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  • Anna C.

    There's nothing fancy about this restaurant but 50% off sushi rolls before 5 pm can't be beat! I'm not a fan of hibachi stuff, it's seems bland to me, so I stick to the rolls. I like the rainbow roll, the godzilla roll, the spicy crunchy tuna roll, and the spicy crunchy salmon roll. I absolutely love their soy ginger dipping sauce, it makes the rolls even better!

  • Erika L.

    My brother works at a store right near Hibachi House and was bragging it up both for value and taste. He must be out of his hibachi! I am a connoisseur of chicken teriyaki. And this one is a definite fail. On a scale of 1-5, their chicken teriyaki with fried rice was only a 2, probably a 2-. Watery teriyaki sauce. Bland, bad rice; the rice almost tasted stale. I also tried some beef-strip kebabs appetizer. Those were really not good - canned Dole pineapple in between tough, chewy pieces of steak. All food is served in to-go Styrofoam boxes. There is no ambiance. I saved the worst for last - my husband really loves sushi and was excited to see that they had a good selection of sushi. But when we saw that the sushi preparer was preparing all orders with bare hands, we decided to pass on anything that wasn't cooked. There are real health concerns when you handle raw fish with bare hands. Yuck! For my own dish, I would have given this place a 2 but for their unsanitary preparation practices, it gets a 1.

  • T B.

    My husband and I ate there. I ordered the sushi rolls (which were thankfully 50% off), and my husband got the Chicken Teriyaki with fried noodles. The rolls were okay, but I would never want to pay full price for them - ever. My husband's food was not good at all. It's was the most bland, colorless looking dish I have ever seen, and everything tasted too sweet and oily. There were no fresh fruit or vegetables used in their chicken teriyaki. It took a while to get our order during lunch because another person placed a large order before us, so I can't really say their service was terrible. They are just understaffed to handle a big order which will affect you if you're behind anyone with a large order. I would not recommend this place unless you're starving, or nothing else is open.

  • Blake E.

    I CRAVE this place! Love the hibachi steak and salmon! The chicken can get a little dry but throw a little teriyaki sauce on it and problem solved! I always get the fried noodles, in fact, they're probably the biggest reason I come back time and again! Bottom line, this place isn't the least expensive but way cheaper than a formal sit down place like Tepenyaki and almost as good. Try it out!

  • Lorinda R.

    Just had lunch here with my son. I was skeptical with only 1 other patron dining on a Friday during lunch. The price was great. The menu looked more like a Chinese restaurant. The meal itself was just average. Though it wasn't cooked on the grill as their sign states. Although we were dining in, our food was presented in a 'to-go' container on a tray.

  • Julia S.

    Pretty darn good! I got their sushi for the first time today and really enjoyed it. The fish wasn't too overpowering. I also got their sesame chicken, and while they went a little heavy on the sauce, it was still really good.

  • Lisa L.

    Don't go to this restaurant. I got so sick and puke everything out after I ate their food. I didn't think the meat was ok but I ate it anyway. Do not go to that restaurant, it's not real Japanese food.

  • Valerie B.

    I love this place for the hibachi food. I'm not a fan of paying money to have food thrown at me and watch it getting cooked, so this is a great alternative. TRY THE ONION SOUP! It's less than $2 but super good, don't know how they get the onions to stay crunchy the day after. I do not eat specialty sushi here, a cucumber roll is fine but more advanced rolls are a little disappointing. LOVE that they are open after 9 and open later than 6 on Sundays. Which means if we totally space dinner till late, this place is open and fresh and NOT FAST FOOD!

  • Kaitlynn H.

    Usually impressed with the 50% off sushi - yet today my rainbow roll doesn't taste fresh and my avocados are clearly brown in my crunch roll and past their peak ripeness... 3 rolls for under $20, it was edible and fairly enjoyable - I shouldn't be complaining. Just a snob for fresh foods, although enjoy their policy for not being wasteful - having a inner dilemma. Overall satisfied

  • Jenn B.

    We have always been SUPER happy with everything we've received from them. The menu was missing online, so I just posted pictures, it's current as of March 2014. I'm giving them 4 stars because they're great! But not 5 because my husband turned me into a food snob. Did you know there's only one 5 star Mexican restaurant in the country? Have to leave a little wiggle room after experiencing something like that. Their service is great at Hibachi House too! They really are fantastic , but gotta leave room for the real 5 stars! :) PLUS! They off half off til 5:00. My girls LOVE sushi, so it couldn't get any better :)

  • William P.

    While I love going to traditional Japanese steakhouses, one sometimes feels the need to skip the onion volcano and other theatrics in favor of faster food. Enter Hibachi House of Clinton. They take a no-frills approach to hibachi; styrofoam containers and plasticware.... But, it's good, fast, and relatively cheap! This is not the place to go for a nice sit-down Japanese dinner, however, it's definitely the place to go when you're working late or don't feel like cooking and want a substantial meal. Bottom line: if you want a good hibachi dinner (and Japanese mayo, lots and lots of it!) fast, this is the place for you!

  • Sam R.

    Stopped in for some dinner after a busy day while visiting family in Clinton. We got chicken dumplings for an appetizer and they were good (although they didn't come until the rest of the food). I ordered orange chicken. It was..er..okay. It was good, I guess, but at home in Indiana we have a place that has the best orange chicken ever. The noodles were awesome. My mom's pineapple chicken was awesome. Tried teriyaki chicken as well, good but nowhere near the pineapple. Probably better than mine. Overall this is a good place. The only thing I didn't really like much was my orange chicken. I tried my dad's eel and it tasted good but was really like..flappy..or something.

  • John P.

    Delicious food! Same quality as high end Japanese places but much better prices. I highly recommend the filet mignon.

  • Wade S.

    I love some hibachi steak and shrimp. So I was excited to find there was a place close to work today I could get some that didn't cost me over 20 bucks. the beef is definitely not a new your strip but has great flavor. I enjoyed the meal while eating it but it is super salty. But fit under 10 bucks for a meal I can't complain.

  • Tower C.

    It's Sunday in Clinton and nothing is open. Where do you eat? Go to the Hibachi House! They have fast, cheap Asian food that is cooked teppanyaki-style on a griddle. The portions here are huge and filling. If you can't choose between the rice or fried noodles for your side dish, ask for half of each. The employees are really friendly and have been great at accommodating special requests. Hibachi House also has other menu items like sushi and orange chicken if you want to try some of the non-grilled options. Don't come here expecting haute cuisine or "real" Japanese food. This is just fast, simple food served in a clean, open-seating restaurant.

  • Brittney C.

    50% off Lunch every weekday! You can't pass up that deal! I paid $5 the other day for the Vegas Roll- yummy :)

  • Ambre W.

    The hibachi meals are great- fresh and made to order. I have not tried their sushi or rolls yet. I will certainly return!

  • Joshua H.

    Well, what can I say. It's definitely not your top-end Japanese steakhouse or sushi bar, but for what it is, it's a fantastic eatery. It's a nice, fast, and good family-owned establishment. I like to get lunch from here every once in a while when I'm in the area, and you can't beat 50% off sushi for lunch. It's better than all the other 50% off sushi places north of Salt Lake. They don't always have the freshest ingredients, which is the reason for the markdown, but it's good because it shows they don't waste things. I'm torn, but that's why they don't get knocked down to 3 stars.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
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    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : No

Hibachi House of Clinton

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