Beach Club

340 Tarpon Blvd
St Helena, 29920
If you're on Fripp and want a nicer than shorts and flip flops dinner and don't feel like driving all the way in to Beaufort, this is pretty much your only option. We typically end up making the drive to town. I've never seen the Beach Club full, much less bustling. On my most recent visit there were 4 tables total, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Yikes. As such, they don't keep a very deep menu: only a few options and it's all your typical bland country club stuff. Crab cakes, prime rib. chicken slathered in mushrooms, pasta primavera, etc. I understand that they can't get *too* crazy given the clientele, but jeez. There was absolutely nothing inspiring. The food tastes as bland as you'd expect. It's not bad, it's just not good. Thankfully, service is always good and drinks are strong and large. The setting is nice (for a country club feel) and you can't beat the location and ease if you're staying on the island.
I grew up going to this place every year during the summer and the food has actually gotten better over the years. The drinks are solid, service is well trained and the atmosphere (albeit a bit stuffy) is very eloquent and refined. For a special gathering, this place is a solid choice for families or couples. It's fine dining with a small island twist.
Meh... Food was ok. Service was slow even though they were not busy. Prices are very high considering level of service, quality of food, and condition of facilities. I feel that they are trying to be something they they are not. Would be better if prices were more reasonable, food was a little better, and it didn't feel as though the place was stuck in the nineties. Also they need more choices than fish, steak, or burgers.

(843) 838-1510

Southern, American (Traditional), Seafood

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