China Wok

45 S New York Rd
Absecon Atlantic, 08205
It always bothers me when really good places to eat are located where the vast majority of people can't find them. Don't they know it's all about LOCATION LOCATION? China Wok moved into an abandoned Chinese eat-in/take-out location a year or so ago. They were a "god-send" since the other local Chinese places serve food that makes you wonder ... just wonder ... please don't eat what they serve up on Route 9 in the "Best Food" place. I am guessing their 3 YELP reviews come from people who work there or never really ate their food. But, I digress ... CHINA WOK's food is just out and out good! Their deluxe wonton soup is our go-to soup. The broth has the right balance of flavor reminding you that there is a chef in the kitchen who cares about taste (Unlike the aforementioned local stop that has LOCATION and bleh taste.). This soup is loaded with meats, veggies and wontons that actually have a great taste, which is something so many won ton's lack. Back in the shadows of the SMITHVILLE PLAZA where most stores are dark is this quaint (Ok, I am not sure if Chinese restaurants are really quaint but you know what I mean ... I think.) restaurant with a really attractive dining area that should be filled with locals but the truth is CHINA WOK like its predecessor is all about TAKE OUT and DELIVERY. There is always a warm greeting and I am guessing service would be excellent if you chose to eat in. In addition to my soup tonight's choice was KUNG PAO CHICKEN. It was truly a delight with crisp to the bite veggies mixed with chicken that had a light and easy spicy bite and peanuts with crunch. You can always have brown rice rather than white and the sauces are there for the taking (Ok, they are the typical pre-packaged items that always steal a star from a review when a kitchen prepared hot sauce and/or duck sauce has the potential to truly impress. Since their arrival I have sampled many different options and they all taste good. The chef works at his craft. If you are in the Smithville area and want some really good Chinese make the CHINA WOK your choice. Take out ... delivery ... or why not sit in and let them serve you? It is not always about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION as this isolated gem proves. Drive right past the Route 9 BEST spot with lousy food and find a place where you will enjoy each bite!

(609) 748-8809


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