The Loving Pie Company

2806 Columbine Pl
Berry Hill, 37204
4.5 What a happy discovery. I hadn't spent much time in Berry Hill and I had a friend in town who wanted to photograph some of the houses in the area. Being that I didn't have a camera or much interest in his project, I went on some exploring of my own. My handy dandy Yelp app let me know there was pie nearby and that's all I needed to know. After the cupcake, there's been some disagreement as to what was the new heir apparent in the world of 'it' desserts. Yes, an entirely first world problem but if you weren't in to first world problems, you probably wouldn't be on Yelp. The coastal cities chose pie but much of the rest of the country ignored them. Being a pie enthusiast, that decision confounded me but being unwilling to live on the coast (when it comes to being food forward, Miami doesn't count as coastal), what was I to do? And there it was: like a mirage in a food trend desert... Loving Pie Company. The business is set in one of the charming houses that dot this stretch of residential/commercial Berry Hill. If you didn't know what you were looking for, it would be easy to overlook it. That would be a mistake. I wandered in and began perusing the menu when I realized how close to close I was. I hate that. I hate walking in to a restaurant with an hour or less to go before close. Unless you have lived the life and worked the job, you don't know the struggle. After a long day, you want to go home. You've started to break down. Your mind is transitioning to personal life. And then... a party of eight comes in... with six minutes to go before you lock the damn door... and they want samples... and to sit in the dining area. Sorry. I had a flashback. In any case, I was about to show myself out when the owner (?) told me that I could get something to go if I wished. 1.) Awesome. 2.) So nice 3.) I always wish. With both savory and sweet from which to choose, I opted for sweet and a cup of coffee. The slight chill in the air (at the time I stopped by), my choices were clear: a slice of The Great Pumpkin pie and a to go cup of the Hotsy Totsy coffee. I came to the pumpkin pie bandwagon late in life. I blame canned pumpkin at Thanksgiving (much like canned yams, they will turn you off from the food forever). But, when a pie is made with fresh pumpkin, spices, chocolate (and, caramel?), watch out! This pie was so good, I had to sit down. Seriously. Walking around the little park in front of the business, I looked for a bench because my knees could not support me after my mouth demanded full use of my body. To help wash my baked awesomeness down, my bourbon caramel latte hit every spot and then some. It's a very good thing I don't live in Berry Hill. I'd be enormous. I need to come back to TLPC with more time to spend going over the menu. But maybe, for my waistline's sake, I should second guess that.
Dear loving pie company, I love you! The coconut custard pie was top notch. It reminded me of a macaroon. Prices were reasonable and service was super friendly. There was a dizzying array of choices and they all sounded better than the next. I think next time I'll try a savory treat.
When one of my coworkers mentioned the existence of a restaurant that serves NOTHING BUT PIE we all freaked out and had to go. Six of us made the trek on a Friday for lunch at The Loving Pie Company, and we were not disappointed. I almost squealed in delight as we pulled up to this adorable house-turned-pie-shop. It made me feel like I was stepping into a real-life Pushing Daisies Pie Hole. For lunch, I decided on their Mac & Cheese Pie, and it was AMAZING. It was served hot, personally sized for one, and absolutely delicious. I scraped the little bowl clean! (Decided not to include that photo, because gluttony.) It was just as good as the homemade baked mac I make at home, so it's tempting me to throw a pie crust over the top of my normal recipe, in little ramekins! For dessert, I took home their Chess Pie and Red Velvet Chess Pie. I've been on a buttermilk/chess pie kick for a while, for no reason in particular. Both were really good (the Red Velvet had a rich chocolate flavor) but I want to go back to try a fruit pie sometime. Heck, I want to come back and try a lot of things at this place. I will warn you, it's a slow-paced meal, not a dine and dash kind of joint. You need to sit down and savor and enjoy the pie. Because PIE.

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