Pizza Hut

6528 Highway 63
Escatawpa, 39552
Just passing through, looking for some pizza with a family. This Pizza Hut has a new general manager. I have no idea what it was like before the new manager but the pizza was delicious now. I like Pizza Hut pizza (especially the stuffed crust) but this location was by far the best of the best. My local Pizza Hut in Austin, TX just doesn't measure up. So kudos to Mr. Sherrod and his crew. They are definitely doing it right.
It's been YEARS since I've sat down and eaten at a Pizza Hut. We were passing through on a road trip and my brother thought it'd be funny if we came back and relived family memories of the 1980s here. And we walked in and it looked exactly like the Pizza Hut we used to eat at in Cherry Hill, NJ at the Ellisberg Circle in 1982. EXACTLY. Terrifying. On the plus side, the pizza flavors hadn't changed a bit. It was also exactly as I remembered it in 1982! Delicious, so a big thumbs up. I may not wait so long for my next one - LOL.

(228) 475-7771

Pizza, Italian, Chicken Wings

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