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Visit below restaurant in Warren for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Warren for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Ciel D.

    I love the warm, hand hewn look of the interior. The food is great, the service as well. A fav place to sit alone or with friends.

  • Buzz B.

    Such a cool spot. Great service. Small-town New England vibe. Very welcoming. The fish tacos are seriously addictive. Ever-changing unique beer list. warm friendly and a clean bathroom.

  • Katy W.

    We stumbled upon this place and were pleasantly surprised. Sitting outside at a table on the sidewalk gave us a view of the water down the street and allowed for some entertainment, watching cars and pedestrians pass by. I remember it being an antique store years ago and I feel like it has the same eclectic feel. The fish tacos I had for dinner were delicious and the six beers on tap offered a good selection. There were a lot of really yummy looking burgers and sandwiches on the menu so I will have to come back. Also I saw on their menu that they are renovating in July and I am excited that they will have french fries after that.

  • Hilary H.

    This was a fabulous find! After being too late for Saturday brunch at Sunnyside, we found our way to this cute, bright and totally welcoming little restaurant. Our super-friendly and cheery server was sweet as could be as she went over the menu with us - lots of reasonably priced seafood, sandwiches, and salads - and made us feel at home. The decor is lovely - Shaker meets Americana resulting in a very New England feel. The entire front is made up of windows, so you can see the world bustling by and soak in the sunshine. There's a long bar in the back, with open kitchen windows and high ceilings. The music was noticeably good, too. Now for the food: DELICIOUS. I had the fish tacos and these things were fresh, fresh, fresh. The panko breading on the fish was perfectly crispy and light, the cabbage was crunchy and sweet, and the chipotle sauce drizzled over everything was tangy, smoky with a nice touch of saltiness. They were absolutely blissful! I have not one complaint about Square Peg - everything about it was perfect and I can't wait to stop in again on my next visit to Warren!

  • Maryhelene T.

    The food was really good but the service is terrible. Our server spent 15 minutes yapping with another table while we waited for her to come back and take our payment. There were only two tables being used. Not very attentive. We eat out all the time and feel word of mouth is so important. We plan to share our experience and recommend friends not to come to SP. Sad but true.

  • Russell C.

    Was not impressed at all. Ordered the nachos. They were 100% made in a microwave. Chips were very chewy and soft. Cheese was only semi melted. The salsa was bland and that also came out of a can. A 5 year old could have made them... i wont be going back.

  • Gibbs R.

    This is a great place to take children. I ordered the fish tacos which were fantastic, and my wife had the chicken tacos. There is no children's menu and our kids do not eat a lot. In the future they will split a meal.

  • J D.

    Great new cozy restaurant that doesn't break the bank and has local gem potential. Finally.. a nice place where you can get a decent meal (sandwich/salad/soup) for under 10 dollars and affordable drinks! The place also attracts a nice crowd and the owners seem super cool and involved. I also went for breakfast a week back - and it was defiantly a step up from the local dinners.. I really rooting for this place and I hope it keeps some of the restaurants nearby on there toes and honest with their pricing.. Love the openness of it - where when you drive by and hit that stop sign - you cant help but look in - Good marketing. * I also heard that there is a bit drama on the fact that they don't a private parking lot (disclaimer on menu).. Seriously.. This isn't times square people.. park on a side road and hike it in.. Either way - Its worth the walk. Ill def be goin back :]

  • Jason J.

    Decent local fare in up-and-coming Warren. Food is fine but they need more options for kids. The only other issue we have is that the tables are too low for how high the chairs are. It's cramped for legs.

  • Dan L.

    it could be soo much more!

  • Jose D.

    This is a great place to stop in for lunch! Great burgers and a good craft beer list. I believe my burger was a special, because I can't find it on the menu now while writing this review, but it was a delicious Jalapeño Cheddar burger (pictured). Each burger comes with an abundance of fries, and they are really good too! Many place give out fries because they are mediocre and cheap, but the fries here are very enjoyable: perfect amount of salt and crisp. Prices are reasonable, generally $8-11 for most items. I would return to The Square Peg in a heartbeat.

  • J R.

    Great cozy neighborhood place; good food; great staff, fast service, very reasonable prices. Tried a bacon cheeseburger and the fish tacos.....along with the Banana Cream pie and coffee for dessert! We will be back! This is a great find! Keep up the great work Square Peg.

  • Mark S.

