Cookies by Design

11453 Olive Blvd.
Saint Louis,, 63141
This shop actually looks a bit dead from the outside. I don't ever see anyone coming or going. So I was a bit curious to see what they offered and how there cookies tasted. So I stopped in today. Supposedly they are known for their "cookie bouquets". Although I think that can be greatly disputed. I walked in and saw the bouquets displayed throughout the little store. They also sell an assortment of cookies for $1.20 but today the special was half off on gourmet cookies. So when I ordered a chocolate chip cookie and candy bar cookie the total came to 1.20. Thats not bad. However, when I got home and tasted the cookies I kind of understood why they had a 2 for 1 special. The cookies are kind of nasty. I was so hopeful that this could be the bakery I had dreamed of. Close by, nice prices, great tasting cookies. It's not. I don't think i'll be returning. The customer service was sketcy too. She just didn't have any excitement about the cookies. She was a bit dry to say the least.

(314) 997-8800

Bakeries, Desserts

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