Lakeside Terrace Motel

87275 Spruce Ln
Christmas Valley, 97641
We stayed here in a vacation house, "the quail house" never been more pleased. Very nice, clean and has everything you could need. Way better than I would have imagined.
When you're in Christmas Valley you need to set expectations correctly. You won't find lots of selection nor 24/7 service but you will find good people who run very reasonable establishments. The Lakeside Terrace Motel was one of them. We called ahead and reserved 2 rooms. They charged us 20% less for the single person room, let us know that they were closing at 3PM but that they would be only a few minutes away and to call when we arrived. Sure enough we arrived at 5:30PM and after a quick phone call our host was there in 2 minutes. She gave us the best view rooms they had, both of which were clean, with cable TV (one with a flat screen) and hot water showers, just what we needed after riding dirt bikes for 6 days straight. We got a pizza down the street and enjoyed it on the lawn as the sunset. The lake is active at night with ducks and geese who are more than friendly. No mosquitos to be found though there are some pretty cool insects around. Breakfast sealed the deal - all of us had excellent meals ranging from Chicken Fried Steak to Diced Ham and Cheddar omelets alongside excellent coffee. Service was excellent, jovial and fast. They let us use the sink to fill our camel backs with filtered water and we were off to see the valley. I'd definitely stay here again if I was traveling through town.
For the locale, this is a good choice for an overnight rest or a weekend visit. Your choices in Christmas Valley, I must assure you, are limited; however, this one is a driveway's width from a cafe, and that's a point of convenience in its favor. The room was clean, comfortable, with a microwave and a small refrigerator. I had three days and two nights to address priorities in the area, and this motel was more than adequate. Pleasant people, good breakfast nearby. In another area, this motel might not compete well; however, should your travels take you to Christmas Valley, I'd recommend this motel. The room (with two queen-size beds) was $53/night and located not far the airstrip. The motel & cafe are just north of the highway, so look for the sign.

(541) 576-2309

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