4200 State Hwy 528 NE
Rio Rancho, 87144
Wendys has the best burgers here and also their chicken tenders are very good and someday I would like to comeback here when I stop here.

(505) 771-0805

Fast Food, Burgers

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1520 Deborah Rd SE
Rio Rancho, 87124
I was just in the neighborhood looking for something new to try. I've had curry before but never Indian curry. And they were open until 10 so I thought I'd give it a shot. It was a little hard to find. The restaurant is located in a no name shopping plaza. The marquee to the restaurant is really unforgettable. If I didn't stop and look to read every sign. I might have missed it and just gone somewhere else. But I was on a mission to try it and found it. Walked into a very tiny and non busy restaurant on a Sunday evening (07/12/2015). I was seated by I'm assuming the owner of the restaurant. Told her what I wanted the minute I sat down because I've already looked over the menu online. The chicken curry was AMAZING! Perfect amount of spice and flavor. I got the bread as a side. In hindsight, I should have gotten rice instead. Server was very polite and attentive. I don't know if I'll go back just due to the location. But If I'm ever in the neighborhood again. I will definitely have to stop by again.
Namaste is a wonderful place to get Indian food in Albuquerque. My favorite dish is by far the Chicken Makhani. Dark meat chicken in a wonderful tomato based sauce is just to die for. Add that to Garlic Naan and you have a recipe for a great meal. The atmosphere is pretty casual and the place is small so large groups may not be a good idea here. They have always been friendly and the food comes out quickly.
WHERE IS THE 10 STAR BUTTON?!?!?! I really didn't think it could get better, but I was oh so wrong... If you LOVE lamb - the curry lamb is SO FRIGGIN' DELICIOUS!!!! Absolutely perfectly cooked - curry sauce straight from Heaven!!! I absolutely love this place!!

(505) 896-3126

Indian, Vegetarian

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Saigon 2

2003 Southern Blvd SE
Rio Rancho, 87124
Saigon 2 Restaurant serves good, solid Vietnamese food. Tonight, I ordered the tasty Phò Bò, which comes with rice noodles, tender sliced beef steak, beef tendon, and the usual assortment of add-ins, like bean sprouts, cilantro, sliced jalapenos, and Thai basil. I can't recall if there was fresh mint or not, but if not, it wasn't missed. The broth, which was pork-based, was thin but tasty - not too spicy even with the added jalapenos. The best part about Phò is the low price. Our total (two people) was only about $15. Whatadeal. The ambiance was pleasant, and out waiter was friendly and attentive. Would I go out of my way to dine here? Probably. It is easy to get Phò, but hard to get really good Phò.
This is my first visit to a Vietnamese restaurant in New Mexico and I don't see ANY reason to go anywhere else. The food is awesome and so are the people! Can't wait to go back!!
This joints IS the best restaurant Vietnamese in ABQ.Their pho, pork chop, bun bo hue soup are fresh. Great service. You will be addicted to this place once u tried one time.

(505) 896-0099

American (New), Vietnamese

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Vanilla Bean Frozen Custard & Treatery

1908 Wellspring Ave SE,Suite 108
Rio Rancho, 87124
Small hole in the wall with amazing sweets. Frozen custard is way better than frozen yogurt. Try the creme brûlée fudge. Frickin' amazing!!!
I've been here a few times now and I really like the custard. I haven't tried any of the specialty sundaes or anything because I'd rather just have the plain custard with minimal or no toppings. I also haven't tried any of the fudge or truffles. I wish there was more of a flavor selection available with the custard. They only have chocolate, vanilla, and a "flavor of the day". I went a few weeks ago when the flavor of the day was pistachio and it was delicious! I wish this was a staple on the menu. It would also be nice to add another "basic" flavor to the regular selection, like strawberry. Maybe if they do well, they will be able to add a few more favors, but until then, what they have is good. However, if I didn't live very close by, I don't know if it would be anything I'd go out of my way for.
Fantastic custard!! Similar to Freddy's, but I think a bit better... HUGE selection of homemade fudge, flavored popcorn, Italian ice!! No idea how I missed this place for so long... Had the chocolate and vanilla custard with toppings - only complaint - the Oreos aren't real Oreos some crappy store brand version... Everything else was stellar