    I love this place. Often when heading out to eat in the summer I opt for a joint with a view. This place has zero view, but it doesn't matter. It's very casual and the menu is small, but everything is delicious. Things I've had which I liked: Tacos, both fish and chicken. Awesome. Grilled Reuben. Boom. House burger. Special sauce, forget about it. Falafel wrap. Rockin. We usually eat at the bar. They have a great beer selection on tap and make great drinks. Everyone is always friendly and on the ball. Water glasses refilled, everyone stepping in to help. Very refreshing after you see a lot of people at other restaurants hanging around,leaning, texting, being lazy. Can't wait to go back!

  • Chris J.

    Boy, I thought the beer was expensive. The scotch is pretty pricey as well. A reasonable pour of average scotch is $13.50. Still has a great beer selection though, a good crowd, and prompt service. But very pricey beers and scotch. Though their specialty cocktails are pretty cheap ($8). So a mixed bag overall.

  • Maximillian S.

    I was in the East Bay area to pickup a Craigslist purchase and I had made it so late in the day that I figured I might as well eat there instead of getting back to the NP area for a bite. This place was tucked right off of Main Street and has a really charming front area. There's minimal seating outside, but once inside it really has a lot of character. It is very softly lit, everything is very dark-grained wood. It is really beautiful. I sat at the bar just for ease and I was served very quickly. They had a nice selection on tap and a few more on bottle. The bar tenders were all quite kind and they had a semi-open kitchen setup where you could see most of what the cooks were doing, which is always a good sign. The food came out, in what felt like, record time. I got the Street Tacos which were really magnificent. I would say they probably used too much of whatever the sauce was because it was a little too drippy. The chips were pretty generic corn tortilla chips, but the salsa was pretty outstanding. I don't know if they purchase it from some other place, but it was really sweet while still maintaining a kick. What really sold me on this joint was the dessert. It's apparently home-made by the owners mother. She lives nearby, from what I was told, and just drops by the desserts regularly. Unbelievably good carrot cake. Blew my mind. In addition, the waitstaff was incredibly kind and attentive. I even got chased down outside the store to get my leftover carrot cake back to me by one of the waiters. Really great place.

  • Evan V.

    This little place on the East Bay is perfect for grabbing a nice bite or hanging out with clients over drinks. The mostly female staff has a personality that matches the aesthetic - real. Lots of wood and plenty of natural light, made possible by the wall of glass by the entrance, separate diners from the rest of the quaint downtown Warren community. Although nothing too out of the ordinary, they offer a decent rotating draft selection, within the Sam-Blue Moon-Guinness-Bass wheelhouse. Vegetarian highlights on their very-much-too-the-point menu feature a housemade hummus plate - which is tasty, albeit it a bit pricey at $9 with warm pita and veg - as well as a slightly above par veggie burger ($9.50). It is always a treat to have the option for rye bread, so I definitely advise taking them up on that tastebud-benefiting option. Despite the approximately $1.50 more per item than the prices should be, whenever I find myself in Warren, I feel like I'm on vacation somehow. And when you're "traveling" it's always worth it.

  • Scott V.

    the wife and went to the square peg last night for the first time. very bizzy and small. we sat at the bar, bartender was very nice as was all the staff we started with the homemade nachos, they were very good. the wife of course had a salad and I had the fish tacos. fish was cooked perfect. could have used a little more seasoning. my only compliant is that both dishes had cilantro in them and I hate cilantro. they should listed that on the menu.

  • Rod V.

    Stopped in with my family (9 of us) for lunch at this cozy neighborhood restaurant last week. Really excellent food - everyone enjoyed their meals - and great/friendly service. Highly recommend.

  • Carol W.

    We live within walking distance from the square peg, and it's nice to have a little neighborhood restaurant/bar to hang out at. I've been five or six times now, and it is mostly reliable for good food and good drinks. It's pretty small, so expect a crowd on a weekend night, but I've never had to wait very long. I've ordered the riverside reuben and the fish tacos here, and both are very good. Although I have had varying experiences with the tacos. I got them one night and they were so good I was raving about them to my husband. The next time he was with me he ordered them and they were not great. Pretty bland actually, so I guess it's hit or miss depending on who's in the kitchen? Most sandwiches here come with a side of chips & salsa. If I'm not mistaken, I believe the salsa is homemade? I might have made that up... but the salsa's really good. If you're not feeling the chips & salsa, don't worry, you can sub fries. The drinks are delicious, but the price will add up! For me, that's the only thing I don't love about the place... pricy drinks; even the beer, I think, is a bit overpriced. But they do make a yummy cocktail. Try the blue jay way. I've always had good service here, and the wait staff is friendly and attentive. All in all, it's a great neighborhood place that I enjoy hanging out at. Great place to meet up with friends.

