Ettlins Ranchero Supper Club

4452 40th St W
Webster, 55088
We were in Northfield for a graduation and were sent to Ranchero based on a Chowhound tip. It was great, just perfect, just what we wanted. The penultimate local steak experience in Minnesota. We drove there from Minneapolis going south rather than Northfield going north, and got amazingly lost. However, the wonderful diminutive hostess (is this Heidi?) vectored us in over the phone. Once we were there, it was like a warm, comfy trip back into the restaurants of my childhood. Great steaks, great service, right down to the foil wrapped baked potatoes (which were perfectly done by the way). We started with the curds and crabcakes. The curds were the best we've had in Minnesota. A very, very delicate batter rather than the thick bready stuff you get in most restaurants these days. The crabcakes were huge, fresh, and tasty. We also had an order of froglegs. I did not partake, but those who did advised that they were great. Also perfectly battered. We all ordered steak for dinner. The New York was amazing. Very large, perfectly cooked, and delicately seasoned. The beer selection was excellent and the beer on tap (mostly German) were perfectly seved cold a frothy. For dinner we head cheesecake and a great bread pudding. Both appeared to be homemade. The portions were very large and satisfying. The bread pudding was perfectly warm, not overly sweet and served with a great maple, sugar type sauce. and most important, there were very few raisins in it. The service was delightful. Cordial and friendly but not too much so. And the petite red-headed hostess was just fabulous. Can't recommend it highly enough. DOn't be intimiated by the location.
How they get steaks this good out in the sticks is beyond me. How they get Walleye this good, it's no mystery. Fresh caught. Kind service, warm atmosphere, and rich frothy root beer on tap with free refills. 6/5 stars
Great food!!! The service is friendly but slow, probably to be expected in a small town. We will definitely keep coming back.

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