LaRosa’s Pizzeria

9169 Kingston Pike
Cedar Bluff, 37923
Hands down the best pizza ever! Finally the Cincinnati favorite has made it to Knoxville!
Based on two carryout experiences, I think the management needs serious re-evaluation. The first time, the place was packed for dinner and the wait staff appeared to be doing their jobs. The checkout counter was another story. Two people behind the counter were out of their element and struggled with every aspect of their jobs. Management clearly did insufficient training to leave them on their own like that. The second time, the pre-lunch crowd was sparse, leaving several wait staff free to gossip around the hostess desk - something I've heard has happened there before. The person behind the counter was having a great deal of trouble with a multiple-payment order and had to ask for a manager's help. When the manager finally arrived, they too had trouble with the last part of the order. Finally completing it, they left without even acknowledging my lengthy presence. One waitress did tell me someone would be with me soon, but that was it. The pizza was good enough each time to earn them a second star.
DO NOT ORDER FOR DELIVERY I ordered over the phone and instead of talking to someone at the store it connected me to a call center. The woman on the other end was rude, slow, and seemingly untrained. Not only did the ordering process take far too long, instead of giving me a medium pizza like I had asked for, she gave me a personal size pizza. By time the food got to me (40 mins later) I was too annoyed to send it back. I'm very disappointed in La Rosas policy of using call centers rather than letting me speak to someone who knows the area and will be putting my order in for me.

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