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  • Karolina B.

    Disgusting. You're better off going to McDonald's. Maybe something was different 6 months back, but this place is not worth any hype unless you're the type to settle for average. For three people, 3 burgers, we paid $50. It's not worth that much, the food is below average. Yea the beer was great, should've just ordered $50 worth of beer, it would've made the experience better. We were sat at a table that's was right in front of the open door, super awkward. This place won't last, such a bummer we went there, DON'T GO HERE!

  • Richard L.

    I had dinner at 501 Main with my wife and in-laws last night. For $17 the burger patties should be house-made, not Costco or Cisco. My father-in-law ordered the pot roast, he said it was delicious and it looked like it too.

  • Sammy F.

    Service was slow, food was below average, my soup and burger came out at the same time about 45 minutes after ordering. Burger and fries were cold and not done well. All this and the place wasn't busy. The front door was left open and it was windy. Very bad experience, go anywhere else.

  • Frank P.

    Excellent and food and great service! Fresh and tasty! Informal setting perfect for families.

  • Debbie P.

    Also shocked by the poor reviews. We had excellent service and this was probably our favorite meal of our week there. We consider ourself discerning foodies who like healthy food and this fit the bill. Had the risotto and pot roast (even though we rarely eat beef) and LOVED them both. Beautiful presentation and wonderful flavors. Both were moist and done to perfection. The apple pie is the best I've ever had in ANY restaurant. I have never liked ANY as good as my own until today. Highly recommend!

  • John V.

    Our family had lunch at 501 Main today and experienced very good food with good service by Park City standards. The burger was terrific, squash soup very good, kids pizza and fries par for the course, beet salad well prepared and tasty, along with other items, all very good. The well intended waiter did not have the kitchen prepare our daughter's cheeseburger "plain" as she requested, so he promptly replaced it and allowed us to keep the first presentation on the house. Also, the owner and his daughter the manager stopped by to check on us, which was a nice touch. We'll go back and now rate this as among the better causal dining spots on Main Street. From talking with the owner, it seems like the restaurant was relaunched in summer 2012, so while the older and less flattering reviews may have been valid, we'd encourage folks to take a second look.

  • Justin L.

    Let's start with it is overpriced. Then again, it is Main Street Park City where everything is overpriced. So, you would hope for food that is interesting and well prepared. Sadly, we didn't experience either. For an appetizer we tried the goat cheese and spinach empanada...very little taste, very little goat cheese... kind of sad realy. Then, I had the pork chop on mushroom risotto. The pork chop was as dry as leather and the risotto was mushy and not very flavorful...rather uninspired. In short, I'd suggest you try somewhere else.

  • Diane F.

    Gordon Ramsay 911! This place needs help in a big way. We should have figured that going into a near empty restaurant for dinner. Quick service, but the food was totally made by Chef Mic- that would be Chef Microwave. What they served as pot roast was clearly some left over beef shredded and piled over what tasted like instant mashed potatoes with a watery brown liquid poured over it that was supposed to be a gravy- just horrendous. I asked for some dinner rolls and got a slice of sourdough sandwich bread sliced and toasted- pathetic.

  • JJ S.

    Great food, great service, nice atmosphere. The drinks were top notch (I recommend the monitor) and the pot roast dinner is like no other. We went here twice on our short trip and 6 of us enjoyed our meals each time.

  • Kuffa J.

    This restaurant was very unorganized and without any supervision. What I am appalled about is the fact you can see right into the kitchen and watch the "chef" in the kitchen eat her lunch as she makes yours. I honestly couldn't believe what I was watching. As she made your onion rings or fries, she was eating them as well. I'm sorry, this is the most unsanitary thing I have seen in a long time. Not only have I been a server, manager and trainer for restaurants, this would have NEVER been allowed under my watch. You need to have your staff make sure they are well fed before they start cooking other patrons food. We will never be back again and I guarantee we will be telling people about this experience.

  • Mercedes B.

    Make reservations to sit outside on the upper deck. Great view, order the salmon and the grapefruit martini, cool people good casual vibe.

  • Tyler W.

    Terrible service. The local craft brews on tap were out at 8pm. The starters came at the same time as the entrées, and the entrées were cold on arrival. The server never refilled our drinks. Will not be going again.

  • Scot F.

    We had a great dinner out on the deck. Food was delicious, especially the Scottish salmon. Our waiter Michael was both prompt and courteous and gave us nice recommendations. We'll be back next time in Park City.

  • Katie W.

    We visited 501 on main in December on our honeymoon. We stopped in for a light lunch and each had a Ruben and their lobster bisque. The lobster bisque was so great we came back again another day just to have another bowl! They don't carry a huge selection of beers- that's fine because the local selections they offered on tap were delicious. We had a beer by wasatch brewery that was an apricot wheat beer. We were very impressed with the food and the vibe of this restaurant. It was cute and quaint. We would highly recommend it to anyone visiting park city.

  • Dan W.

    This place is great!!! the food and service was the best. I would recommend everyone try this place out!!!

  • Jim S.

    Had wonderful ahi tuna appetizer and beet salad, along with an ice-cold 501 Ale! The meals that went by looked awesome. Nice, clean environment and friendly, knowledgable staff.