  • Chris S.

    We started with the nachos, they were delicious fresh homemade chips and salsa. A bit too much salsa could of used a few more chips. Shared the fish tacos which were excellent, a nice fresh piece of fish perfectly fried. I realized the prices went up a few dollars each item but great quality and excellent service..we will be back next time we are in town.

  • John L.

    For the most part, the Square Peg sits solidly @ 4 stars. Any place that can get me to travel from Johnston to Warren just to have a fish taco earns an extra star in my book. OK, the place is small, but that adds to it's charm. The decor is early something, an eclectic collection of pictures ranging from the last supper to a fife and drum regiment from the revolutionary war. It has an industrial flair. It's a pretty cool place. Famous for fish tacos, it should be their signature dish. I've tried several of their menu items, I'm impressed with the above mentioned fish tacos, the riverside Reuben, the burgers and the home made salsa and chips. I would have to say the chille was only so so. They have a good selection of craft beer on tap. They probably have the best banana cream pie in Rhode Island, don't leave FOR home without it. Staff is friendly. It gets busy on a Friday and Saturday nite, but the tables tend to clear quickly so if you have to wait its not long.

  • Johny C.

    Yes I had fish tacos basically at brunch time. I had a frosty cold Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, too- what of it? I was on vacation, and it was a dazzlingly bright sunshiny day in the east bay, so what would you do? I tell ya what you'd do; you'd grab a sandwich or a burger at one of the most reasonably priced and comfortable pubs in this neck of the woods. My wife had the BBQ chicken quesadilla . Scrumptious.

  • Perry J.

    It pains me to write this mediocre review because I know the owner. First, let me say that they now serve french fries instead of chips (other reviewers complained that they got chips instead of fries because the restaurant didn't have a deep fryer). The Square Peg serves only sandwiches, salads and desserts. I've eaten there twice, shortly after they opened and just recently. The first time, the fish sandwich that I ordered was good but nothing special. There was nothing particularly gourmet about it, which you would expect since it was fairly expensive. Before I talk about the recent visit, let me say that all the sandwiches have gone up $2.00 or more in price, from $7.00 to $9.00-$11.00. For $9.00 to $11.00, I expected a really tasty sandwich, but I was disappointed. Not having had a falafel in years, I ordered one. The falafel came with sour pickles in it, and the pickles tasted all wrong. It's true that pickled vegetables are sometimes added to authentic falafels, but these were ordinary sour pickles, and they didn't mix well with the other flavors. Also, instead of tahini sauce, they used ordinary salad dressing (which made the sandwich taste even more sour, since there was vinegar in the dressing). The Square Peg would do well to stick to the normal recipe for falafels: fried chick pea balls in a pita pocket with lettuce, tomato and lots of tahini sauce. My friend got the chicken quesadilla. (My friend wasn't very hungry, so she gave me part of it.) It contained shredded chicken with cheese, with salsa and sour cream on the side. The top/bottom tortillas were soft (I prefer them fried), and the shredded chicken tasted fairly ordinary to me. The flavors weren't particularly Mexican, in my opinion, and there wasn't enough cheese. On a scale of 1 to 5, I'd give the quesadilla a 3. (My friend, however -- who has never eaten a quesadilla -- loved it.) Having tasted three sandwiches there and not loved any of them, I really have to say that the food isn't good enough for the prices they charge. For $9.00 to $11.00, you should get something really tasty, not something ordinary or "experimental". The ambiance was very nice -- informal and relaxed -- and the waiter was attentive and good to look at.

  • A Z.

    Nice little spot for a cheap, quick bite and some brews. We split some chili and nachos which were a decent treat. The meatball plate was fun though, for the carb-conscious (I know meatballs are made with breadcrumbs, ok). From what I heard next to me, the burger was pretty much the best ever. We visited around Christmas and they gave us a cute little jar of candied/spiced nuts, which was a charming little send-off. We sat at the bar and the bartenders were all great.

  • April P.

    We decided to go here based on the reviews of others. It was definitely not a disappointment. There weren't a ton of tables but then again it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon with lots of people out and about. We did get a table despite there being five of us. The initial wait for our server was a bit of a turn off but the food was great. I had the street tacos and they were very good and very filling. The price was very very reasonable and our order came out very quickly. I highly recommend visiting this gem. I know that we will be going back. I hear the chili calling my name.

