44th Street Diner

1851 44th St SW
Wyoming, 49519
My wife and I went in this morning after not having been there in months. It was refreshing to see that a well established restaurant is able to do a makeover from within. The menu was very well organized and understandable for the variations that are available. The breakfast was very very good, the eggs over medium really were, no runny whites or solid yolks. Service was outstanding as was in the past and getting used to the tablet order form vs written. All in all I will highly recommend NOBLE and well worth the money.

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Diners, Breakfast & Brunch

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Tacos Doña Guille

2016 Clyde Park Ave SW
Wyoming, 49503
If you're looking for Authentic Mexican street food this is a place, it's a food truck set up at the corner of Burton and Clyde Park. All summer you can find them wed-sun from 3pm till 10pm or later serving up some of the best tacos in town(by taco I mean corn shell, meat of your choice, onions, and cilantro) They also have Elotes with all the toppings, fruit for desert, what more could you want? Get there and try it before winter comes, otherwise you'll have to go to Chicago for tacos this good.

(616) 452-3930

Food Stands, Mexican

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Pizza King

2307 Lee St SW
Wyoming, 49519
Great Pizza at a great price! The crust is perfectly soft and the ingredients are super fresh!

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Bosna Express

128 28th St SW
Wyoming, 49548
If you didn't know about this place, you may never go there due to the run down abandoned pizza hut next door, and the fact it's right off 131 before Division. I say that because I've driven by it for the past 4 weeks and never noticed it myself. Growing up in/around Detroit I feel that I have a right to have an authoritative opinion on what constitutes a quality gyro/donar. This was one of the better sandwiches I've had, ever. Was it life changing you may ask? No. But there is great divide between good gyros and crappy ones. More often than not I'm disappointed. Highlights The Bread - Holy crap, in house baked pita bread, I shit you not. Never have I ever had a restaurant provide homemade pita brad with a gyro. The Meat - Not at all overly salty, tender, straight off the gyro rotisserie good. It was evenly spiced, and delicious. Tzatziki Sauce - It was a lot thinner than what I was used to, however I rather enjoyed it. Veg - Typical raw onion and tomato, freshly cut. Will I go again? -Yes, decidedly so. The restaurant itself was extremely clean, and offered a small market for random eastern European sodas, chips, etc. I'm a bit upset it took me a month to find out about this place. The fries were a-typical but who really cares? $10 lunch with tip.
It was late, we were tired and staying at a nearby hotel---looking for some carryout that was "non" fast food. Came across this place located next to a Pizza Hut advertising $7.99 gyro and fries dinner. Decided to step in and glad that we did. The place is smallish with a small bar and grocery section in the back with lots of little foreign candies and other products. We ordered our meal...one gyro with fries and one cheese steak and fries. About 10 minutes later we had our food to go. Can't comment on a dine-in experience but I'm sure it would have been fine. The staff was friendly, the place was clean and the food was GREAT! The gyro came sort of like a stuffed sandwich full of meat, onion, tomato and sauce. Neater to eat than a standard gyro and very filling. Fries were average but decent. Would eat here again if I were in the area.
They have since changed their fries, and they are tasty now. The only thing I would recommend with the gyro is to have them add feta cheese! I have tried this since my original review and I didn't believe they could be more amazing and mouth watering. This place deserves 5 stars now. Very nice staff.

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Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Greek

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Burlingame Dairy Dip

3555 Burlingame Ave SW
Wyoming, 49509
The greatest thing about the Dairy Dip and other 5 star places is you know what you are going to get. The Dairy Dip makes me think Summer in the Midwest. I've ate ice cream all over this great land and the Dairy Dip is a great example of my favorite places to visit for frozen treats. Hudsonville Ice Cream takes the cake, I'm 28 and still love Superman flavor. Yesterday night it was Cookie and Cream and Mackinaw Island Fudge on a regular cone, the wife had a soft serve vanilla dipped in chocolate. Old stand bys make me happy and the Burlingame Dairy Dip will make you happy. Tips: The line moves quickly and people watching is even more fun when they are eating ice cream, take extra napkins and a spoon so you can try others choices, the 2 parking spots right on 36th St. can be parked next to making room for 4 cars. And always tip handsomely.
I love coming to the Dairy Dip, the ice cream is great! I know they are under new ownership now. But Hopefully the owner will get this message. Closing at 9 pm is way to early for the Wyoming Community. I drive past around 9 pm a lot and there is always a line still and I see the girls are working in the dark to discourage more customers to get in line. This is really unsafe for the employees of the Dairy Dip or whatever the future name of the ice cream shop on Burlingame and 36th. For me this has discouraged my husband and I to come as often as we use too, because we can not make it now on most nights.
Whenever I come home to visit this is one of my "must go to" spots (in the summer anyhow)! Pros: --lots of great Hudsonville ice cream flavors and many options for those who want other treats (sundaes, splits, shakes, etc) --love supporting a local family owned business! This shop always supported our high school yearbook by buying ads :) --picnic tables located in the back/side --well priced Cons: --parking can be a pain, especially when they are busy (which is pretty often) --they aren't open all year round. I knooooow this isn't really a con since it is true of most all ice cream shops...but I really would come all year round!!