  • Dianne J.

    Came to 501 for lunch between movie showings for Sundance Film Festival. Arrived around 11:30am, just before the lunch crowd. The place is nice and cozy. Small dining area downstairs, but I think they had seating upstairs. I was honestly blown away by their food! We hadn't had such great luck with restaurant food while we've been in Park City, but 501 was a welcomed surprise!! Boo thang ordered the Bison Burger, cooked medium. It was delicious and juicy! I did the Choose Two lunch deal and ordered a bowl of Tomato Bisque Trio and half of a turkey melt sandwich. The Tomato Bisque was rich, and lively with flavor! The turkey melt was tasty, a bit greasy, cheesy perfectly done like a turkey melt should be! So much so, boo thang ate most of that too! I just took a quick bathroom break and noticed half my sandwich was gone! Figured he'd be full frim his huge Bison Burger, but noooooo.... Fries crisp and seasoned to perfection, service was great. Boo thang was taking a while to finish his IPA, I was sure they'd try to move us along, but they were all so patient and kind. Thanks 501!

  • Polly N.

    My girlfriend and I stopped in for a glass of wine and a few appetizers. The food was nothing special. The most disappointing part was our server had zero wine knowledge. He told me that! I'll go back to try the entrées. I guess I didn't know it was just a burger joint and had higher expectations.

  • Daniel S.

    Really enjoyed my food here. Had the medallions with goat cheese. Really a good combo. The waitress was a bit weird but fine. I would definitely go back.

  • Hippy P.

    We stopped in for appetizers and drinks. The onion straws were yummy. The drinks were meh and overpriced. Kind of pricey--$50 for 3 drinks and an appetizer.

  • Remmy B.

    Meh, stopped in for lunch. Was sat and waited ten minutes before deciding to just leave. They weren't overly busy either. Bums me out because I'd like to try their food but I'll be higher than a kite before I go hunt down a waiter just tone greeted.

  • Keith B.

    My son and I were wandering around Main St. and we ducked in to have a beer. I didn't realize Utah has a law where you have to order food to have any alcohol. Strange... We ordered the shrimp appetizer a Dr. Pepper and one of their 501 specialty beers. They were out of the beer and gave me a blue moon which was said to be similar. Kind if a bummer that they didn't have theirs but not a big deal. The appetizer was fine. The beer was cold and my son thought it was cool that they gave him a glass full of Dr Pepper and a carafe for refills. The patio is right on the street and a great place to watch people wandering around Main St. and to take in the view.

  • Julie S.

    Great food! Lost my reservation and forgot to put in an order for our appetizers. Long wait but food was very good. Would recommend the pot roast.

  • David O.

    Meh. It's ok. I came in to have a drink, but since it's a restaurant, not a bar, I had to order food. They had a lobster bisque, which I love. It was ok. The flavor was really good, I just wish it had like 1 piece of lobster in it. Such a disappointment. It's like having a clam chowder with no chunks of clam. I don't know. For the price, I figured they could dice up a little lobster for me.

  • Brian B.

    Sat outside and enjoyed the people watching on Main Street. Wonderful bison burger and beet salad. The Lobster Bisque was very disappointing...it was much better last year. The bisque could have passed for a decent cream of tomato soup rather than a lobster bisque. I didn't finish it. This was our second lunch here in two years and we enjoyed it.

  • Nick T.

    Had the buffalo burger, delicious! The fried were excellent and the service was also very good. Stopped in here on a day trip to Park City and the staff was friendly and attentive even though the restaurant was very busy.

  • Kelley B.

    This place was great. Ordered the lobster bisque and turkey sandwich. It was delicious and service was quick. The pear martini was great as well. Would definitely go back if I'm back in Park City.

  • Christine Z.

    I tried the salmon burger, it was delicious. And the waiter was really helpful and nice.

  • Brian Y.

    Very average with below average service. The server wasn't at all attentive and could only say how amazing everything was. Not so. I had the smoked pastrami Reuben which he assured me was truly extraordinary. Maybe avg BUT definitely NOT extraordinary and NOT at all smoked. On balance...very disappointed.

  • Jason S.

    This place was really strange. It feels inviting until you sit down. We got crammed into a table upstairs even though there were more desirable tables down below. We asked to sit at a table downstairs and were quickly ushered up top. The menu was nothing special and the service certainly didn't make up for it.

  • Amanda P.

    My absolute favorite place in Park City! Best Chef, best service and best atmosphere in PC!!! Love you guys!

  • Gail H.

    Ambiance somewhat to be desired. Food was good. Service OK. Did not live up to the review published in local magazine.

  • skizzle k.

    Only 3 stars for the service- which was excellent, friendly and highly attentive. But the food was just OK and the prices were WAY WAY too high for what you got- portion was tiny and dessert price was insane for a tiny brownie ($9!) Also, turns out half of what they say is gluten free- is not gluten free- that was the only reason I came. Pretty disappointing experience and I wouldn't return. Sad because it looked awesome.

  • Vikkie N.