  • Bill O.

    Really a pleasant surprise. When they first opened a few years back - it was a cute space but the menu was boring and "by the numbers." Turns out they were just getting their feet under them. They've added some more personality to the menu and continue to have great specials. The meatballs are great, the fish sandwich top notch and their tacos (fish or otherwise) are always tasty. Occasional good drink specials too - but their "rotating local craft brew" seems to get ignored - so that they seem to have the same selection for too long. Need to keep that fresh. Great spot for lunch - and another (more than) solid option in Warren. 3 1/2+ stars - I'll give them 4 because they are so damn friendly.

  • Rebecca D.

    The day we found the SquarePeg, it also happened to be the "Walk about Warren" event. What did this mean? Free popcorn fresh from a popcorn stand right outside the squarepeg. So that was the first reason we decided to try our hand at this place, rather than the place across the street. My boyfriend and I sat outside and soaked up the last of the summer sun, which was nice. the only downside was we couldnt enjoy a cold beer due to a policy banning alcohol outside of the building. Thats fine. It took a while to get server. We ended up having to go inside and letting them know that we were even there (probably waited 10 minutes without anyone coming to the table) Despite this, we enjoyed our lunch and continued with the walk about. I will say that once our food was dropped, our waitress did not come back out to check on us for a while (there could have been something wrong with my food order, and she would have never known about it...) A no no is server conduct. Despite this, I liked the open air feel of the place. I went inside to use the restroom, and the inside space looked modern and busy. Next time Im in Warren, I may try the place directly across the street, just to see a different side of things.

  • Justine D.

    Went here for lunch today. Had the fish tacos-best I've ever had. Proves that simple recipes and good quality basics can be better than too many bells & whistles. Nice flour wrap, good crunch to the cabbage, great flavor to the sauc, and nice thick,flaky slab of haddock. Cozy environment! BF had a Reuben -says it was really good & well made. Will definitely be back. And the waiter was really cute!

  • Liz T.

    This local dive is definitely not your ordinary square peg. When you walk in, it has this ambience of intimacy, and then you realize that all the locals know each other like this is Cheers or Dublin in the 1950s. They serve great beer with a simple, affordable menu. The service is insanely friendly and warm. On environment alone, I would go back for a nice, relaxing time. My issue w/ Square Peg is that the food is fairly mediocre. The fish wrap I got was good, but pretty much a home made mess of ingredients dripping off the plate. It was served with chips rather than french fries, and though tasty, nothing special. We also ordered nachos, which, paying extra money for guacamole, we imagined that it would be freshly made. But I think we were served tube guacamole from the fridge. This is something they should consider working on... or the guac should be less expensive (or not served at all). Overall, I really loved the community, service, and atmosphere here. If the quality of food were just a little bit higher, this place would be a total gem.

  • Jared P.

    Great quirky little place... mismatched furniture gives it a certain charm. Menu is on the smaller side but what it does offer is great. I got a French onion burger special and my gf got the steak sub and we split them. We love love LOVED them both. Eat here!

  • Jordan D.

    I'm not a local, but I venture to the East Bay often enough and usually when I look to dine out, I try to stick to seafood joints, as the seafood in Rhody and NE in general is just top notch. Once the gf and I chose Square Peg, I wasn't that hyped. Just looked like a small lunch spot down the block from the water. Turns out they whip up AMAZING fish tacos. Lightly battered haddock, shredded veggies, special sauce and a warm tortilla shell. I would even put their version above the more well know Blount Clam Shack a few blocks down. My gf opted for the haddock, but used it as a topper for her greek salad, which was equally delicious as well! Other notes: a really homey,chilled out vibe with old school Shaker type chairs and tables, a super friendly staff and a nice beer/wine list. The lady and I will definitely be back!

  • Alyson S.

    After a day at the vineyard a friend and I decided to stop in one of the towns on our way home. We found this little place right off of main street and determined it was exactly what we were looking for - lunch that was delicious but casual. We had a late lunch with a menu offering a variety of sandwiches, salads, burgers, and small plates. All items were extremely reasonably priced with the quality of the food being outstanding. The food was delectable which was evident when we polished off every last bite but also as fresh as it gets. The atmosphere was casual with tons of tables and a decor that truly had a new england vibe. The staff was a bit lacking as it was the change of shifts. We were able to order promptly and the food also came promptly but I never did get a drink refill. I would definitely stop back in for some lunch another day.

