Magdalena Cafe

109 Main St
Magdalena, 87825
Magdalena Cafe (And Steakhouse) is pretty much what you'd expect in a small town in central NM. They're only open for breakfast and lunch (and dinners on Thursday and Friday). The green was hot, but the red was meh (both in taste and in spiciness). I got the daily special, which was hamburger steak, covered in chili cheese fries -- although it was really chile cheese fries. The cup I got had something strange clinging to the outside of it (my only guess is that it was a booger), so I asked for a straw. The fries were greasy, even without any chile on them. That being said, it was a filling meal, and they were very accommodating of our large group showing up near closing. It was a cheap meal, and, unlike many New Mexican restaurants, they serve Lemonade. If you're going to be stopping in Magdalena to eat, you don't have that many options, so it should get the job done. If you can make it to Socorro, however, I'd recommend waiting. Some other information: They serve Coke (not Pepsi), and they're open from 7.30 am to 1.30 pm (aside from their dinner hours). There's a parking lot just to the south of the building.
5 stars for the oasis! I was driving through New Mexico and I was really hungry and finding nothing. Then, like a beaming light of glory, I saw the sign for the Magdalena Cafe. Without knowing anything, I rushed in and took a seat. I was just hoping for a cheap burger and maybe a fry at that point. Little did I know that the Magdalena burger with bacon was about to become one of the best burgers I have ever put in my mouth. It was amazing. I am not a big fan of chillies, but it was almost perfect! The town and the people were really nice too. If you ever find yourself within a reasonable radius of this place- get the Magdalena burger with bacon, an order of fries, and few more reasons to be thankful you are in the desert!
Food is good. Waiters are friendly But the service is real slow. Just needs fast service. Been coming here for since open.

(575) 854-2696

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