    We were here on a Thursday evening - and yes, I'll admit that we were lured in by the BOGO offer that night. The menu is Park City Pricy, but when you're essentially paying half price, it's doable. It wasn't super-busy and the service was good. Two of our party had the lamb shank and I thought they were going to pass out when they tasted it - as lamb aficionados, they gave two thumbs up. I had the pot roast, which was melt-in-the-mouth good. The mash was great too. The other dish that our group had was the pasta and it was the biggest dish of pasta I've ever seen.

  • Quang N.

    The food was average. I ordered the special, which was risotto topped with scallops and shrimp. The presentation of the food was great, but unfortunately the flavor did not match. My risotto was saturated with squash and carrots, which led me to believe that they just took their vegetable risotto and added the seafood as garnish. The food was bland and did not meet the price tag. I do want to say that the server we had was great, Alyssa, as she was very attentive and accommodating. Overall, it was a meal that was over-priced and lackluster.

  • JD Z.

    7 of us ate here while on a family summer vacation and had a great experience. The food was the best thing about the place- one of the best filet's I've had (with a mushroom demi glaze which was superb). Others had the Scottish Salmon, Pot Roast, and Mediterranean Chicken which were all excellent. Our waitress misplaced an order but recovered nicely by offering a free glass of wine and quickly brought out the right dish. The atmosphere was a little on the "average" side- some plastic plants for example decorated the place, but it didn't detract from the overall experience.

  • Elizabeth N.

    Tenderloin, scottish salmon and ahi tuna were all amazing and perfectly cooked. Demitru is a wonderful server.

  • Mark O.

    Excellent vegan choices. I liked the signature risotto but the curry looked awesome as well. Michelle is knowledgable and efficient. Ahi tuna appetizer was prepared perfectly. Best value for money during Sundance.

  • Lizzie W.

    I wish I could give this place a higher rating, but I just can't justifiably give anything above a 3 star for a "just average" $9.00 salad. The atmosphere is great. We walked in, it was nice and cozy but didn't feel cramped. Nice neutral colors, minimal decorations and a relaxed vibe. Service was just fine, and non intrusive which is what I prefer from restaurants. (most of the time) If we were going off of decor and service alone, this could easily be a winner. However, when food comes into play the overall quality of the restaurant decreases. As a vegetarian, I was thrilled to see a few options, particularly the vegan "chicken" bites. We started with the "chicken" and sweet onion slivers. The "chicken" was probably my favorite part of the meal albeit the chef was a little sauce happy. The onion slivers were good as well, but were a bitter diner-esque. The presentation was slapdash and the food, while good, was nothing I couldn't get at a fast food chain. For main dishes, friend had the caesar and myself the fresh house salad. Can't comment on the caesar but the house salad was painfully bland. There were no interesting flavors at play, disappointing as I was looking forward to the champagne honey vinaigrette. I almost went with the vegan curry and at this juncture I wish I would've. Although I'd probably be open to trying 501 again, it comes down to the surrounding PC restaurants, many of which are far more outstanding.

  • Marie M.

    Overall best place on Main Street to eat! 501 Main *consistently* offered great service while serving delicious food the 3 times my boyfriend and I dined here while on vacation. Immediately after arriving in Park City, we happened upon this place for lunch. We opted for the "Choose 2": I had the Lobster Bisque and Caesar Salad, and my boyfriend had the Vegan Chili and Beet Salad. The soups and salads tasted fresh, home-made and not salty. My boyfriend was so hungry he had the vegan curry wrap, which was juicy with just enough spice. After not having a great experience at a "top" Park City eatery a few days into our vacation, we opted to return to 501 for dinner. Again, excellent. It was full at 6:30pm for dinner, so we ate at the bar. While being busy, the bar was not crammed - there was just enough space between us and the other diners. For dinner I had the 501 Pot Roast. It was juicy, the vegetables were crunchy, and the beef fell apart as soon as my fork touched it. My boyfriend had the Trio Tomato Soup which had a hint of coconut from the coconut milk used. He also had their signature risotto - the dish featured on the cover of a local publication - which he described as being "quite flavorful & fresh" and the "potato basket adding a great crunchiness to the dish." We went for a final time last night knowing we would have a great dinner. I ordered the tomato soup, and mediterranean chicken which was moist and tendered. My boyfriend ordered the vegan curry platter which he thoroughly enjoyed. Similar to the taste of the vegan curry wrap, with the crunchy basket from the risotto. (Also, as a sidetone, Michael was great the two times we had dinner!) For all of the dishes, the portion sizes were perfect - filling, but didn't leave feeling stuffed. Highly recommend to anyone visiting Park City for a no-frills, unpretentious dining experience with great, consistent service and food!

  • Mallory N.

    Eh, I had the salmon/pasta with a signature Park City cocktail while my Vegan friend had some sort of onion dish. The food was alright, but this place definitely survives on the dumb tourists that are willing to overpay because the restaurant location is so easy to drop in, and is smack dab in the middle of the popular main street. Our waitress/bartender was nice but our tab was outrageous after only an hour or so, and the atmosphere was AWFUL. Very small interior, lots of casual families with screaming kids right next to the bar (where we seated), and the entire experience was just bad. A waste of time and money. If you have money to blow and want to sit at a crowded bar with no view, by all means, drop on by the 501. But if you want really good food from a local Indian spot, go to Good Karma instead.

