Holly’s Road Kill Saloon

1557 Main Boulder Rd
Mc Leod, 59052
Best Little Bar in Montana!!
My husband and I have passed this place before and wanted to try it...we hike a lot in the area and hoped it might be one we would frequent....sadly it won't be. We had been camping and stopped by for a nice lunch before heading home...disappointed. The temporary menu was disappointing...it was hoagies or a burger. They were out of a lot of things and there were no options for our little kiddos. (I know its not a kid place, so I was ok with that actually) The main thing was the rudeness of Heidi...which even that I could have handled to a point, but then at the end of the day, the food was mediocre and the service was worse. We just wouldn't go back. Its sad, because there isn't much in this area and a good spot would be nice.
While Holy has improved the bar the sign adorning the door "restroom for guests only" is a put off, and we were there for lunch! Service was curt (Holy), and they were out of what we wanted. Settled for the burgers. Went outside and the BBQ guy was kind enough to put the umbrella up for us. Sipping our beery hat was 3/4 full, poured from the tap and glass washed in a bath beady that the beer beday that ensures a "good pour". Our burgers were brought out with very few chips. The umbrella offering us shade was taken off us because it wasn't opened properly, with the owner rolling her eyes at the BBQ guy? Said she would fix it later, so we sat in the sun. We has to ask for napkins, condiments. We were never checked on again. We were paying the bill ($28 - 2 burgers 2 draft beers) and were told that we could not use a credit cars for checks under $50. I guess this is customer service in Jersey!

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