(505) 414-1170

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Maki Yaki

4300 Ridgecrest Dr SE
Rio Rancho, 87124
This is by far my fave place to go to if I don't feel like getting all dressed up to eat sushi. After trying a few other sushi places here, the sushi here at Maki Yaki is tasty. They are a little small in size, but the rice is not dry or hard like some other sushi places and you have the option to eat in or take out. If you choose to eat in, miso soup is complimentary with your meal (gotta love that!) At the end of your meal, the server usually brings a plate of fresh cut fruit to end your meal (which is also free, by the way.) The staff is friendly and the prices are reasonable. So, if you live in Rio Rancho and don't want to drive all the way out to town just to get your sushi fix, this is the place to go.
I gave this place two stars based on the friendly service. The food was not very good. We ordered a Washington roll and the sushi was a very strange color, not normal to sushi grade salmon. I would not recommend this place if you are expecting quality sushi.
This place is really good! We came for lunch and the service was awesome... talk about great prices and extra special care. Try the tempura icecream.

(505) 892-3554

Sushi Bars

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La Subs & Aliceas Bagels

1009 Golf Course Rd SE,Ste 103
Rio Rancho, 87124
My son and I took a a chance on eating here. I mean that as in we didn't know where we wanted to eat and took a chance as in we were tired of the usual fast food places and wanted to try something local. I'm sure glad we did! As soon as we walked in we were greeted with a warm welcome and recommendations from the questions we had about the sandwiches. Once we got our sandwiches there were no questions. The best sandwiches in town! We got two large "Fire in the holes" and they were amazing! And for the sandwich and sides the price was very reasonable. My son and I have been back a couple more times since our first visit and we both have not been let down by anything on the menu. L.A. Subs is now one of my favorite places to eat in the city!
First, lemme say...I'm not a sub sandwich kinda gal. The only place I'll break the rules is for Jersey Mikes (gasp!). Anyway, the hubbs (who happens to be Eric. H that has also left a review on here) ranted and raved about LA Subs and kept begging me to try them out since he practically lives there now. I finally broke down and decided to give it a shot since he was pretty unrelenting. They're right next door to a dance / zumba studio, so you'll hear their music thumping through the wall without any difficulty. Then you end up meeting LA Subs owner who has the best personality I've met since moving here. Hilarious banter back and forth between all of us, entertaining stories, I mean...who needs to pay for entertainment when you got someone like that to keep spirits up? Everything there is extremely fresh, the bread is amazing and his brownies are out of this world. The prices are totally reasonable, especially for the amount of food you get. So, yes, my husband has converted me over to the LA Sub way...lol...just don't tell Jersey Mikes...shuuush...
Great location, made to order. Friendly and attentive. Will definitely come back. They also deliver!

(505) 896-4555

Sandwiches, Bagels, American (New)

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Filiberto’s Rio Rancho

1600 Sara Rd
Rio Rancho, 87124
So far i like everything I've ate here but there is a lot more i still need to try. The food is made quick, reasonably priced, and tastes really good. The salsa bar is a nice touch. The best Mexican fast food around.
Great food. I have eaten there only twice but the meal was great each time.
The good: It definitely has the Mexican food and look to it, instead of the restaurants that claim to be Mexican but lean more to New Mexican (huge difference between the two). Daily specials that are cheap. The bad: they have a poster of different burritos they have hiding behind the salsa bar, if it were in sight i would have ordered something different because there is no explanations on the menu of what the different items include. It's pricy for what you get, including quality. The ugly: there were so many flies everywhere, dead and alive! It's so cluttered that it doesn't feel or look welcoming or clean. I would not recommend or go out of my way for it again, however if it were my only option for food i would not be completely put off on the idea of eating there, sort of a last resort kind of place.