  • Ross M.

    Sat at the bar on a Saturday night in May. Place was pretty full, very cozy. Bar staff was very friendly, got the Rueben which was good, and a cup of the Tomato Basil Soup. The soup was REALLY good :) Sweet like curry. Nice spot on Main!

  • Rachel H.

    Stopped by today at 4:30pm. A little early for dinner which starts at 5 but there is plenty on the lunch menu to choose from. Our server Chastity was great. I couldn't decide between the lobster bisque or tomato soup so she was kind enough to bring me a sample of each. I went for the lobster which was amazing but would have equally been happy with the tomato trio soup. Also had the beet salad. Very tasty but not a lot of beets. I know I had only a half order but could have done with more that 2 slices. Husband and kids were all happy with their meals especially the just made apple pie! We will def. be back for either lunch/dinner when we are next in PC. They can do GF meals and so I can image they can accommodate other food allergies. Go try and have a great meal and service.

  • Megan C.

    I popped in here with a colleague of mine who is vegan in the hopes of finding some options that would suit his animal-free tastes and my flexitarian tastes. We were excited to find a local, one-off spot in downtown Park City that wasn't too expensive and seemed to have a chill atmosphere. While there were definitely vegan offerings, everything about the restaurant was pretty meh/average. We started with the vegan "chikkn" nuggets, which were convincingly chicken-ish, but did have way too much sweet glaze/sauce on top of their little fried selves. It was okay, but just $7 for about 9 nuggets. We also each had a cup of their vegan chili, which was pretty small, and a bit too watery for our tastes. With vegan chili, the variety and amount of tomatoes and beans needs to be maximized, and with this chili, it seemed like only pinto beans with watery plum tomatoes. Local beer selection was acceptable, I also had a house salad which was pretty small and unremarkable.

  • Scott W.

    I went to 501 on Main in Park City not knowing what to expect. The menu looked tasty; but we all know the proof is in the final product. 501 on Main is a cozy restaurant that has available seating both inside and outside. My wife and I chose to go inside. The offerings are typical American fare; but, the eating--and enjoying--are well beyond typical. I ordered a Buffalo Bacon burger, Caesar Salad and Lobster Bisque. The burger was absolutely delicious, and at a full half pound, very filling. It came on a soft ciabatta bun that was a perfect vessel for this wonderful meat. It was juicy, flavorful and exceeded my expectations in all areas. The Caesar salad was a bit disappointing only in that the amount of dressing applied was not enough, and there were no croutons. However, the shaved parmesan that was used had been applied liberally, and greatly enhanced the flavor of the salad. The real highlight though, was the Lobster Bisque. It was simply divine! The flavor balance was perfect, and the rich creaminess was superb. If I could have had a gallon of the bisque it would not have been enough! The service at 501 on Main was excellent. The servers were all prompt and attentive, but not smothering. My table was allowed to enjoy our food without feeling like were had no time to ourselves; yet not so lonely that we wondered where our server was. To me, it was the perfect balance for any server to employ. As for the value, I actually feel like I under-paid for the food I received. Between the flavors and the sheer volume of food, dining at 501 on Main was an unexpected delight that I WILL be experiencing again. My Thanks to the staff (Christa, in particular!) at 501 on Main for an outstanding dining experience!

  • Paddy Z.

    Had a spectacular experience last night for dinner. Great cozy atmosphere. Another customer saw us standing outside and looking at the menu and came out to tell us how great the food was! He was so right. We're very glad that this was open during this off season time. My husband had the pot roast and even ate the vegetables accompanying it. I had the Ahi starter as my main dish and it, along with a salad was plenty for me. Elton, our server was gracious and friendly and made our evening even more enjoyable.

  • Mei B.

    My husband has celiac's and when we asked about their gluten free menu, we were warned that they have had some cross contamination issues with their sandwiches. The theme of an uncaring kitchen staff carried through our meal, my husband a steak was well instead of medium and my chicken was a bit dry and grisly. I'm honestly not sure if my pasta was supposed to be a hot or cold dish, but it was room temperature and overwhelmingly coated in feta. The host did say that the options are better for dinner, but I don't know that we would be back.

  • Siobhan F.

    The mediocrity was painful. Not the worst burger I've ever had... But not the best either. The meat and onions were extra greasy and my bun fell apart almost immediately. My boyfriend ordered the Reuben which was slightly better than the burger but nothing memorable unfortunately. The fries were meh. It bums me out when restaurants have ideal locations and just fall so short on the food quality. 3 stars is generous but the service was friendly and attentive, so i'll give em' that.

  • Maddie M.

    The food was good! We were a party of 6 and everyone was pleased. My friends loved the Risotto. I didn't try it, but the waiter stated it was a signature as well as popular dish. My husband finished his pot roast in about 2 seconds; that's a great sign! I had the beet salad, which was great! I loved the dressing! The staff at the door was ok. I felt like I was burdening her when I ask for a table without a reservation....maybe she was overwhelmed but nevertheless, I recommend!

