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Visit below restaurant in Exeter for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Exeter for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Matthew M.

    As far as my family is concerned, this place is a hidden treasure. We went for lunch on a Tuesday (very few customers). The service was prompt, friendly, and professional. The food was very good. I had a fried-cod sandwich, which was crispy outside and soft and buttery inside. My father-in-law had fish and chips (basically the same meal but without a bun). My daughter had grilled cheese, which was very good--grated cheese on artisan bread. My son had BBQ chicken, which was tasty if a bit generic. Overall the food was fresh, used many local ingredients, and was thoughtfully cooked. We'll definitely go back. A note about how I rate: It seems to me that people mean very different things by the stars they give in a review. Here's what I mean: 5 stars means that a place is exceptional in some way, special even among very good peers; 4 stars means that the place is very good in every relevant category but not outstanding or exceptional; 3 stars means adequate--a place I would go to again but not great; 2 stars means unacceptable--a place I would not go again because it is seriously deficient in some way; 1 star is horrible, that the place was not only unacceptable in some way but that it was exceptionally, unforgivably bad. In every case my rating is comparing the place reviewed to similar places-- thus an outstanding diner gets a 5 even though on an absolute scale its food might not be as good as that at a gourmet restaurant.

  • Bob B.

    This restaurant from outside appears to be no more than a strip mall eatery that would never turn into a destination , but guess what you would be wrong. This is one of best in RI. Food is outstanding ,drinks are great, try it.

  • Grub S.

    I went today for the Breakfast/Brunch and was completely satisfied. The first thing I had was a Bloody Mary and it was done with chipotle and some well managed heat levels. Breakfast came quick after decisions were made - the options are all intriguing. The Pork Holly omelette had plenty of flavor, due in part to smoked bacon, chorizo, and pork belly, but there wasn't the usual imbalance of texture and flavor that normally accompanies such a carnivorous delight. Home fries were on the basic side - which usually is a letdown, but they were cooked perfectly and they had just the right amount of crispy crunch to quell any home fry cynicism. I'm definitely going back.

  • Angela M.

    Another great meal. We are in the area for the Regional 1 Soccer Championship and recommended our group eat at Celestial Cafe. Katey and the crew did not disappoint us. EVERYTHING we ate was OUTSTANDING... The jambalaya, the Brie, scallops, crab cake, the BLT, carrot cake, bread pudding and more. Definitely a place you need to visit.

  • J V.

    Had another wonderful meal with great service. Matt, our server, was prompt, attentive, and very helpful. We started with the oysters which were very tasty. For the entrée, my husband had the flounder special. Now my husband is extremely particular--he is health conscious , so always makes special requests. No salt, oil not butter, etc. He loved his meal! He told Matt (and the hostess as we left), to put it on the regular menu. I had the flounder tacos. All I can say is YUM! This is my new favorite. For dessert we split the banana bread pudding. So good!!! Lovelovelove this restaurant!

  • Catherine F.

    Although the menu changes seasonally, can't help but love any place that includes Baked Brie! And Celestial's is very good! Nice menu selections with some surprising choices, think Americana with an oriental, creole, and Italian twist . My boss is originally from New Orleans and was impressed with the Royal St. Jambalaya . Celestial's serves dinner, lunch (hard to find a decent business lunch place in this here part of the woods), and brunch on Sundays. On all occasions, I've been very happy with selections and service. My biggest complaint with Celestial is cleanliness. On a recent lunch visit, our shoes stuck to the carpet and made a strange squelching noise (ew) walking from the lobby to our table. Also, all three times I've visited, someone in my party had a dirty plate, mug (with a nice pink lipstick imprint--true, petroleum based so it won't some off in the dishwasher), or flatware--big turn off. But I have lots of friends who love and swear by this restaurant so, maybe I'm just being picky. The menu is available on DiningQuest.com

  • Vincent F.

    Enjoyed our 2nd Easter brunch at the Celestial Cafe. The staff and their creations were excellent and we look forward to going back when we can.

  • Michael G.

