Dew Drop Inn

105 W 2nd
Kennard, 68034
This bar is in a town of 200 souls. Right on Hwy 30 so there is the requisite grain elevator and railroad crossing. No gas station or grocery store. It looks like any other midwestern bar, except it has an ambulance with a black and gold paint job that advertises itself as a party wagon. I have been here with my husband and most of my male relatives...for lunch. We always sit in the corner, drink beer and eat really good burgers and onion rings. (Beer choices: Budweiser, Budweiser, Budweiser and Michelob) The one time I went at night (with my husband), it was populated with very large women singing very loudly and drinking buckets of beer ( tin bucket filled with ice and 6 bottles of beer). Turns out they were commemorating the death of their mother/sister/friend one year ago. . The time I went with my dad, a woman walked in and shouted "Can anyone give a fat bitch a hand?" Apparently she was delivering groceries to the kitchen...I think this place is run by biker chicks. And they have that pickle game, you know the one where you tear open these paper windows to see if you won.

(402) 427-7421

American (Traditional)

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