  • Kenneth B.

    Wow! Great dinner, very well presented, tasty, and not too much. We really enjoyed everything. Great value for the quality of food and surroundings. And did I mention the great service.

  • Ryan C.

    Food was excellent. The seating options are great, especially sitting outdoors on the sidewalk and watching everyone walk by. The Mediterranean chicken was delish, and they had good wines paired with the food.

  • Bob W.

    We were seated promptly. Everywhere else we went we had a one hour wait. Three at the table got the pot roast the plates were cleaned. The wait staff were friendly and professional.

  • Buddy H.

    Food was great, however.... Service was not that good. The entire staff seemed pre-occupied, and just going through the motions.

  • EmmaLee N.

    The food was great, but the service was amazing! Our waiter David was great, he went out of his way to take care of our group for a bachelorette party. Everything from getting us blankets to free desserts. Definitely a food experience.

  • Tuesday M.

    Everything was great. I like the 'Choose Two' option. And there is nothing wrong with mimosas!

  • Renee C.

    Not sure what the bad reviews are for. The tomato basil soup was the best I've had. My husband ordered the Reuben and I had the grilled veggie sandwich on GF bread. My husband loved his sandwich and said the kraut was amazing. My sandwich had great flavor as well. The service was ver personable. I would make a trip out here again, and we are picky eaters.

  • Melissa T.

    One of the best bison burgers I've had. The service was not as attentive as I would have liked, but the food is enough to give a 5 star rating.

  • C T.

    Great food, great service. We got the bison burger and the pick two (turkey melt and lobster bisque). By far the BEST turkey melt ever. The bisque was incredible also. We got a side of onion slivers with the burger, and they were served with a tangy dipping sauce that was awesome. Fries were great too! They were seasoned and went great with the dipping sauce that the slivers came with. We sat outside and loved getting to look around Main Street. Perfectly priced, amazing food.

  • Nicole H.

    Lunch was good. They have an amazing tomato coconut soup. Service was excellent. I would come back.

  • Deborah K.

    We stopped in at 501 Main when we realized nearly everything else on Main Street that kids were allowed to eat at was closed for the evening. Like other people, we were lured in by the BOGO burger offer and thought it would be worth it. When we were seated, we were handed the dinner menu, which is really pricy, but would have been fine if we were interested in anything on it (we weren't). We asked about the BOGO offer and were told it was on the lunch menu but they would honor it. I was a bit confused as to why they would be promoting an offer like that and not provide the menus for it unless asked but at least they were willing to do it. The staff was very kind (although the 5 or 6 employees working seemed like overkill since we were the only patrons there) and were very informative about the food and the wine. They also explained to us that they are very sensitive to the needs of people with allergies or dietary restrictions (a huge deal to us) and will shut down the kitchen to certain foods to prepare items that need to meet those requirements. Our burgers were good but the price of a (very small) glass of white wine seemed excessive at $10. The restaurant also seems to be having some sort of identity crisis where it's trapped between being formal and semi-casual and isn't sure which direction it should go in. The pricing of the food... $10 burgers and $40 entrees with very little in between illustrates this perfectly.

  • Liz D.

    Friendly service and got awesome recommendations for lunch as well. We had the curry wrap and pot roast sandwich. The pot roast was juicy, tender,yummy. The curry wrap...man it was vegan...and freaken delicious. My husband sat looking at me and decided of I could eat it he could try it. He took a whole half. Yes, that tasty.


    I was here recently visiting Utah. Straight to the point here it is. The food ordered was actually good. Dinner entrees. The servers did the best they could, being that we moved 3 times to 3 diff tables. The first table was next to a noisy large party,the second table they tried fixing by using coasters for the legs of table, finally third table was better. The chairs weight more than any chair I ever moved at any restaurant. I would never want to return again too much work for a guest. Fix your tables, get chairs that weight less. Like I said food was good but not good enough to experience that again.

  • Serena A.

    The food was average, but the staff and ambiance were very nice. I ordered the pot roast, and it came out cold. Even after it got heated up, I was not impressed. My friend ordered the risotto, which had a good flavor but was sticky and mushy and was surrounded by a nest of fried potato sticks. While this made for an interesting presentation, it did not add anything to the dish. The wine list was extremely limited. What options were available were weird. The dessert was good, but who doesn't like flourless chocolate cake.

  • Matt R.

    Not a great experience. Started with them seating our group at too small of a table. Then we ordered 3 identical manhattan cocktails. A simple drink that they made so wrong it was unreal. They put in sprite and grenadine? Yuk. They replaced them but not comp'd. Angus sirloin was good but not $39 worth.

  • Lucy C.

    Funky spot. Super friendly bartender from Moldova called Dumitru. Really amazing beet salad and the house Cab is a very drinkable sustainable Fetzer.

  • Elle G.