    Went to the July Farm Dinner on Friday night. Arrived at 7pm and it was a little busier than last time. Took the parents along as well. Another great Farm DInner. Our only complaint would be that my wife had vegetable skewers as part of her course and one was pretty burnt which she handed back. They brought her another one but that one was hardly cooked at all. Other than that we had a great time. A mixed drink was also offered this time with the Farm Dinner. A house-made limoncello with some bourbon and seltzer. Tasted great! Will be coming back for more!

  • Brian W.

    Thai Chicken pizza was delicious. Excellent Craft beer selection, friendly staff. Wasn't expecting much but excellent experience here.

  • Taylor B.

    I was in the middle of nowhere Exeter when my cousin and I came upon this place. It's definitely a godsend for picky eaters like me if you're down there. They use a bunch of local ingredients from the local farms in the surrounding area and state. We started with the Baked Brie w/ Berries served with in house tortilla chips and the Pesto Calamari. Both tasted delicious BUT: Brie could have been baked longer, more fruit, and tortilla chips weren't fried long enough. The Pesto Calamari was a little too sweet and soggy for my liking but my cousin enjoyed it. I ordered a Southwest Salad for my entree w/ blackened Shrimp (very good suggestion by the waitress) which wasn't on the menu. My biggest complaint here would be the avocado. PLEASE, don't use unripe avocado, it can make or break a meal. I will be back at a more convenient time for them to earn that fifth star ;)

  • Marilee C.

    I want to give more stars to this restaurant. It has so much potential! A group of 10 went for lunch on Sunday, and we had the option of breakfast or lunch menus. This was great for our group. In looking at the menu, they source a lot of their food locally. The real standouts were the calamari, the berry french toast, the berry mojito, the penne pasta with Alfredo sauce, and the "hot chips." The citrus calamari is some of the best I've had in a long time. Light and crispy with the unexpected, but delicious, addition of artichokes and roasted red peppers. The hot chips are freshly fried potato chips that come in their own basket. I would not recommend the cranberry pear salad. Best described as waterlogged and tasteless. I would also warn against the bananas foster chocolate bread pudding. They are individually made and mine was overcooked. Also, the ice cream seems to be homemade and was way too hard (this was true for all of the ice cream at the table). All in all, I would have rated four stars for the food and the service, but I had to deduct a star for the flies. Seriously! There were three or four flies around our table (not outside and no open doors or windows) that would not leave us alone. No one was doing anything about them either, so I get the feeling this is common or they don't care. Either makes me hesitant to recommend this restaurant to others.

  • Jen N.

    The food was good. The service from start to finish ruined the experience! We had a reservation for 7:30 and never got seated until after 7:45. Didn't meet our server for quite a while. Took 20 mins to get drinks. 45 mins to get water. Slowest most uncaring server I have had in forever! Personally my steak was undercooked and just barely warm when I got it (after waiting an eternity for it to arrive), so I reluctantly sent it back and the waitress was so rude I couldn't believe it! All 5 of us had had empty drinks in front of us for at least 15 mins when our entrées were brought out. One of the gentleman I was with actually had to ask if we could get refills on our drinks. There was a male server working near us. He seemed to be moving and motivated. Maybe if we had him this review would be different. I know we wouldn't return and wouldn't recommend this place at all! I also want to say that we were all fully aware that they use fresh local ingredients and everything is prepared to order. We were prepared for our food to take a little longer than it might normally take at a different restaurant. This was not the problem. The problem was the front of house. Both the hostess and server (I believe her name is Jen) were cold, rude and inattentive. They will continue to lose business if the customer service issue isn't addressed!

  • Doreen C.

    Just love this place. Homemade chips ate amazing. Baked Brie OMG. Ordered a cappuccino. They waitress has no clue what so ever what she is doing. 15 mins for a coffee. Only 4 people In the place.

  • Jose D.

