Bonefish Grill

8703 Hwy 17 Byp S
Surfside, 29575
I have only visited this restaurant once and was not impressed. Yes the decor was nice, the ambiance golf-sheik, and the food palatable, albeit over priced as par for the beach, but overall all clean and inviting. What I did like was, the food was hot, semi-fair portioned, tasty and well presented. What I did not like was the tourists, the golfers, ( which tend to imbibe little much), and the outrageously expensive appetizers...ouch!!! You do realize the fish is NOT caught in our waters? Right you knew that? Most of it is frozen or bought or flown in from who knows where. That said, if you do want to eat fish and not at one of the tourist trap feeding basket buffets then but all means visit this establishment, after all the food is good but pricey for what you receive...Do Not order alcohol!!! I won't even divulge the price of domestic beer or a cocktail, that is unless you want to add another 30 - 100 dollars to your bill! I'm not kidding! If you must drink do it before you go or after you get back to the golf course,

(843) 215-4374


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