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  • Adrienne M.

    I only just moved back to North Kingstown about a week ago and already have stopped off here 3 times. I love the "serve yourself" set-up at frozen yogurt shops. Also, when they have a wide majority of flavors and toppings to pick from. This place has both. You walk in and they hand you a bunch of little tiny cups to go wild with the tasting. Then pick a container of your choice to fill with delicious yogurt, (I've gotten hooked on their current flavors; Birthday Cake and Peanut Butter), and go nuts with toppings. Delicious and decently priced. Only downfall - all three times I have gone, the yogurt was a tad melty attempting to keep up with the crowd of people constantly cranking it out of the machine. So, a tad difficult to taste in such a tiny cup - still good though.

  • Jerry J.

    Great chill place to hangout. I bet it will be crowded in the summer. I gave it 4 stars because they didnt have a lot of sorbet choices. Lol i am repeat customer here though. I live around the corner so its a great after dinner snack. They cater to mostly hipster college kids and older residents but the atmospere is very relaxed. They always have a good vibe going with the music too. You have to check it out!

  • Luz N.

    I have had better. Not a bad place to hangout and eat yogurt. However most of the flavors are non fat or low fat and have a weird taste.

  • Jake L.

    I am a froyo enthusiast ansni have to say I was very impressed with the interior of fireside froyo. It had a very sophisticated look with the leather chaira, fire okace and hardwood floors. It also had a fuseball table and a flat screen tv for the consumers enjoyment. When it came to the froyo flavors, it had all the basics and a few wild cards, such as rootbeer float. As for toppings, they were all basic except for jellybeans which I havent seen before. All in all a nice little joint to cool off during the hot summer days in southern ri.

  • Katelin T.

    Im from new york, visiting RI to see my aunt. Nice looking place. The frozen yogurt is much better in NY. Im actually surprised people say its really good. I got chocolate and cookies and cream which i didnt even bother to sample because i thought "theyre standard flavors, it'll taste fine". Maybe for a Rhode Islander's taste it's good. Its most likely just me


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  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free

Fireside Froyo

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