5154 Ararat Dr
Kansas City, 64129
This is a restaurant that is right behind The Peachtree Buffet that is closed for a remodel and I was told re-opening next month. I went today to eat at the buffet and was so disappointed when I saw it was closed. However in the window was a sign pointing around back to another building. A small non-discreet looking business in a small stripmall. Peachtree Inc in big letters above the door. The buffet is one of my favorite places in town to eat so I figured it had to be good. Huge understatement. They have the same things here in a made to order restaurant as the buffet. You may not be able to try them all like you can at the buffet but what I had was better than ever. The same goes for all the food I saw pass by going to other diners on the packed house. The chicken, catfish, and smothered pork chops are amazing. I had neck bones, collard greens, black eyed peas, and corn bread muffins that dipped in the juice from the greens are close to the perfect food. This place is better than the buffet if that's possible. I've been holding this to the end because it's a huge statement for me. This truly snuck up on me because I had no intention of ordering chicken wings when I went here. So, I order an appetizer of wings as an after thought. I didint expect to get the BEST wings I've ever stuck in my mouth. Sweet, spicy, sticky, so slightly breaded and perfectly cooked. Juicy and tender beyond belief. I wish I would have got two orders. I have been to every wing joint in town and to the National Chicken Wing Festival in Buffalo New York. The Anchor bar where wings originated, Duffs, Arroogas in Pennsylvania and every other famous wing joint in America. I came here to eat southern soul food and got the surprise of my life. You might like them hotter (I do) or spiced differently. I'm talking about the perfect cooked juicy wing all wing freaks search for and the sauce is a perfect blend of sweet and spice. This place has great food and great service, a little hard to find but I'm not a corporate food guy and these places are worth the effort to find. Most entrees are 8-10 dollars and appetizers about 5-6. Worth Every Penny!!

American (New)

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Social Suppers

8560 N Green Hills Rd
Kansas City, 64154
How am I the first to review this place? Seriously??? Am I the only working professional that feels sometimes just to busy to cook dinner every night? I doubt it! Is this the Northland's best keep secret? Okay this is how it works. You - too busy or lazy to grocery shop and cook after work. Social Suppers - happy to make great homestyle meals package them and freeze them for your foodie needs. You can either use their website to pre-order your selection of entrees, sides and desserts or you can stop by and see what is already in the express freezer waiting for you. They have a variety of portions from a single serving, half orders and family size packs. The staff is super helpful, and will walk you through the process of signing up on the website so you can reorder in advance. They are happy to give recommendations and help you plan to keep your meals within your budget. The food is good, and really not that expensive considering you are paying for someone else to do all the work. Each pack is either pre-mixed and just needs to be cooked or had clear instructions on how to quickly assemble the meal. I Iove having a few of their meals on hand for nights I work late but want to eat healthier and not dine out.

(816) 746-7474

American (New)

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Asado Urban Grill

8801 NW 112th St
Kansas City, 64153
By far best hotel restaurant I have eaten at in a LONG time! Was shocked how much I enjoyed everything. crepree salad had great flavors, your standard. potato au gratin, not over cooked. Great flavor Green Beans, not soggy, crisp and fresh! Duck Tacos, really? Got to try them!
A must try as not your typical hotel restaurant. They have a very diverse menu and not hotel prices. The Chef has done an excellent job in the restaurants offerings from Crab Cake Sandwich, a superb Pork Chop, Blackened Chicken Alfredo to steaks. You will not be disappointed. The atmosphere is contemporary and so comfortable, you do no even know you are in a hotel. You sincerely must try.

(816) 891-8900

American (Traditional)

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Go Chicken Go

5101 Troost Ave
Kansas City, 64110
For lovers of chicken offal it doesn't get any better. The offal is far from awful. Ok sorry I'm done. I'm talking gizzards and livers here. Very tasty coating on this chicken, better than most crunchy somewhat greasy exterior with a very soft perfectly cooked interior. Most chicken livers are over cooked but not here. Order them with confidence as with everything here. Yeah the rolls are store bought white bread. So. What do you want some artisan, whole grain oatmeal wheat crusty, get my point. This is the way its supposed to be. I call this " bread appropriate" theres a few things you must eat with the proper traditional bread, chicken and barbecue are two of them. When you wrap a couple gizzards in one of these rolls and dip it in hot sauce it doesn't get any better. Don't worry about the neighborhood or the ambiance (lack of) get over here and get some chicken.