    A hidden gem! Don't let the exterior deceive you, this restaurant is excellent! We came for a late lunch. I ordered the New Orleans Stacked Burger (pictured) and my wife got a Chicken Parmesan sandwich. I was very impressed with my burger, and while I initially thought the $14 price seemed a little steep in relation to other items on the menu, it was delicious and I would order it again without hesitation. Most of the sandwiches were priced between $9-$10. $14 was standard for their two specialty burgers. Craft beers on draft were $6.25. Considering its in Exeter, it's likely a little out of your way, but it's worth the trip! I am eager to return to check out their dinner menu as well as their "farm dinner."

  • Stacy D.

    Food is very salty and some combinations just don't work. It had potential.

  • Oscar D.

    Insanely awesome farm to table fare, highly recommend the Chowdah. Awesome service and extremely friendly staff!!

  • David D.

    Celestial Cafe is one of the best restaurants in South County. It is remarkable not only for its food, but for speed and flexibility of the cooking staff in preparing it. Many restaurants have large menus composed of dishes that sound delicious, but have one item you can't stand. The chefs at Celestial take such changes in stride. The waitstaff will often suggest alternatives as substitutes. So you don't just remove items from a dish, the chefs will substitute items and the waitstaff will recommend changes to you upon request. The food is swiftly prepared even when the place is hopping. I have had a complex breakfast prepared just for me in a small area just off the bar while an entire baby shower group was filling the main dining hall having lunch. No unreasonable delays, no excuses, just simple timely service. Celestial does a Saturday brunch with a wonderful selection backed by local organic produce. My personal favorite is working my way down the list of amazing French Toast recipes. You can find everything from coconut rum to a homemade strawberry/blueberry compote that was so delicious I wanted to lick the plate. I have trouble prying my friends away from shrimp seafood omelettes. Celestial is handicap accessible, the waitstaff is courteous, friendly, and very professional. Brandon, one of the owners and the head chef often visits the patrons to check on their dining experience. Celestial also has a large well-stocked bar, and the Saturday night dinner crowd will find a happy place with a pleasant atmosphere. And if you get the chance, try the chips - homemade and warm with their special sauce. They are served any time of day. I don't believe in giving a five star review for a place I've only eaten in once. Celestial earns it every time I go there - and I go a lot.

  • John G.

    This is the best place in south county to eat. Bar none. All the ingredients are locally sourced, professionally prepared, and absolutely delicious. Service had always been good the six times I've been. The brunch is the best brunch I've had in the southern part of the state. I figured you'd have to travel to providence to have a breakfast that held a candle to theirs. The prices are a tad high, but that probably reflects the quality and the high cost of local ingredients. Try it at least twice. Once for din din, and once for Sunday brunch. If I'm wrong you can kick me in the junk.

  • Patricia K.

    Just got back from New Years Eve dining. We must have been the last seating as the restaurant was almost empty when we left. I had been there before but it was my husband's first time at the restaurant. Tonight I would say that the food was 4* but the service 2*. We started with the seared ahi appetizer. It was just ok. My husband remarked that we have gotten better from a chain steak restaurant that we like. Our entrees, the Thai shrimp with noodles and shrimp/scallop piccata were both excellent. We finished off our meal with a shared banana bread foster. My husband was pleasantly surprised that, though sweet, the gelato kept the dish from being overly cloying. The biggest disappointment of the evening was our server. I don't recall her name but she would stop by maybe every 15 minutes. We were seated for quite a while before she stopped by the first time. My husband commented on it right away but I suggested giving her some slack as it was a busy evening. I had finished my drink before our entrees arrived but was never given the chance to order another until I was finished with my meal. My husband's water glass was empty for 20 minutes before we saw her and could ask for more. Even when the restaurant was almost empty and she didn't appear to have any other tables she didn't stop by. The food here is very good and we will definitely be back as it is a gem in the "backwoods" of Exeter but I hope I never get the same server again.

  • Krystle L.

    Food was great. All local ingredients used. Back of the house was great. Their front of the house however, absolutely TERRIBLE! Server was unattentive, unprofessional, worst customer service i have ever had! Took 10 min to get water, which only my boyfriend received his, i had to wait for her to refill the pitcher. Never Received REFILLS! I sat there for 20 min without a drink. I then asked for the check, I had enough. They need to rethink their servers!!

