Domino’s Pizza

10586 SE 32nd Ave
Milwaukee, 97222
I love this Domino's. They always deliver quickly and follow instructions well. You can order online. Good prices. Easy process. Love it. I've done pick up and delivery. I prefer delivery. Hmm what would make this Domino's better? Drop the delivery charge a scooch. Offer more soda options (or beer??).
Delivery is prompt. The only thing I don't like about this location is they usually go light with the toppings no matter how many toppings you order and no matter how much you pay. It's really a 'wait and see' if you get a decent pizza or not.
If you need a reliable pizza place that has prompt, friendly service, hot & tasty food and a professional team, this location will rock your world. A different local pizza delivery closed due to a power outage. They didn't bother to call their customers that were waiting for their dinners, leaving us in the lurch at 8pm tonight. We have used this Milwaukie Dominoes a few times for late night orders and last minute meals reliably, so we turned to them. We had our dishes in no time flat, it all tasted as good as it has each time and, as is the norm for our experience, the food was piping hot with friendly service. If all Dominoes had it as together as this one does they'd conquer the marketplace. They are 100% reliable and I trust that if they told me I'd have a pizza delivered and then lost power, they'd get in touch to let me know of the problem rather than leave me hanging with a hungry family wondering when they get to eat. I will remain a long-time regular patron with these folks.

(503) 659-5585

Pizza, Chicken Wings, Sandwiches

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