(816) 361-6680

Chicken Wings

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Pirate’s Bone Coffee and Tea

645 E 59th St
Kansas City, 64110
Super cool little shop with a great patio out back. The fresh roasted beans and coffee they serve on site are hands down my favorite in the city. Owner is super knowledgeable about coffee roasting/brewing and super friendly too. Would be my favorite for any of these reasons - altogether blows everyone else out of the water. Much better than many of the (overhyped) places closer to downtown.
If you like intimate settings and nicely made rich vex coffee - then this is the perfect place for you..... I've visited now a handful of times as its in my neighborhood and I really like supporting a local shop. It's really a nice inviting place. Apart from the intimate insides, the location hides a small outside patio area where you can enjoy your drink and get away from your day. I find the owner to be friendly - talkative, receptive and open. If you are in the mood for something original, and I would say honest, then yes- this place comes highly recommended.
"Hot damn, that's a good cup of coffee." Literally the words that came out of my mouth when I tasted a pour-over of the Mexico coffee Saïd has right now. I came here predominantly out of curiosity, and I'm glad I did!! They have an interesting menu, set up like the Periodic table of elements, with the regular stuff (including affogato aka espresso over ice cream, just FYI). I spoke with the owner Saïd and he told me his story. He started on the food end, but then got interested in coffee, started roasting beans in a pan, saw this space available via Craigslist, and went for it!! Pretty cool space inside with lots of reclaimed wood accents and eclectic decor. Small espresso machine, but I heard the espresso it makes is pretty awesome :) I'm a pour-over kinda gal; it takes a few more minutes, but it's ALWAYS worth the wait. They have a pastry selection from Scratch bakery, it looked like. Also, the front of the space is a sitting area with a few tables so possibly a good place to come study or read. And I saw a sign saying there's a 2nd Friday event TOMORROW where the Plantain District truck will make an appearance!! Coming from this veteran barista: if you like coffee, you ought to check this place out.

(816) 287-1433

Coffee & Tea

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8261 N Oxford St
Kansas City, 64158
Love the sauce. Not sure how the meat is made, but it's so good.

(816) 792-4900

Fast Food

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Newbie Elite Event: Yelp’s Meat & Greet @ Longhorn Steakhouse