  • Sophie R.

    They try so hard at the Square Peg, but I have been disappointed both times. I decided to come back with an open mind and try it again but I was even more disappointed than the last time. The hummus plate with "grilled flat bread" was served with what could more accurately be described as a microwaved flour tortilla sliced into triangles. It was floppy and we had great difficulty spreading the hummus on it. It certainly was neither grilled nor flat bread. The restaurant is beautiful inside, so I'm sad that I haven't really been impressed with the food. For my entree I ordered a safe choice: veggie burger with all the fixin's. It came out wrapped in tinfoil, which was interesting, but the bun had been practically steamed from being in the foil and was overly sloppy to try and eat. The burger tasted good, but it's frustrating to eat something that's falling apart between bites. It was served with potato chips as they don't have a fryer to make french fries (and who doesn't love french fries?). The service was okay, but nothing special. At the bar I feel as though it took quite awhile to be acknowledged by the bartender. The service wasn't altogether very personal or attentive. I may try it again sometime, but I won't be hurrying back for sure. Perhaps this spot is hit or miss, and maybe next time I will try some different dishes.

  • Kathleen E.

    Want to try something relaxing quirky fun interesting yet fantastic food. Yes the hamburgers are excellent but the quesadillas are delicious. Soups are so tasty and the best fish taco ever. Small menu with big tasting meals. A must try

  • Britany D.

    My husband and I love this place. Every meal is under $10. I had amazing fish tacos and a glass of pino. My husband had the steak sandwich and a Sam Adams. The meals came with a salad on the side, which was just as good as the main meal. Then we stayed for coffee while we watched heavy rain pour into the streets. It was a very cozy, quaint environment. We will definitely be back for more.

  • Todd L.

    This place has been open for about a year in Warren. My wife and I went here for after dinner drinks on a recent Saturday night. The place was moderately busy and has a really good atmosphere. The place was totally re-modeled on the inside and it looks phenominal. I would really love this place in the winter time. We did have dessert. The bartender offered a Banana Creme Pie that his Grandmother made. She is in her 90s and she makes one pie a week for the restaurant. All I can say is HOLY SH*T! This pie is da bomb!!!! I will go back just for the pie. There is just something about pie's that grandmas make. I hope this place makes it!

  • S S.

    Had the steak and cheese sandwich that was good but average. The wife had the fish tacos and they were great. Nice comfortable spot to grab a quick bite.

  • Kay R.

    This is a whimsical little corner spot in historic Warren owned by Amy of "Amy's Place" on Wickenden Street in Providence. Similar to Amy's the menu is very breakfasty (for brunch at least), and the lunch and dinner menu are limited. Limited, but simple, yummy, AND inexpensive. I had a plain-jane grilled cheese made on crusty whole wheat bread, real cheddar cheese, and an added tomato served on a bed of salty thin potato chips and pickle in a woven (ie: not plastic) basket. My 2 dining companions had the falafel sandwich and warm spinach salad with chicken; both enjoyed their meal. The interior design of this place is what gets me - it is beautiful. Very simple with tons of wood, but despite the abundance of hard surfaces, it feels so warm and inviting. The welcoming staff only sweeten that whole 'quaint and warm' vibe. Three entrees, an app, with 4 glasses of (nice) wine, 2 beers and not-stingy tip? $80. Not too steep at all! I can't say that I would run back for dinner soon - as the menu is so simple and I usually like something a little more creative by dinner time - but the bar and brunch menu will create repeat business with me!

  • Victoria R.

    I've been trying to find vegetarian corned beef for the last few years since I stopped eating meat. The square peg has solved that problem for me: a Reuben sandwich with crispy fish. Perfect. The fish tacos and nachos were amazing as well. They have especially yummy salsa. The restaurant has a good family atmosphere and the food came out pretty quickly, especially since the entire restaurant was full.

  • Kelly P.

    I live locally but had never visited Square Peg so I dropped in for lunch on a Friday. On the plus side, the pub style atmosphere is very casual and cool, complete with mismatched dining chairs and lots of wood. Price-wise, it is one of the more reasonable options in the Warren waterfront area. I found the service to be good and efficient. As for food, I had a special on the menu called Korean BBQ tacos. It was well-seasoned and had lots of flavor, but it was quite dry, like it had been cooked and sliced on another day, then reheated. Haven't had anything else, so I'm willing to give it another try someday.

