Pearlz Oyster Bar

9 Magnolia Rd
West Ashley, 29407
To start off i must say I only tried oysters for the first time about 5 months ago. A girlfriend of mine asked me to meet here here for a GNO. I was excited because now in love with oysters! We got here and the staff was very friendly. I brought my 2 nieces with me and the waitress was outstanding. She was a pleasure to talk to. It wasnt just generic hi my name is annie and im your server today. She was completely involved. We had some great discussions and she was very informative about the menu. She also made great suggestions. My niece got the cheeseburger and the other got the chicken tacos(they were amazing! Very full of flavor, made us lick our fingers). My friend and i both got the house special oysters. Wow!! I couldnt believe what a deal it was for a wholed dozen oysters. One of mine came without an oyster and the manager came out and gave me a half dozen more! I wouldve never expected that. The food, staff, and establishment was great! Clean and great for families or GNO they have a separated bar and seating area which is really nice.
Great Service, Excellent Oysters, OK food. We were disappointed in our crab cake (very "mealy", due to far too much breading) and our oysters Rockefeller (again, too much breading. Can't rave enough about our server (Jenny?) and their fresh local oysters! Also they are dog-friendly which was great as well!
Probably one of the few who's not that impressed with pearlz. (The service was great). First off I didn't find the menu at all interesting. We ordered 2 fish stick kids meals. They were average, decent, typical acceptable price. My husband got the first cheeseburger on the menu. He liked it. He didn't like the chips, said they were over rated. As a matter of fact no one but me could tolerate the chips. I had the tacos. One shrimp, one mahi. The shrimp taco was heavy, the shrimp had a strange flavor. The mahi taco was better- still not light and fresh like I would expect or wanted and had the tiniest sliver of mahi that I've possibly ever seen..and both were packed w what I'd call, imo, an undesirable slaw. At this point I still prefer triangle bar across the street. We'll give it another try eventually. One other thing, it wasn't happy hour but I feel since it was lunch time they should have better lunch specials on a regular basis. They had "specials" but the prices were def NOT special. Just Wasn't feeling it.

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