9400 Northeast Barry Rd
Kansas City, 64157
Can't say enough good things about this event last night. Like others have mentioned, Longhorn really rolled out the red carpet and treated the Yelpers to a truly special VIP experience. Longhorn isn't a place I had been before so hearing about this event was an exciting opportunity to try something new. I had always thought of Longhorn as "just another steak place," much akin to some of the other fly by night steak joints that merely throw a piece of meat on the flattop and serve it up covered in seasoning, salt, and MSG. Not only did Longhorn exceed those expectations, the managers and corporate entities present went above to make you feel like LH was an elite steakhouse. After sampling a plethora of their food options, I'm planning another trip back here sooner rather than later. Starting with some outstanding stuffed mushrooms (I'm not a fungus guy, but I loved these) and some spicy fried shrimp, the appetizers set the mood for the rest of the meal. Next stop was LH's seasonal salad, greenery covered in a summery corn salsa concoction and drizzled with a BBQ ranch dressing. Great stuff! I'm a rib-eye fan and could not pass up the opportunity to try LH's bone-in thick cut affectionately known as the "Outlaw." Cooked to perfection, this steak was juicy, tasty, and everything it was billed to be. Throw in a couple decadent desserts to close out the meal and everyone seemed to be slowly limping to their cars to begin the slow retreat home. Waving the white flag of meat surrender, I trekked back to OPKS thinking about the next time I would go back to Longhorn to eat about 75% less food. Great event and well organized. Hats off to Matt E for arranging this evening of great food, awesome service and education, and an opportunity to "meat" some fellow Yelpers in person.
I'm writing this from my wheelchair as I have now gone into full blown food paralysis. This was the most filling meal I've had in a long time. After getting home I felt like shaming myself and did a rough estimation of caloric intake between 2200 and 2500, let me tell you what those consisted of: The appetizers were breaded shrimp and stuffed mushrooms. I probably ate a whole plate of shrimp to myself because they just kept bringing them out and I was in post workout mode ready to eat big. The shrimp was spot on and the mushrooms were above par compared to most stuffed mushroom dishes I've had. These were not the gross texture slimey mushrooms that some places get. The shrimp wasn't anything over the top but it was very delicious. Next was the salad. A salad with Avocado, bacon, candied pecans, corn and a nice bbq ranch dressing. This paired nicely with the steakhouse vibe and made me feel like pulling a six shoot out on the town to show 'em I've got the quickest draw with a salad fork. For the main course I opted for the 18oz Outlaw ribeye. This alone was 1000 calories according to their website. 1000 calories of awesome. I'm usually not a big steak fan, in fact I rarely see the value in these types of steaks as far as food, maybe I'm not doing it right though. I like a hard crust sear and tender middle, this was the chain steakhouse steak with some grill marks and no crust. Overall not a bad steak, if I were to recommend a real steak for KC this would probably not be in the running. Steamed asparagus side was... well... steamed asparagus. The event included a quiz of foodie meat and Longhorn knowledge. After watching Alton Brown explain cuts of beef a few times I've realized that I haven't watched it enough. They sent us all home with some long horn spices and the few that got the most points on the quiz were sent home with a nice set of longhorn steak knives. Even though they were serrated (I'm a serrated knife hater) they looked nice. Great event! Great People!
Considering one of my favorite restaurants is Waffle House, I know I am pretty easy to please, but holy cow! [ha! get it?] this event totally blew me away! It was my first yelp event, so I really had no idea what to expect. Despite my rambunctious personality on the internet, I tend to get kinda anxious when I don't know people, but I felt right at home as soon as people started arriving. Matt and the Longhorn team definitely pulled out all the stops and the evening was relaxed and fun. I've been to Longhorn a couple times in the past since my parents really like it, but that was a few years ago. The food they served tonight was nothing like I'd ordered in the past.. they have definitely revamped the menu in a good way. The starters were stuffed mushrooms and firecracker shrimp. The winner here, in my book, was the shrimp! I would order this as my meal. It breaded and tossed with jalapenos and banana peppers. Not a lot of heat, but a TON of flavor. Next up was a salad and despite existing mostly on veggies, I rarely order salads and usually just push the iceberg around when one is placed in front of me. This salad was really good though. Not exactly waistline friendly since it was coated in cheese, bacon and BBQ Ranch, but it was really flavorful. I really liked the grilled corn on it. For my meal I ordered the ribeye. Definitely the largest steak I have EVER had. I ordered medium-rare and for once was actually given a medium-rare steak. I feel like most chains usually overcook even when you specifically ask not to. It was fantastic. I wasn't as big of a fan of the fresh steak sauce as everyone else was, but the steak was perfection on its own. I ordered the asparagus as my side and it was well prepared and not heavily seasoned. The dessert was just stupid delicious. I was unfazed by the berry pound cake, but only because I deem cruel and unusual punishment to be cake without frosting. The Chocolate Stampede was the winner for me. I was even lucky enough to be able to take half of an order home and the fiance and I demolished that the next evening. I honestly think I will return to Longhorn in the future and prior to tonight I don't think I would have said that. I certainly created an envious zeal within the fiance considering how much I yapped on and on about this event for the rest of the night, and I know the mention of Chocolate Stampede again wouldn't make his arm too hard to twist :)

Local Flavor

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Restaurante El Pulgarcito

4200 E Truman Rd
Kansas City, 64127
Amazing pupusas. Yes, it looks like an east Kansas City restaurant because it IS an east Kansas City restaurant. But the food is wonderful and I love that they're always watching the best telenovelas in there! Absolutely great!

(816) 241-3954

Mexican, Latin American

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Silverspoon Cafe

2300 Main St Ste 160
Kansas City, 64108
Best diner I've ever been to. It's a hidden gem!! It may be hard to find but once you try it , you're hooked. They have so much variety and creativity that they are always experimenting and trying new wonderful combinations. Also, the staff is amazing! They will accommodate your every need.

(816) 421-6050


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10401 Blue Ridge Blvd
Kansas City, 64134
The Best subway Ive EVER been to!!! Ken and his wife, Silpa are awesome and Pat is always ready to hook up my footlong tuna on wheat =) Thanks to you all for your dedication and hardwork, you are truly "sandwich artists" Without you this would be just another Subway

(816) 761-7343

Sandwiches, Fast Food

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