  • Hannah B.

    Plain and simple- food was amazing, service was horrible. We made reservations and they did not acknowledge them or have table set up. We waited about 45 from walking in the door until we were served water. The lady that seated us ( I'm assuming owner) was not very pleasant or was our waitress. Our waitress is really what made the experience so poor. She seemed to ignore us, never asked us what we needed and was simply rude. Our steak was way undercooked and when asked to have it cooked longer she was again very rude about it. There was a male waiter who seemed to be way more helpful. Overall whole dinner experience took about 2.5 hour and that was with us ordering and eating fairly quickly. Food was great, high priced, and simply not worth it due to the service.

  • Peggy O.

    Disappointed ! No sooner ordered our meals and they were served! We both said this CAN'T be ours! My pasta carbonnaba was loaded with cream( unlike the last time) and hubby's jumbalya had stripps of anduille sausage was tasteless! Something has chnged! This place use to be great!

  • McCrory G.

    This is definitely a hidden gem. We live 2 miles away but never think to go towards Exeter. Amazing food. Everything I have tried has been amazing. One of my top fave restaurants in The area and RI!

  • Marilyn E.

    We've been here several times and it's always amazing. Today we had the baby back ribs made with an incredible braised tomato bar-b-q sauce and an awesome eggplant dish over pasta. Chef Brandon ( who has been invited to be on "Chopped" and definitely deserves the recognition-- hope he wins!) surprised us with a special battered asparagus starter. We didn't have room for the strawberry cheesecake flan with homemade ice cream but that leaves more to look forward too next time! Can't wait

  • Emma N.

    Something's changed. New chef? Different food vendor? No idea what but something is different. Food has not been as good our last two visits and we probably won't try again. Risotto was dry and lacked flavor. Salad has far too much honey and hardly any other dressing. Molten lava cake was cold and had a salty or baking side after taste. Ice cream lacked flavor. All and all a very unsatisfying meal from a place we once loved and praised for its outrageously good food.

  • Timothy S.

    This place is the engine that could... they make every effort to make you feel comfortable and local... yet then they serve you like you're in Manhattan. Great food... Make the effort to visit.

  • Karen V.

    I dined at the Celestial cafe on Sat evening Jan 4. The restaurant was busy at 7 in spite of the cold and snow. We were seated immediately with reservations. We placed an order for 2 cocktails with our server,it took forever to get our drinks. I ordered the Bloody Mary martini which I had enjoyed on a previous date,however this one was awful,watery and bland. The appetizer was delish however I highly recommend the baked Brie. Our entrees were the Eggplant tower( which does not stand up it lies down) and the Thai peanut shrimp. The eggplant was interesting but it just seemed to be an odd combo of tastes and textures. The peanut shrimp was ok,ample amount of shrimp over pad Thai noodles covered in an overwhelming peanut sauce. When we were asked if we wanted any of our left overs wrapped we declined because neither of us cared for our dishes . Our server scowled and scooted off. She returned with the check,plunked it down on the table and walked away. We were never asked if we wanted dessert or coffee. I have never been in a high end restaurant that neglected to ask about coffee and or dessert. I am in no hurry to return to the Celestial cafe.

  • Gail P.

    Went here for the first time after a funeral, they handled the large crowd very well and the food was amazing. Everything fresh and hot. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

  • Jen W.

    the food was phenomenal and the service excellent. and nice to know we were supporting local farmers as we ate!!

  • Stephanie M.

