Stone Crest Cellar Bed & Breakfast

9556 South Coast Hwy.
Lincoln, 97366
I didn't stay at the Bed & Breakfast but I was a guest at a wedding, held at this location. BEAUTIFUL location. I seriously can't stress that enough. Absolutely breathtaking. The house was tastefully decorated and well laid out. Staff who setup the facility for the wedding were all extremely helpful and accommodating, even allowing the bride to show up 30 minutes prior to her originally scheduled time, to allow ample time for her to get dressed and have her makeup done prior to her wedding. After the ceremony, we had beer/wine and appetizers in their garden room that was amazingly decorated, well organized and the staff was quick to please with ensuring tables were bussed and drinks were filled. Centerpieces were designed by the wedding planner, at the facility, and were impeccable. The Bride and Groom were absolutely overjoyed and commented, several times, at how much they enjoyed the day. I heard several guests comment that the wedding was the best they had ever attended. Stone Crest Cellar B&B gets a gold star from me!
My Husband and I got the Estate Reserve Wedding Package we had about 50 guests. Everything was beautifully done. The food, the centerpieces, and breakfast the next morning were perfect. I would advise brides using the Stone Crest to wear comfortable shoes because you will be going up and down stairs frequently. And to also make the most of the time that you have reserved by using an itinerary. I would love to give this place 5 stars, but you should hire your own photographer or have a relative do it. During our reception the photographer (Danaya) pulled my husband and I aside then said that she had changed the contract because we had signed it almost six months in advance. The new contract no longer included copyright with a CD and we owe her an extra 150 dollars. We talked with the coordinator (Judy the owner, who is also her mom) after the guests went home and she said that we will receive the CD with copyright. About three weeks later Danaya sent me an email giving us a passive aggressive ultimatum without Stone Crest's permission. The extra money isn't really the issue, because it isn't that much. But, having someone trustworthy to do your photography is important. At the moment my husband is handling the problem, but I don't know if I am actually going to get my photos. I will update this as soon as I know something. - Update 7-10-2012, 9 something am. I received an email this morning stating that I will get the CD after my husband went to Judy with the problem.
We were disappointed in this place. The waitstaff was not dressed properly and the food was mediocre! They offered champagne to some but not all. You could see into the kitchen from the dining room and it was not pleasant to watch. They rushed us through the meal and cake and made us feel they wanted us to leave.

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