    I came here in early July for the first time. I got the lobster bisque and house salad, and my friend got a tomato bisque (made with coconut milk) and the vegan curry. The tomato bisque was quite good--the coconut milk was a nice touch, but I didn't like the lobster bisque and barely touched it (and I usually LOVE lobster bisque). The salad was good, but nothing special. I actually really liked the vegan curry (though I'm not usually a huge fan of curries), but my friend wasn't a big fan of it (and she usually likes curries). I'd really probably only give 2-2.5 stars for the price, but the waiter was really good, so I'm bumping it up to 3. However, with all the options in Park City, I doubt I'll go back...

  • A T.

    The risotto was amazing. As a vegetarian, I felt that this restaurant was the most veggie-friendly on Main Street. I hate paying $30 for ravioli, which seemed to be all that the nearby places had to offer. My carnivore date loves the pot roast.

  • Deb E.

    I was excited to be invited to a birthday celebration at 501 Main Restaurant because I had dined there a couple of times recently and the food had been really good. I was not disappointed as the birthday dinner was extraordinary. The TEMPURA SHRIMP & SPICY AIOLI appetizer was crunchy and yummy (is that a hint of vanilla I taste there?). Loved the Veggie Risotto served in a hand-crafted crunchy potato baskets; as well as the UTAH SWEET ONION SLIVERS. The dinner for 40 was carved roast beef and a trout dish, both were very good served with nice crunchy fresh veggies and mashed potatoes. I have had a burger at 501 before and it was great! The Pot Roast was very good also. 501 Main may be my new favorite Park City restaurant. The seating upstairs is a nicer setting than the downstairs sports bar level.

  • Grady S.

    The food and service was outstanding, all of us enjoyed the experience! The house salad was especially great! Desi our waitress was outstanding!

  • Madeleine G.

    This place was so good I decided to go on yelp and write a review. Glad I did not read the other reviews before I came here. Our experience was awesome. Service was great. Food ( bison burger, lobster bisque, shrimp tempura, and BLT) were all delicious. I will definitely come back and try more food.

  • Whit V.

    This place is an absolute joke. The owner should be shot for placing a sign on the street claiming to have the best burgers in town. You've got to be kidding me! $17 for FROZEN PATTIES. Save yourself $10 and keep walking up the street to O'Shucks for a can of PBR and enjoy a $3 burger. The only reason I'm giving this place 2 stars is because the servers here are nice people and I feel bad that they have to work in a dump like this.

  • Jay R.

    I'm actually pretty shocked at all the low star reviews. I came here and had lunch recently during the week and it was fine. Chili was ok, salad was good, the beer was ice cold and apparently the lobster bisque was good too. Waiter was quirky but attentive and quick. The prices were a little high, but I get it, ski town blah blah. I don't dispute anyone else's experience but it's worth pointing out that the one star reviewers seem to only have created accounts to give 501 main a bad review. Just sayin'... We had no issue with the restaurant - the only issue we had were the d-bags sitting outside next to us. A guy and a girl, a popped collar and too much makeup. There was loud sexual flirting going on - "let's take shots and go up to my room" and "I wanna see you in those jeans again stand up... mmpphh!" and the famous sorority squeal "wooooooooooooooo!!!" If you want mountain solitude, go to Zion or Arches. Then they bitched about her boyfriend for 20 mins loudly proclaiming his douche status and solidifying their own. I guess he's not the boyfriend. Phoenix's finest.

  • Leslie H.

    Great lunch...great soups! Old Town Park City (main street and park street) have a bunch of these small bistro's. We tried this one for lunch and liked it a lot. Not a huge menu, but we had the buffalo chx salad, 1/2 rueben, vegan chil -- all were great. Not too bad on prices either (though, everything in Park City is expensive.) Recommend for lunch.

  • Zeus G.

    Great vegetarian and vegan options, well located, mediocre service. In a town where snooty servers cater to wealthy clientele, this is par for the course. But it's one of the few places with true vegan food options,which is noteworthy. The meatless chili (beans and veggies) was good, and the vegan Pam wrap (veggies, curry, fake chicken) was VERY good. I'd return or the food alone, and if you are vegan, there are few other choice in this town.

  • N P.

    Wonderful chicken cavatappi. It's on the lunch menu but decidedly a big portion. The beet salad is wonderful and the lemon cayenne dressing is to die for!

  • Avi R.

    Our first time in park city and one word for this place "Deliciousness". Tomato coconut soup is amazing. My boyfriend got the steak blue cheese salad and it was great. Service, ambiance and people are great.

  • Jennifer N.