    Wow. I've been driving past this place for years, and I never expected that it was this good. I'm kicking myself for having not tried it before. The menu is quite large, with a focus on local, fresh ingredients without being pretentious about it. It's also nicely adventurous without being over-the-top - I'd recommend it highly for a mixed group of brave eaters and the not-so-brave. I had a peach marsala - chicken marsala with, I'm guessing, a peach liqueur instead of marsala wine, bamboo shoots, snow peas, and mushrooms. It was very good, and a tasty twist on a classic. My friend had the local seafood risotto, which was hands-down the standout, though. The seafood was very fresh, with sweet scallops and shrimp. (The scallops alone were worth the price.) The risotto was perfectly done, rich, smooth, and buttery. The service was also very good, attentive and fast. It's a dim little place, but there are lights over the tables, letting you see both the excellent food and your tablemates, while creating a marvelous sense of intimacy, like floating in little bubbles of light.

  • John J L.

    I figure enough people have yelped about this place and having hit their tenth anniversary last year, it's no secret so I won't be 'outing' it anymore than it already is! First off, let me say that fine dining in South County is a somewhat uncommon phenomenon. Having a place to go that charges, imho, fair prices for local, fresh ingredients assembled with skill already has my attention. It's in a strip mall! Does this really matter at all? Oak Harbor Village as it's called, is perhaps Exeter's only 'go to' one-stop in the county with a Mobil gas station and a DD among other businesses and frankly, it's fairly new and nice looking for what it is. Some of us are old enough to recall our trepidatious wanderings into a somewhat 'sketchy' looking place up the road from here called 'The Exeter Mall'! It was about the size of a Home Depot storage shed, befit with rifle-racked monster trucks and adorned on any given day with camo-suited, Cat diesel capped 'dudes' enshrouded in blueish-white clouds of burnt rubber. Ok, I digress. I sincerely heart Exeter, I really do! I jump at any chance to visit this woodsy county more than my own! My first experience here was a chance meeting of friends at dinnertime making our visit a mini party. They went on and on about how Celestial is their go-to place and for many of us locals, a small effort to escape the plethora of NY, NJ, MA, and CT tourists! We shared apps like the sweet potato wontons and the asparagus fritters which we all certified as officially 'yummy'. Our entrees were also fantastic: a cod fillet was ordered that my scientist/professor friend conversed with the head chef over it's origins and sustainability (she's like that, but for all the right reasons). She was pleased to hear that Celestial can respond to almost any inquiry about the origins of their animals and produce (something you see on their menu and elsewhere in the restaurant). For me, that meant an ultra rare, super indulgent bonafide burger on our next visit-a mushroom swiss! Most of these types of dishes come with almost no-salt, house-made potato chips which I found pleasant enough, but not high on my list; they do offer sweet potato fries which I would gladly order at other places offering the option so maybe a sub next time. My wife is nuts for this cocktail they make called a 'Mary-tini' or something like that. It's a combo of a bloody mary and a martini with spicy vodka. I ordered a German Riesling that just blew me away-really nice! Dessert was an enormous chocolate bread pudding that's become a favorite and nice to see as a year-round menu item! So, if you're reading this review and you're visiting for the Summer-don't trouble yourself driving all that way out to a strip mall in the woods-its so dark and full of mosquitos, and there's all these lifted pickup trucks and vacant stares...you don't know what could happen!! ;) An addendum: Over the course of the Summer's repeat visits, I have to say we've found the food to be on the heavy side. It's not a deal breaker, but you have to plan on dining here as a special event rather than your regular eatery-that's gourmet food so I'm not disappointed at all. Another factor that tilts my decision tree to one side is the noise factor. Celestial has lots of hard surfaces and windows that bounce the voices of rambunctious diners all over the space, especially when bookended by the tables for eight in the main dining area. One silver lining: waitperson Tori! She's 'True South County'...us locals know what that means!

  • Michelle R.

    I went to Celestial Cafe last night and got the Eggplant Towers. It was amazing. The eggplant is perfectly fried and the ravioli is perfectly cheesy. I don't know what the sauce on it is but I could drink it. The three other people I were with were equally satisfied with there meals. A+ meal

  • Dameon H.

    Best food ever!!! I would of put up a picture but I ate my food too fast because it was so good. One of my new favorite places guaranteed.

  • Brendan H.

