sandwich could have been a little warmer too. So why 4 stars if their signature entree was cold? I gave them the benefit of the doubt because we came in late-ish for a small town restaurant. Not an excuse you say? I feel badly rating a restaurant based on one sandwich and some homemade chips, when there was so much more on the menu. Yelp says they're open til 10 pm, but the sign on the door said 9 pm (winter hours). I think the quaintness and quirkiness of the place won me over. I'd say a 3 for the sandwich and chips I had and a 5 for the place itself. Postscript: ask them how tall their plumber is/was (specifically talking about the men's room).
We had a great meal. Fresh veggies in the omelet and homemade strawberry jam. Yum!
Came in 20 minutes before closing and had a great dinner. Chicken fried steak very tender and wife's patty melt great. Sunday to Thursday 7:00-9:00 Friday & Saturday 7:00-10:00. Good friendly service.

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Mollie’s Cafe

15 E Main
Snowville, 84336
My little family recently embarked on a cross-country road trip. We actually did not eat out at too many restaurants, as we were trying to stay on somewhat of a budget, but when you're in the middle of nowhere Ida/Ut and tired of consuming turkey jerky and granola bars, you'll try anything--and along came Mollie's! This place is actually pretty good. The service was friendly, the booths were clean and the food was satisfactory. They make their own strawberry jam--and it was tasty! Really, though, all I have to say is that as much as my Cattleman's breakfast hit the spot, complete with delicious sausage links recommended by our pregnant waitress, I wish I had ordered the fluffy pancakes that the guy two booths down was SO excited about that he felt the need to call home about it and rave ever so enthusiastically about how--and I'm paraphrasing here--he just had to find any excuse to get to Mollie's for the fluffiest, most tastiest pancakes around, which is not really saying much, since this place did not seem to be around much else. I don't know, if you find yourself on I-84 and passing through Snowville, UT, hit up this little dive...and order the fluffy pancakes!
If you are going by Snowville, UT Mollie's Cafe is a must stop. Food was good old home cooking with very friendly staff. I would stop there again.
The perfect diner. Everything homemade right down to the jam and salsa. The chicken fried steak breakfast is awesome. Then again so is the pork chops. I make a point of stopping regardless of if I have the time.

(435) 872-8295


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