Campfire Grill

46 Myrtle Ln
Indian Point, 65616
This grill has only been open for two weeks. We ate there last night on the recommendation of one of my wife's coworkers. The food is simply terrific! It was quite a surprise as the building is old and the sign is still from an old restaurant tenant (they have a new one being made). There was a portable sign with the right name on it in the grass. I ordered their "Honey Pear Salad", simply because it looked good on the menu, and the "Grown Up Grilled Cheese", which has bacon and blue cheese as well as cheddar. My wife ordered the "Big Chief Burger", which was garnished with crawfish, because her coworker had raved about it! Our food was served quite promptly (they were NOT busy when we arrived) and it was OUTSTANDING!!!! As I said to our waiter, we might have been lucky enough to get such fine food in France but we would have had to wait at least two or three hours longer to get it! I cannot sing the praises of the "Honey Pear Salad" too highly! It was among the finest salads that I have EVER eaten! It seemed simple with fresh spinach and blue cheese, walnuts and sliced pear, but the freshness and flavor were extremely delectable! The "Grown Up Grilled Cheese" was a little crispy (which I liked) and was an excellent choice to go with the magnificent salad! I would happily order it again. My wife loved her "Big Chief Burger" and I tried a bite which seemed excellent to me also! In summary this grill serves food that is several levels better than most in the area and close to as good as can be got anywhere! This is not fast food priced dining but it is a bargain for such high quality food! The atmosphere is rustic and informal.

(417) 338-3366


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