    Awesomeness! Unfortunately or fortunately you can tell when chef Brendan is in the house. Creative menu and complete execution make this a great place to sample as many dishes as you can. I suggest going with a few friends and trying a bunch of apps. Great local foods-beef, shell fish, and veggies! I highly suggest the the beef satay app.

  • Kate O.

    Tried to eat at the celestial cafe for lunch.. 10 am on a Sunday.. The restaurant was completely empty. The hostess told us she could not seat or serve us because there was another party coming at 12:30.. I do not think it would have taken us two hours to eat lunch. Our party of 6 left and not one of us will ever try and go to the celestial cafe again. Poor service.

  • Erika S.

    We went to this place last week, the food was OK , nice bar the service wasn't as professional, but they tried their best. I would go again and sit at the bar. Yeah give it a try...

  • Rebecca D.

    Always excellent. Plus, they use lots of local produce & other ingredients.

  • Dave L.

    Upping them to 4 stars. Having been back a few times in recent weeks for light meals at the bar and drinks, the additional star reflects the consistently yummy food, and a vast improvement in bartenders. The last few times in, we've had the pleasure of being taken care of by Tori, who was sweet, knowledgeable and fun. She makes us feel welcome, which is a huge change from that grumpy one that used to tend bar. Kudos to you Celestial! Keep it up.

  • Jennifer G.

    I started with the sweet potato won tons --- OMG! they were such tasty goodness. A must try! I ordered the veggie peanut thai dish, extra spicy. The veggies were beautiful, fresh. The spice level was perfection. The only downside is that the dish was DROWNING in sauce. I would recommend anyone going here for any dish ask for light sauce with extra on the side.

  • Orange Gina H.

    Amazing food...they make roasted brussel sprouts and the best calamari ever! This chef should rocking NYC or SF but chooses to share his culinary talent in little rhody!

  • Jen G.

    Ok food, slow mediocre service. Food did not overcome the pain of the service however. Won't be rushing back.

  • Des D.

    Very good lunch spot. I was staying too far away to try them for dinner every night that I was in town, but now I have my go-to restaurant in Exeter! I was in town with a coworker for some training and after the trainer gave the typical lunch options - "thairs a Sobway, you pass a peetezah pahlah are two, chineese. yawr lunch hour is yaws" (she's from New Hampshire), we ended up stopping in here. My training partner commented, "Ahm not sure about the naime, man," (he's from Texas). But we stopped in anyway. He had one of the burgers, but I don't recall which one as I was too busy enjoying their "Nana's Grilled Chicken" sandwich - grilled chicken, sweet red pepper pesto, mozzarella, mixed greens, and a balsamic reduction all piled onto a roll and just right for lunch. That was Tuesday. We headed back on Wednesday. And Thursday. (lunch and dinner) Each day we had something different - fish specials, soups, apps - we couldn't get enough of the food, you see. I particularly like the rabbit appetizer, the name of which escapes me, but the taste doesn't. The Celestial Cafe may be a bit more expensive than the other "ahfahrings in the genrel areah" but it's "werth evry dahm, man, werth evry dahm..."

  • K B.

    Thought we would try breakfast again after a not so good experience a year or so ago. We were the first to arrive.The waitress seated us and we ordered coffee .They hadn't made it yet. So we waited and waited. We watched as tables around us(who arrived after us) were served coffee. As the waitress walked by we asked again for coffee.They served yet another table.Others were getting refills! We we finally served coffee 25 minutes after arriving! It's breakfast!! Wouldn't you have coffee brewing before customers arrived? Others had their breakfast before we had our coffee! Again, it's breakfast! I shouldn't have to beg for coffee or refills. Someone should be walking around with a pot refilling empty cups instead of hanging out at the hostess stand! We won't be back. It would have been quicker to run across the parking lot to Dunkin Donuts to get coffee!

  • Jennifer W.

