San Felipe’s Travel Center & Pueblo Restaurant

26 Hagon Rd
Algodones, 87001
Stuffed Sopapillas are huge and tastey!! I had mine with green chili, which was spicy to the right degree and the boyfriend had the red chili. The salsa before the meal was out standing, but the hard chips hurt my teeth. He broke down here once and had eaten while he was stuck and he liked it enough to bring me (the critic) and I am happy with the outcome! I only wish I had a taken a picture of the awesome size meal.
I stopped in here for lunch a few days ago coming back from El Paso. I have eaten here a few times in the past, and always thought it was a decent place. One of the specials was the tuna melt sandwich for $6.99. I decided to try it. Glad I did, it was very very good. It came with fries... And quite a generous helping of them. The sandwich itself was excellent. There was a very good mix in the tuna salad of celery, onions, seasonings, and the cheese on top was melted on perfectly. And all of this between a tasty sourdough bread. It might sound odd to be that pleased about a tuna melt sandwich, but I thought it was just awesome! The wait staff are very courteous, and efficient as they've always have been in the past. I will certainly visit again!
Excellent Authentic Mexican Food. We had the beef burrito plates (1 red chili-moderate, the other green chili-HOT), spanish rice and refried beans. Each portion enough for two persons easily--Two soft drinks. To start ordered breaded FRESH zucchini with bleu cheese: large mound on a dinner plate for two. Beef cooked well, moderately seasoned with cilantro, salt, pepper and hint lime & fresh garlic, carmelized red onion, wrapped in freshly baked flour tortilla, on a deep bed of chilled iceberg, white onions, cherry tomatoes, rice and refried beans-- flavorful, savory; green chili, delectably spicy hot: 2 entrees, 1 appetizer, 2 beverage--$28.60 (before tax & grat). Service good. Slot machine room just off the interior exit of restaurant where we won $33.00.

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