    It has been a while since I've experienced anything worth writing about - but I am so glad it has finally happened! I came here for lunch with a friend from out of town (here for Sundance, naturally). We were seated upstairs, which has lovely ambience and overlooked Main Street. Everyone was so friendly - Pam, the GM, repeatedly checked on us and gave us some great advice about parking and navigating through Sundance. Our server was very prompt and we never had to ask or wait for refills. And a shout out to the chef - you are very good at what you do! Onto the food. It is well established that I have a healthy appetite that never disappoints me, so yes - I ate everything I am writing about today. 1. Bacon wrapped scallops served with microgreens and a beurre blanc sauce. I felt like I was a guest judge on Top Chef (where I learned about the aptly named Amusee Bouche). Delicious! Perfectly cooked bacon, the scallop was fresh and not fishy...and the beurre blanc sauce! I was trying to scoop it up with my butter knife and get every last drop. I feel this is much more dignified than picking up the plate and licking it, but I would have done that too if the butter knife method didn't work. 2. Pear and brie purses over a salted strawberry sauce. Pear and brie slices wrapped in phyllo dough and quickly fried. Served over another slice of brie and a really delicious strawberry sauce. This chef knows his sauces. These purses were so good - the phyllo was nice and crispy and the sauce! It complemented the brie so well! Again, the butter knife method. 3. Seafood bisque. Thick and rich and hearty - I was worried it would be salty as seafood soups tend to be for me. This one was not - the flavors were, again, not fishy - but nice and mild. 4. Roasted beet salad with grilled salmon. I opted for the honey champagne vinaigrette (at the GM's suggestion) instead of the lemon cayenne because I'm a capsaicin whimp. I'm so glad I did - the vinaigrette was very light and just a touch of sweetness. The only thing I can say about this salad that will do it justice is that my plate was embarrassingly clean when I was finished. No "leave a little for propriety's sake" business with this. The salmon was so fresh and perfectly seasoned and grilled. 5. Pumpkin cheesecake with a gingerbread crust. Heaven. Really. I must try the risotto other reviewers have raved about so I am happy to say that I will be a repeat customer and my coworkers and friends will have no choice but to come with me. :) They won't be sorry!

  • Landon E.

    Don't let the older reviews fool you. This place is not horrible at all, I found it quite refreshing! Apparently they have a new chef, gm and cooks. The food I tried was great and every other meal I saw around looked just as amazing!

  • John S.

    Niche little place on Main. Small and cute. Needs a bigger bar. Service ok, food average.

  • Lisa D.

    We lucked out - two nights in a row with no corkage fee! We were on a roll, sitting next to a window overlooking Main St., on Christmas Eve Eve. Our server Sam was exceptional. We tried a new appetizer, two empanadas stuffed with spinach and feta (I think it was feta as it was not even on the menu yet) cheese with an aioli sauce that was music to my mouth. Seriously, I could've eaten this and only this and called it a night it was that friggin good! But I love to eat so my food adventure continued.... Papa D and I both opted for soup and salad - he ordered some kind of bell pepper soup and a steak salad, and I ordered a winter squash soup and their house salad. Both the soups were sweet and savory - Papa D's had a tomato base and boy you could really taste the peppers. For dessert we shared an apple crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream - a perfect ending to a wonderful dinner. It was the first dinner of the entire trip that I wasn't uncomfortably stuffed!

  • Chris H.

    Very good, real, unique, flavorful food with great service......and good beer.

  • Nathan L.

    Terrible. I think they are still fairly new so maybe they are still working out the kinks, but they have a long way to go. We tried the mushroom app and it was 3 soggy mushrooms on a plate with frozen lobster and crab stuffed in them. Not even close to worth the $15 they are stealing from you with these. I had the burger which was good, but not worth going back for anytime soon. Overall it just wasn't good.

  • Ken H.

    I can't believe this is the same restaurant that has been rated here. 4 of us tonight had a fabulous time. The best meal we had while we've been in Park City. Great service and drinks. Must have, the trout and the risotto.

  • Kris M.

    The food was very good and they have a large gluten free menu! I would definitely return.

  • Bret W.

    11-24-12. We just left 501 Main where 2 of us has dinner and drinks and spent over $100. While I'm not opposed to paying for a good meal but I'd like to know I get the value. Not here! The worst part and most offensive was the fact that shortly AFTER paying the bill (plus 20%), we were point-blank asked to leave the restaurant so the server could turn the table faster. I understand and support not loitering and tying up a table, but can we at least finish the glass of wine that we just bought from you?!?

  • Adrian A.