    Drinks? You bet. Food? Not so much. This place is good for getting together as a group around the bar and they have a great mango martini home made that is just the right after-work drink. Really nice gathering area since they opened the new bar wing on the right side of the restaurant. Their finger food is decent (try the hummus pizza) if you're sitting around the bar. I've come here for lunch a number of times and have been pretty disappointed. I have had a decent meal or two, but it's just too inconsistent week after week. This being one of the only sit down restaurants for business lunches for miles, this would have been a great convenient place to come.

  • Seth G.

    Excellent dining. The ingredients were local and amazingly fresh. You can't go wrong eating here.

  • Rich T.

    Great innovative menu, loved the fried brussell sprouts appetizer. We had a full dinner, peach marsala chicken, with an asian twist and chicken picatta, Wife loved her bananas foster dessert and my key lime pie was light and tasty. Service was excellent,,,, very prompt and helpful. Liked fact that check was payment were processed in timely manner,,, A pet pieve of mine Liked open kitchen concept, gives sense of cleanliness. Didn't like the fact that we could hear the televisions in bar area from our table in the main dining room though. Also a little turned off by seeing bathroom cleaning tools and supplies in restroom. Excellent bar area though to meet friends in this out of way area, Wife gives restuarant five stars....

  • Sally M.

    What a great meal we just had! My husband and I went for the "Local Farm Dinner" priced reasonably at $35/person, which included a glass of local wine or beer. The menu was truly unique and everything was absolutely delicious. Each portion was just right...just enough to enjoy the exquisite favors without feeling too full. We started with an amaretto pumpkin bisque which was served in a roasted pumpkin shell. That was followed by a light apple, carrot and cheddar salad. The Brussels sprouts came next and they were the best I've ever had. The main course was a Cajun spiced layered combo of beans, corn, tomatoes, greens and pork. This was also offered with shiitake mushrooms substituted for the pork as a vegetarian alternative, but we both went for the pork. Dessert was a small cupcake-sized flourless chocolate cake with a molten center served with whipped cream....heavenly. The service was excellent with each of the 5 courses perfectly timed for delivery to our table. Our waitress was friendly and very attentive. As the evening was wrapping up, the chef came by each table for a short chat. I feel that always reflects well on a restaurant. I understand that they offer these local farm dinners one weekend/month so when we left, I requested to be on their email notification list. We will definitely be back!

  • Jennifer M.

    Nice to have a little gourmet in the middle of nowhere in Exeter! The jumbalaya is to die for. Nice atmosphere, great wine list, tasty food made of local ingredients, and lots of need prefix dinner events (farm dinners, wine dinners, beer tastings, etc)

  • Indi G.

    At the recommendation of my mother, a frequent visitor, we tried this place for Sunday brunch. Our group had mixed reviews. The menu was pretty extensive. My mother and I opted for pancakes attracted by the "organic" promise. I had the German chocolate chip pancakes and my mother had the Nutty Berry pancakes. The pancakes were so so. A note for sweet breakfast lovers.... This place does NOT serve real maple syrup. Bring your own if you need that. My husband had the Jumbalaya which he thoroughly enjoyed. Decor was quite nice, simple but elegant. The place seemed quite clean. Service though was lacking. Our waiter wasn't particularly attentive. I had to go find him to remind him to give me my latte. Apparently, the machine needed to warn up. This may have been a bad day so we'll give it another try. I like that the create menus around farm produce. Dinner may be more their specialty.

  • Charlie K.

    Love that they focus so much on local ingredients. Really enjoyed the Sweet Potato Wonton appetizer, made with sweet potatoes from Schartner Farms just down the street. Also had a scallop appetizer which was cooked perfectly. Ahi Tuna starter was just OK. Other downside was the price but the quality of the food justified it.

  • Zach B.

