Inlet View Bar & Grill

1800 Village Point Rd SW
South Brunswick, 28470
Excellent experience. Food was very fresh - and even tasty as leftovers as I eat it and type this review. The fried squash received raves by all adults and even a few of the kids (miracle). Crab cake is delicious - shrimp well cooked and very tasty - crab chowder creamy and delicious. Our party of nine all are well and were very pleased. Owner came out and talked with us and even comp'd a meal that was good but not awesome - we were very pleased at the service and this has moved to our top of the list eating establishment when we are spending our week at Holden.
We arrived with a party of six on a Thursday night. We were told the wait was approx 45 minutes. It ended up being two hours. When we were seated at 9pm, our server was prompt and did a good job. Our appetizers arrived quickly and were hot, thankfully, because we were all frustrated and starving. However, our meals took another hour to arrive. Three of the six were incorrect and/or missing items. My steak was 75% fat and gristle. All of our food, including the fried seafood, was cold. Honestly, it takes a LOT for me to complain at a restaurant, but when the owner came over to ask how our dinner was, I couldn't was terrible. She made a whole lot of excuses, even telling us how many tables were mad and complaining, and offered new food (which we really didn't want based on the quality of our previous food and the fact that it was 11pm). Only after I suggested she give us a discount did she comp our meals. While we appreciated this gesture, our one night out with family and friends had been ruined and we left hungry after almost four hours.
We called ahead to get our name on the seating list. Arrived 20 minutes later and waited an additional 45 minutes for a first-available table. Once our table of 11 was seated, it was another 13 minutes before anyone came to our table to take drink order. Drinks came in Dixie cups because they ran out of glassware. We had a 48 minute ticket time on the order. The shrimp was good, but the flounder was unremarkable. The manager did offer to fix what was wrong, but we were almost 3 hours into this ordeal, so she was fighting a losing battle. Hush puppies arrived after the meals. They were good, but how does a seafood restaurant run out of hush puppies? The staff said it's a common occurrence. The waitstaff was accommodating, but there are issues in the kitchen that sorely need to be addressed. This looks like a restaurant that has been successful in spite of itself, and not because of the food or service. Giving it 2 stars because they tried to recover, but we won't be back and can't recommend it.

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