  • Jean F.

    Love the ambiance! I could've stayed here all day and enjoyed a book or just people watch. The food and service as okay, not amazing, not bad. I got a special sandwich and again, not bad but nothing over the top amazing. If I had more time (it was a mid week escape from work lunch date with myself) I would've enjoyed the time but since I was in a rush I wasn't a fan of the less than speedy service. I'm looking forward to going back when I have more time and hope this adorable little spot does well!

  • Thommee H.

    For it's genre, inexpensive bar food (well, OK, except for the fact that they serve breakfast/brunch food too), Square Peg is top notch. My kids got the pancakes and BLT's, my wife the falafel, and I tried the reuben. I was impressed by the quality of the ingredients. The vegetables were all crisp in fresh (bibb and romaine lettuces, tomatoes, onions, etc.). The falafels were moist, well seasoned, and delicious. The kalamata olives in the falafel were also a nice touch. The Russian dressing in my Reuben was fantastic, a rich, sweet, creamy complement to the tang of the sauerkraut, without being heavy or oily. And the breads were all high quality, from my marbled rye to my kids white sandwich bread-- definitely not cheapo grocery store quality white bread. I'd like to give them 5 stars, but can't for some minor quibbles. The falafel was made with a regular wrap/flour tortilla. Pita bread, Syrian bread, or some other Middle Eastern bread would've been better. The falafels were on the small side. And the pancakes were only OK; nothing bad, but nothing special either. Still, for the overall quality of the food and price, you can't beat it. We'll definitely be back.

  • Jen C.

    This restaurant looks so cozy from the outside, it's located on Water street which has a lot of amazing food selections for such a small street. The decor is cool but the meny selections? not so much. There were three different salads, two burgers and 2 other nothing special sandwiches. I was expecting a little more high end options, but sort of just had slightly better than chain restaurant options. I got the burger and a side caesar. The croutons on the salad were definitely homemade and really yummy. I might try this place again if I'm just craving a burger and don't feel like driving far. But it isn't in my top places to go in town. The saving grace for the night was the apple brownie. I wasn't sure how that was going to be, but it really melted in your mouth, had a deep brownsugary carmalized flavor and was a spot on texture of a brownie. (If this was on the menu everyday I probably WOULD go there more often). The desserts change daily, so you never know what they're gonna have.

  • G L.

    This place is great. Everything on the menu is fresh and under ten dollars, the fish tacos are the best around and their daily specials are creative and local. They have an extensive beer and wine list, and the atmosphere is cozy and unique.

  • Maryanne A.

    Great local pub, the menu is way too limited. I think they would do really well if they only spiffed up the menu with more choices and fresh food. If you sit at one of the tables, it is uncomfortable at best. I love sitting at the bar and having a relaxing bite to eat for a very casual night out.

  • Calvin S.

    Terrific gem of a lunch spot in Warren owned by Amy of Amy's pLace on Wickendon Street in Providence. The food is great and the prices are very reasonable. I almost always have the special and have never been disappointed. The ambiance is cozy with lots of warm wood and full windows flood the dining room with light. If you are lucky the window seats will be available. Check the drawer in the table for crayons and construction paper to entertain children. It is the kind of place you could spend the afternoon with a good book or a great friend. The staff is friendly and as an added bonus remember their repeat clients. It is billed as Lunch and Dinner but the dinner menu is lacking entres. They do serve breakfast as well but they don't open until 11:00am. I highly recommend Square Peg for Lunch and perhaps a beer or some wine after work.

  • Kate B.

    We just moved to Warren and are delighted to live within walking distance of this great cozy restaurant that is off Water Street in Warren. We've only stopped in once, for a late lunch mid-week, but had a nice, relaxing meal. We sat at one of the tables near the front, bright,, open, and with lots of natural light during the day, yet it still feels cozy with all of the warm wood and distressed painted tables and chairs. The boyfriend had a great Malbec with a big juicy cheeseburger. I am a gluten-free girl, there wasn't a GFree menu, but when I mentioned my gluten intolerance, I was told by the server that she had some gluten free bread in the back. I was thrilled and enjoyed a yummy grilled cheese sandwich. Looking forward to going back at night, I drive by it every evening and it looks kind of magical inside. My only complaint is that they do not have a full liquor license, just beer and wine. Otherwise, five stars!


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Opening Hours

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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Square Peg

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