    I've been to this out-of-the-way fine dinery three times in about as many years, and I have yet to be disappointed. (Not that I'm looking to be..although a good friend whose opinion I respect did have a less-than-savory time here when I was not present. Nevertheless, I can only speak for meself.) Prices are in the mid-moderate to pricey range, but there is always something appetizing to sample. Fer-instance: try starting with the Almond Encrusted Baked Brie. (From the menu: "Danish Brie cheese topped with tangerines, nuts, cranberries, and a tangerine-mango disc, then drizzled with a port wine reduction.") Orgasmic yumminess, no? For entrees, I remember the Chicken Saltimbocca and the Stuffed Pork Tenderloin were very good. The Seafood Risotto had a really delicious sauce, but the seafood was a tiny mite bit overcooked. Don't be put off by the drab, dull brown strip mall setting outside. Inside, you'll feel comfortably ensconced and more-than-competently taken care of. And yes, they have a decent wine list and excellent coffees and desserts to finish things off. And on that note, I'm outta here....

  • Kim S.

    OMG I love this place! When I used to work in South County I would visit here for lunch frequently. The menu selection is unique, affordable, and absolutely delicious. I had my husband bring me for Mother's Day this past year and it was just as amazing as I remember.

  • Kathy D.

    We've been here many times since 2009 and booked one party. The food is as local as it gets. Brandon, the owner, supports local farming, dairy & fisheries. He has an eclectic mix and let me give you an idea on how he goes out of his way. I wanted my filet mignon with a Bearnaise sauce instead of the featured sauce. Done. Meat was cooked to perfection. I asked for med-rare but more on the rare side and he nailed it. Our waitress, Marnie, was the best. They've all been good but our most recent was 28 Nov 11. My sig other had the monkfish which was on the specials and raved. The menu is available online & I promise that once you read it you'll be making a trip to Rt. 2 not too far from Yawgoo. I'm in the South Kingstown / Narragansett area and there's plenty to choose from here but Celestial Cafe is always a treat. We didn't have wine or dessert but my pomegranatini was fabulous. While there I received a call from a hungry college student (my son). I brought home a pesto pizza that he devoured for the low cost of $5. Seriously, they out-priced Domino's & we got quality farm fresh ingredients. Love it!

  • Kevin G.

    My favorite restaurant. I have never been disappointed. The food is creative and delicious. I wish it was closer! Love the farm dinners!

  • J R.

    The mango martini was superb. Service was excellent. Tried the appetizers and was impressed with the hummus pizza and calamari. WIll be back on one of the farm dinner nights. Very impressive menu with something for everyone. Adventurous and tasty treats were enjoyed by all.

  • Megan B.

    This place is GREAT! All food is made to order, so if you want it done a certain way, all you have to do is ask. That goes for gluten free, as well, and (I'd assume) other allergies. The Sunday brunch is one of the best I've had. We went today for brunch, which we had never had before (always been for dinner). I got a Louisiana omelet with their pub fries. The omelet had andouille sausage, red peppers, cheddar cheese, chipotle peppers and their chipotle sauce on the side. Perfectly spicy, not burn your face off hot, but close. And I had a GREAT Bloody Mary! I've been there many times for dinner, and I've never been disappointed. The fish n chips are delicious, that's my go-to meal. And the icing on the cake? Most of their food is local! I know a lot of the people who grow food for them. Go get a meal there, it's a great way to support a business that's supporting the community (and delicious, too)!

  • Janie G.

    Have had lunch here twice and was pleasantly surprised both times. First time was on the RI Yarn Crawl, we went to Eneri's Yarn Shop right next door and Celestial Cafe participated in the event by offering a free appetizer with your lunch. We had the Sweet Potato wontons, very different and very good. I had the Pale Ale Chicken sandwich. a battered in pale ale batter chicken tenderloin wrapped with tomatoes, mozzarella, greens and chipotle aioli served with sweet potato fries, everything was delicious. My friend had the Ham & Swiss with caramelized onions on toast. Prices were very good. Second trip, my friend had the Sweet Potato wontons again, she really liked them. I had the Tomato Pesto Eggplant sandwich wrap, eggplant, spinach, pesto and mozzarella with balsamic, excellent. We shared a dessert Banana Nut Foster Bread Pudding, this was fantastic, glad this friendly comfortable restaurant is not that close, too many of their desserts could be dangerous.


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Opening Hours

  • Tue


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual, Intimate
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Celestial Cafe

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