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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Wing Heaven

1500 44th St SW
Wyoming, 49509
We order boneless wings from Wing Heaven from time to time as it is right around the corner from our house. Parmesan Garlic .... best we've ever had.. Hot could be a little hotter, but still good! (We've tried Scorching and just thought that the flavor wasn't quite there). Honey BBQ is good too! Ordered last night for take out and the man on the phone was very friendly and accommodating when I asked for an order of 50 wings divided up into 4 different flavors. Try the fried okra :).
Recently moved to the area and decided to try out my local wing heaven. Not going back. Besides the fact that it took forever the food was terrible. Over cooked and next to no sauce but i figured ild give it another try (years of food service has told me everyone has an off day). Second time i asked (and over paid ) for more sauce but only got a little extra on the carribian jerk and no extra on my raspberry pepper and the kicker is that the raspberry sauce was spoiled (smelled like it was rotting ). I will not be going back .
Just found out Wing Heaven opened a branch In my neck of the woods and now I am indeed in heaven! Their food is always amazing and freshly made, and the owner and the people who work there are really friendly.

(616) 530-3999

American (New)

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2769 44th St SW
Wyoming, 49509
Saw the reviews, so I had to try it. And they did not disappoint! I got pizza, which was very good and my fiancé got the skinny dip sandwich, which she loved! The pizza was very cheesy, the sauce was flavorful, and the bread was extra soft n fluffy. Only complaint is...I think they used can mushrooms. But it was still amazing. My fiancé's sandwich was very huge, with good ratio of meat/vegetables. The au jus was amaze balls! Fries were nice n crispy. The people were very nice and you can tell they care about their customers. The menu was quite large...so plenty of options for everyone. Overall we loved it and we are definitely going back to try the rest of the menu.
This is the time I wish I could give half stars I would give it a 4.5. It is very good food. The service was decent, even one of the cooks (maybe owner) came out to talk to customers. We were laughing because we heard him talking about coleslaw on a sandwich. This is funny because we are Pittsburghers which is the common thing. He heard this and brought us a sample of their coleslaw. I do not like coleslaw, but this was good. It was fresh, had a crunch, and not too sweet. My husband got a chicken ranch sandwich and I got a stromboli. His bun was flaky and soft. The stromboli had amazing dough and seasoning. The only downfall is that the atmosphere is a typical pizza place. It had a ton of beer signs and I dont think they serve alcohol which is disappointing.
Incredible pizza!

(616) 532-9955

Pizza, Sandwiches, Burgers

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Sweetie Thai

1717 28th St,Ste J
Wyoming, 49519
Delicious food great service. Jason and Victoria make sure that their customers are happy. They will often give you samples of whatever you would like to try. They offer your traditional thai dishes but the taste sets itself apart from other restaurants in the area. You will not be disappointed coming here and will more than likely become a regular!
This place is amazing. Try the Green Mango salad, it's to die for. The people are amazing and the food is on point!
Absolutely delicious food! Very friendly service! We had Thai BBQ chicken and Pad Thai. Recommend both dishes.

(616) 530-5800


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Shelley’s Kitchen

1140 Burton St SW
Wyoming, 49509
Let me start with the fact that I love old diners and hole-n-the-wall restaurants. I think they have a tendency for great food. I've now been here twice and my view of this place is Meh. The 1st time I ordered a chicken salad sandwich with fries. The chicken salad was a little odd. The base was ranch instead of mayo, a very average ranch. The sandwich was ok but a mayo base would have been better. The fries were very average. The 2nd time I had scrambled eggs, American fries, ham, and white toast. The portions were very good but the american fries were less than appetizing, the rest was very average. Almost all the food was not bad just very Meh! The service was grouchy the 1st time and cheerful the 2nd time. I know some people love this place, but I won't be back.
Good food but the service could've been way better. I was ignored for the first twenty minutes and the waitress brought the bill with the meal and didn't check once after that. Guess her job was done. With all that being said... the shelley's omelette was very good.. they just need better staff. I eat out quite a bit and I am seeing a trend of poor service at most new places that I try. I have yet to find a place that I want to stick with and become a regular at for breakfast, but I love trying new places and the food can be worth the wait sometimes.
Breakfast here is preferred over New Beginnings honestly! Always recommend it. Very friendly prompt service!

(616) 247-1116

American (Traditional), Diners, Breakfast & Brunch

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Hunan Chinese Restaurant

1740 44th St SW,Ste 6
Wyoming, 49519
I came here with my girlfriend because this was her favorite chinese restaurant growing up in G-Rap. She was very excited to come here. We ordered the steak on a stick that you cook yourself. That was pretty good. I really enjoyed that. We ordered fried rice, mongolian beef, and sesame chicken.Everything was good, and so was the service.
Pretty good as take-out. Service was mediocre when we have stayed to eat.
This is our favorite Chinese restaurant in GR (not that we've tried them all). We started getting food there in 2005 before our son was born, after having learned that they don't use MSG. We've never actually eaten at the restaurant, so I can't comment on anything in the restaurant.

(616) 530-3377


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