33105 Redwood Hwy
O Brien, 97534
Just what we needed after being on rivers for a week and before going back down to the Klamath. I did not like the ground up croutons on the house salad with the blue cheese vinaigrette and the salad was oozing in dressing. The bacon could have been seared more on my steak - like roll it around on the edges to cook the bacon. Too much food with relish tray, soup, salad, bread and potatoes au gratin - and we could not take any leftovers because we were going to the river. Overall the perfect find in the middle of wherever we were...on the way to Happy Camp :)
The service here is some of the worst I have ever had, and my friends work here! I walked into the restaurant side with a friend on a friday night, and server after server walked right by without even an acknowledgement. My friend had to flag down a girl who just ran by us and told us to find a seat. Unfortunately, most of the restaurants in CJ have a laid back attitude which turns into not having a clue how to work in a restaurant. When we finally got menu's and food, it wasn't too bad. If the food had been bad, this would be an easy one star. Couldn't believe how bad the service was. I will never come have dinner here again cause I don't want to embarrass myself our my dining guest. I will however come back for the bar.
My boyfriend and I were referred to Mcgrews, so figured we would go try it out since there are lack of options in the Cave Junction area. It looked pleasant from the outside and when we walked in it was dark and dingy. Mind you it was the day after Halloween when we went, so the decor was still up inside. We were seated right away and given a dish of veggies to munch on, which by the way looked and tasted days old. I ordered the bacon cheese burger, and my boyfriend ordered the steak fries. There were flying gnats all over our table and soon on our food. Not to mention the real spiders I saw hanging in the corners of the booth we were seated at. I ate half of my burger before I discovered a black hair on my plate next to the other half of burger still on my plate. As I proceeded to wipe it away, it was stuck in my burger. I then pulled it out of my burger and it was so looooong, it made me gag. My boyfriend literally spit his food right out. I was comped my meal. No tip and we left. Never to return. The waiters excuse was that the hair prob came from a costume wig from the day before. Umm...ewww! So that means my burger was a day old. I could see into the kitchen from where we were sitting and i watched the cook put my burger into an effing microwave. Sorry, but I don't recommend that place! ZERO STARS!

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