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Visit below restaurant in Miles City for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Miles City for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Miles City for healthy meals suggestion.

  • John Dale K.

    ok--this place is tops with me--and will remain for a long time. the first time i went here, i ordered a cocktail--just the way i like it. talked with the bartender, and seems that someone else (a regular) orders it similar--just without any cherries. well, he did a great job, and dinner was great too. they serve a good steak here, and the sides are numerous and varied. if you can't find a side dish you like her, it's probably your fault. really friendly waitstaff. anyways, two days later, after i tried to eat at another local establishment that apparently was closing early (probably due to the weather), i went back here. i'm barely 3 steps into the place, and the bartender looks at me, calls out my drink, and how i like it prepped. with that great of a service--and only my second time in the place, i have to tell you---it's damn well worth it. had a great dinner that night, as well.

  • Daniel R.

    It's the iron horse and it was awful had the hamburger because I was told the fajitas were about as good as what you might find in the frozen food section of wal-mart. The burger is a frozen patty. Why is it so hard to find a restaurant that makes fresh food in miles city. You would think with this being a place that cows come from the would have some of the freshest best tasting hamburgers.

  • Adam S.

    Now called the iron horse. Pure shit. Burgers are disgusting frozen patties. It's like they put no effort in to serving people decent food.

  • Sam S.

    This place has a neat atmosphere and nice waitstaff. We just had a couple of light dishes, but they were all right enough. I suspect the appetizers are pretty good, but we just couldn't eat any more grease after being on the road for a few days.

  • Matt H.

    This place is now called the "Iron Horse" and is sinking just about as fast as iron can. The "Junkyard Dog" though, is pleasing, it is a glorified chili dog. The only good food I have had otherwise was what the original owners had on the menu except I usually have to send it back to get microwaved. No booths, they tore them out and put all tables giving a harsh rigid tone to the dining area. Parking is wretched and the building is next to a lively railroad track and an is wedged between a rotting train station and some farmer's giant metal shed full junk farm equipment. The restaurant is constantly closed with no explanation during peak dining hours. They have been in that building for a long while by now and only have a banner flapping around that they got from a beverage distributor that marks the business. The staff are very nice and I think they are forced to memorize orders which is awkward for me because it makes no sense for efficiency. There is a bar as well, I have not used its services. Oh that reminds me; you want a pop? They bring you a CAN AND A GLASS OF ICE! CHEAP!!! All of this still would not drive me to rate the restaurant so low, but then there was this experience: My friends and I decided to go somewhere nice for dinner on New Year's Eve. We had to settle for the Iron Horse because other places were so packed even though we were welcome to wait for tables at two other local restaurants. We saw that the Iron horse was looking slow even considering the tiny parking lot. So we waltz in and wait to be seated. a waiter comes us to us and says "your reservations?" We were like "What? Your not even close to half full." They wouldn't take us unless we called ahead or we would have to wait a half an hour from the time we arrived.


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  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual


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