Square Meal Cafe

6745 Lenox Center Ct,Ste 110
Memphis, 38115
We pulled off the interstate for a family road trip lunch. For a similar price to fast food, we got a salad bar (loaded), fresh everything, and healthy portions. The staff takes pride in the business. It is in an office park, which was a fun change of pace.
Okay. This was a TOTAL surprise! I had business in the area and did a Yelp search to find this amazing lunch spot. We circled the Lenox Office Park lot not realizing the restaurant is tucked inside an office building. But don't fret, there's parking and easy access to the restaurant. I got a chicken wrap to DIE FOR. the chicken is so tender and tasty, I can't handle it. I wish I wasn't in a rush because my sweet tea is almost gone. Their sweet tea rivals homemade sweet tea! Apparently, this was a food truck that was so popular, Chef Derrick decided to go brick and mortar. This is a MUST DO! I have three letters for you: W-O-W
The cafe is run by the same people who run the A Square Meal food truck. There are dishes in common across both, but I believe they also both have some unique dishes. This particular location is a cafe in an office park open for breakfast and lunch aimed at serving the office crowd. It's a small venue, but since many folks are carrying back to their office there's more than enough space. It's not well signed as you drive around, but it's on the "back corner", where you see a couple of outdoor tables. I had a club sandwich with fried okra. The club is made by small details, it's toasted just right, has ingredients in the right proportion, and although they include honey mustard it's just enough to give a hint of flavor. So many places get these simple details wrong, so it's refreshing to see the whole thing properly executed for a fair price. The okra, just like off the food truck, is amazing. They have the batter and seasoning dialed in perfectly. It may seem like a silly complaint, but my complaint is that there is enough okra for two, ok, maybe three or four servings and it's so tasty I'm going to eat all of it! I'm shocked it wasn't already in Yelp, they have been open here a while now. I'm hoping that by adding it some other people will find this hidden gem which is not where you would typically go looking for a lunch place. If you're in the area, check it out.

(901) 347-0544

American (Traditional), Soul Food, Cafes

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Noodles Asian

2936 Kirby Whitten Rd
Memphis, 38134
Husband and I have been waiting on this restaurant to open since the promised date of March 15, which coincidentally is our anniversary. Well, the date on the OPENING SOON sign got pushed to around Memorial Day, but it was definitely worth the wait. Anything we tried was ah-mazing. I recommend the combination appetizer. Husband loved all the sushi rolls that were put in front of him because of the huge, larger-than-average sized portions. The shrimp and scallops I ordered were so good, but the jasmine- flavored fried rice was even better! Definitely try out this new place in Bartlett across the street from CVS pharmacy. AND, if Marie waits on you, she is a definite star!

(901) 377-2666

Asian Fusion, Chinese

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Einstein Bros

Ned McWherter Library,University of Memphis
Memphis, 38152
I love this place. I went here all through my undergraduate years and still stop by whenever I'm on campus for Graduate School. The staff is super friendly and if you go often they will recognize you and what you like to order. I love to get their old Turkey Sausage sandwich on a powerbagel. I don't remember what it was called, but they remember what it was when I tell them the ingredients and they are always willing to whip it up for me. Now that I have a class on campus for grad school I have started coming here again. They are wiling to recreate my old favorite as long as I tell them what was on it. I have since realized that it does not contain fried egg as fried egg upsets my stomach. I am not sure it had cream cheese on it or not but I will have to keep trying different things. Favorites: - Santa Fe Eggwrap - Mint Mocha Iced - Turkey Sausage with extra red salsa (and cream cheese?) on Powerbagel - Powerbagel Ok: - Mint Mocha (hot) Nope: - Southwest Egg White (upsets my stomach)


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Burger King

1985 E Brooks Rd
Memphis, 38116
The location of my new place of work is right near the airport off of E Brooks Rd. Hell, there is even a strip club in the same parking lot. Well unfortunately after work, it's not open. So usually I need something quick to eat... And never in a million years would I A)Go to BK and B)give a BK 5 stars. You can't make this shit up... I got off a shift and my buddy was starving, so we ended up here. The first thing I noticed was how nice the place is! Large parking lot, new brick work on the outside, and it looks completely redone on the inside. Nice enough for me to say it is the nicest BK I have EVER been in! The menus are on TV screens, plenty of seating (bar stools, long tables, circle tables, shorts, hell something for everyone!), and friendly employees. Looks like BK has jumped up their game, and looks like I might have to frequent this place! Which is actually a good thing, since I kinda boycotted them back in ATL...

(901) 345-5035


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All Star Hot Wings

1428 Union
Memphis, 38104
I love this place all over Memphis. Good people and great food. Never disappointed and the wait is never unreasonable!

(901) 274-0040

Burgers, Chicken Wings

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5084 Summer Ave
Memphis, 38122
I'm usually not a fan of McDonalds and this is the first time I've been in an extremely long time but I will say that I've had a delightful experience. The dining room and restrooms were very, very clean. The staff was very friendly and got my order right, the first time. I was very pleased with my experience and I'll definitely be coming back to this location.

(901) 682-8996

Burgers, Fast Food

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Fascinating Catering

3519 Summer Ave
Memphis, 38122
I've been using Fascinating Catering for years and years, and am impressed all over again each time they cater a party for me. I've known Marilyn, the owner, since I was in kindergarten. She used to bake the best cookies for me when I would visit her house to play with her daughter. She successfully turned her skills into a top notch catering service that is on all of the approved lists all over town. Not only can Marilyn cook, but she also makes a beautiful presentation. She can handle all of the draping, table presentation, flowers, bar set-up and more. She's done parties as small as 20 people and parties as big as 500 people for me. Love her and love her staff!

(901) 327-3008


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Panini Catering by Java Coast

2843 Farrisview Blvd
Memphis, 38118
I was fortunate to be working a project at a local business that hired Panini's coffee bar for a little Christmas java action. Waiting my turn after someone back for his third mocha java with whipped cream, I asked barista Randy to hook me up with "something strong" and add some of that fluffy whipped cream. Best coffee drink I've had in a really long time. And just to make sure, I went back for another.

(901) 409-7409

Caterers, Juice Bars & Smoothies

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Hot Wings Express

6761 Sheby Dr
Memphis, 38141
Great Wings and Great Service! I love Hot Wings Express!

(901) 362-7400

Chicken Wings

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Jaxon’s Hot Wings

2302 Peres Ave
Memphis, 38108
DAMN!!! All I can say is that I love hot wings that make you have to feel like you need a bath after eating them, and this place hits the spot.... Big full-size wings dripping with extra sauce, and cooked to perfection. I like mine a little on the "make you sweat" side, and their Xtra hot sauce was right on the money. Suicide sauce, you may want to have an extra side of celery to cut the heat... Definitely worth the wait since they cook to order when you call in. Friendly service and priced perfectly as well.

(901) 324-5805

Chicken Wings

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