(505) 891-0555


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Joe’s Pasta House

3201 Southern Blvd SE
Rio Rancho, 87124
My family and I have dined at Joe's Pasta House many times and we are never disappointed. The food and service is great. Highly recommended.
I seriously don't understand why everyone loves this place so much. The food is good but it's not wonderful. I've been here a lot for functions and I'm never blown away. The owners are rely nice and so is the wine selection but other than that, it's just another Italian place.
My wife and I attempted to have a relaxing night out. She heard good things about the place so we decided to go. The wait was longer than what we expected so we stood (small bar with no available seating) and had a drink while waiting. Long story short, they sat us between crying children and obnoxious drunks. When a couple walks in to a place like this, you should never ever EVER put them in that position. Put them in a place where they can actually enjoy themselves and not hate the entire experience. Although the experience was far from what we had expected from a place like this, we had high hopes for the food. Sadly, it was bland. We tried our hardest to stick it out but seeing as though the table service was slow and the food wasn't what you would expect in a place like this, we just couldn't do it. We spend right around $100.00 on average when we eat out between food and drinks and that doesn't include the tip. We would have gotten better food and service at Chuckie Cheese for a 5th of the price. We won't be returning and certainly won't recommend it to anybody looking for a great relaxing foodie experience.

(505) 892-3333

Italian, Steakhouses, Seafood

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Domino’s Pizza

2415 Southern Blvd Se,Ste 101
Rio Rancho, 87124
I know, it's a major chain, but out of all the major competition, hands down I choose dominos over everyone else All the time. I'm a big pizza fan, and if I'm going out to buy it or getting delivery, this is my stop. I especially love the $5.99 deal they always have. Sometimes me and my husband get our Own pizzas if we are really hungry, or on lighter days we get a sandwich or chicken wings. I have loved everything I have tried, and I'm sure there is not much that I haven't tried. Delivery is always fast, food is delivered correctly and in perfect condition. However if they made a mistake I would just inform them and figure out a plan b, not a big deal. So many items to choose from on the $5.99 deal, pizza, pasta, chicken, cheesy bread, sandwiches!
The domino's app has stolen 100% of my business from other pizza places, and I'm really lucky to have this location deliver to me. Pizza is amazing every time, the specialty chicken is awesome, and the staff is super friendly and very prompt. If you live around Southern, get the dominos app and let this awesome team cook your food!!
Well ordered tonight for the first time in years because didn't like the old dominos....was a bit over priced but it was late and hoped it would be good. So pizza was cold,and all jumbled in the box like out was dropped or something, skimpy on cheese, pasta bread bowl was just that allot of bread, I'm giving it 2stars only because the chicken wings are good but too wet, lol they are in the broiler now......won't order from them any time soon.

(505) 891-2900

Chicken Wings, Pizza, Sandwiches

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1690 Rio Rancho Dr SE
Rio Rancho, 87124
Went for lunch today with colleagues for a birthday. Had the sandwich special ( 1/2 sandwich with green chile stew). The stew was AWESOME! I didn't care too much for the sandwich I had. I always feel like their sandwiches are too heavy with butter or general ingredients. I love their homemade potato chips though!
I give it one star because they have a parking lot. We went in at 11:00 am. There were a dozen empty tables, and we were seated right away. I used the restroom while my wife waited at the table, and no one had come to the table while I was gone. She used the restroom and returned still no service, no offer of coffee, or water, so we left.. Hardly amazing service.
Outstanding food, portions are too large in my opinion, but very well prepared. My favorite breakfast place hands down. Although, I caution you to visit early on a weekday. On the weekend this place is an absolute mad house!

(505) 896-1411

Breakfast & Brunch

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