    Why can't I give this hell hole negative stars? Please avoid at all costs. Let's start with our reservation made for 12/28/2011, I called and made one. When we showed up, they'd given our reservation to someone else and the hostess tried to say that we've already checked in, when obviously we had not. She said this twice...and with no apologies. Then they tried to seat us at an uncomfortable raised bar type table when there was another regular table available next to it...not friendly or customer service oriented. We should have ran out at that point. Now for the food... After waiting for what seemed an eternity for food, it arrived. Then once I tasted the "Mediterranean chicken" I could tell why it took so long, they had to cook the life out of the chicken to turn it into rubber. The flavors of the dish did not work together and sun-dried tomatoes were so minuscule I wonder why they include it in the description. We had some semblance of squash soup that was made with a water base...it was bland, watery, terrible. Again, flavor was obviously lacking. Turkey melt sandwich was also tasteless. So, knowing we just were fooled into thinking this was a "quality restaurant", we were set to pay the bill with our Restaurant.com certificate (and thinking thank goodness we did not have to pay full price for this awful food). Now comes the salt in the wound...the server said that he was sorry but they don't accept the Restaurant.com certificates anymore because of some issue with their business not paying the restaurant their due. OK, but don't make the customer suffer for your internal squabble with a solid business that helps bring them customers, right? Well, the server could not help us with anything except offering a 20% discount on our meal. Well, when considering that I was looking at the near 50% discount as painful enough for the bad food, this was not acceptable so I asked for a manager... Enter Zack, the assistant manager and apparently the most senior ranking individual working that night. Service from this clown was even worse than the food (did not think it possible). When he informed me that they were having issues with Restaurant.com and not accepting their certificates so could only offer a 20% discount, I said that was unacceptable as there is nothing posted about this new policy and that the certificate would be closer to a 50% discount. He insisted they were not going to accept it and that now I was entitled to a 15% discount. Now he is decreasing the already unacceptable discount for their bait-and-switch policy from 20% to 15%...WTF?! I was flabbergasted and said, "Seriously? You are going to now reduce an already unacceptable discount because I'm still not satisfied with what you are offering?" His response was a dead-pan "Yes". Unbelievable! Told him this was the WORST customer service I've ever experienced. After more discussion and asking to speak with the owner (who could not be reached by phone...surprise), Zach rescinded his 15% and offered 20% discount (still not good enough). Ready to just about rip him a new one, I decided to remain calm, pay the bill and get to writing this review ASAP. Then the bill arrives... Subtotal of bill was roughly $42...and below the subtotal was a line item that read "20% Disc, $5.80 (Name: REST)" (hmm, I think this is not the first time they've done this). But do the math, it was actually less than a 15% discount. WTF?! Is this a freakin' comedy show to see just how many blunders someone can endure before reaching the edge? When confronting Zach again, he said, oh, that machine did not do it right (B.S.) and he'd get me the right discount. So this is what it is like dealing with a shuckster...Beware. The good, I'll say that our server did a fine job and was attentive and they serve beer that is somewhat cold to help you forget what a dreadful experience you just endured. Prisoners receive better treatment...don't bother with this third-world establishment.

  • Judy S.

    $104. for lunch for three before tip! Two turkey melts and a half and half that was only a half. 10 minutes after ordering I was informed they were out of all soups sorry we can replace seafood chowder for french fries at the same price, what a deal $10 for half a reuben sandwich and fries. When asked if we wanted avocado on the turkey melt they didn't mention that it would be $4 extra per $10sandwich. Okay so ordering complete our lunches come and one turkey melt looked a little different - it was a burger but our waiter never checked, hardly apologized and then blamed it on the new cook that would be fired. He didn't offer to replace, my daughter said it was okay until she tasted it - a bit fishy?????? My daughter-in-law tracked down the waiter and asked him to replace it. We finally got the replacement, a very light sorry and here's your bill. Would not recommend this place to anyone - that I like.

  • H T.

    Will not come here again! When I arrived they gave my reservations to someone else and did not apologize. Slow service and worst customer service ever received. The food was not tasty and very bland. I got the soup and it tasted like hot boiling water. My sandwich was tasteless as well. Bad Service + Bad Food = stay away from this place

  • Damon M.

    Slowest service ever

  • Erin W.

    If I could give them 0 stars I would. Service is horrible. Waiting over an hour after ordering for your lunch to arrive is unacceptable. The Waiter ignored us also. When we FINALLY got our food, it was sub-par- didn't get the correct orders, onion rings are very salty and our sandwiches were cold and soggy. Definitely do not recommend.

  • Nathan S.

    Friendly staff Great service Amazing food: i recommend the bison burger and lobster bisque. Best lobster bisque I've ever had. Great spot for lunch!

  • Bobbi J.

    This was a wonderful surprise. I never know what I am walking into worth a cage feel to a place. I have this idea of sandwiches and simple to go food. Road place was simple but the chef does wonders with the food. The whole table was impressed with their meals. I loved the salmon salad. ..and the Cajun dressing was yummy! The service was great and helpful. Oh and I shared the pie because I was already full but had to try it. ..amazing! Great job.

  • Richard P.

    The food was delicious and very well prepared. I had the Organic Risotto, it was the best. My wife had the Scallop and Shrimp Medley. The scallops were cooked perfect and the sauce was amazing. Try their Bloody Mary, it has a real kick to it. The staff was very pleasant.

  • Scott S.

    Had lunch there with the fam...it was awesome! Love the gluten free and veggie options. My ne No Meatless Monday spot on Main St.!

  • Krystal S.

    We stopped in while walking up Main St. We were only having drinks at the bar. However, the service we received was excellent. The bartenders were super friendly and curious as to where we were from. We did not eat but the food looked good. I would definitely return to try the menu just because of the great service we received initially.

  • Dan R.

    Four of us had a very nice lunch experience here yesterday. We sat outside on the patio under the shade of the table umbrella and had a pleasant hour of food, talk and people watching. Our server was great- prompt and efficient. She had a terrific personality and engaged us in chat without effort. It was genuine and not forced. We had a variety of appetizers and sandwiches and salads, and everyone enjoyed their meal. I had the curry wrap, and it was excellent -great curry taste with tender vegetables and potatoes. I also had a half of the beet salad and that was a winner too -gorgeous slices of red and gold beets with apricots in a nice salad. There were no off-notes anywhere in the meal, or the service, or the restaurant.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 9:00pm
  • Mon : 11:00 am - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch, Dinner
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Drive-Thru : No
    Caters : Yes



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501 Main

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