Jimmy John’s

6695 Orchard Lake Rd
West Bloomfield Township CDP, 48322
I recently reviewed a Jimmy Johns on Orchard Lake Rd in West Bloomfield. At the time of that writing, I thought that the address seemed a bit far south. Well, it was. This is actually the Jimmy Johns location I had visited. I have visited the other one too. But I wanted to add this location as it is new and fresh. I will edit the other JJ review accordingly. When you need to fuel up, and when time is an issue, the fast food places are the only real choice that one has. Generally, I don't really like fast food. I would prefer to find a small ethnic place that is individually owned and take my chances, but sometimes that is just not an option. So when there are no local ethnic choices, the national and international chains are where you can go. I call this feeding at the trough. But there are big differences between fast food places. Some are mediocre to poor and one or two of them are very good. Jimmy Johns is, IMO, a wide cut above most of the other fast food places. When I am traveling and have to grab a quick bite, if I see a JJ, then that is always my first choice. Why? It's all about quality. Jimmy Johns has two attributes that differentiate it from say a Subway or some other fast food chain sandwich shops. First, there's the bread. The bread at JJs is always slightly crisp on the outside and soft and rich on the inside. Contrast that with Subway's bread. That Subway bread reminds me of eating a dried out kitchen sponge. The second differentiator is the main ingredients. They are high quality. The roast beef is moist and tasty. The ham is not USDA grade zero. So when you get a Jimmy Johns sandwich, it is going to taste pretty darned good. Now JJs has gone through a kind of marketing evolution. It used to be that you could pretty much only find a JJs shop on a college campus. So if you were driving on the highway and you saw an exit for a major, or not so major university, you could pretty much bet that there would be a Jimmy Johns at that exit. Now that the college campus market has been saturated, JJs have shown up in suburbia and in the cities in areas where people work. And the same folks that graduated from colleges and universities a few years ago; those folks that loved Jimmy Johns when they were eating it while studying for exams and such, are now in the workforce and still eating at JJs. I stopped at the Orchard Lake location when I was out doing some errands and saw the sign. My car made an involuntary automatic turn into the parking lot. I was hungry, I didn't have a lot of time and I really craved a great sandwich. Jimmy Johns was an automatic match. Now they have a wide variety of sandwiches at JJs. I personally like one that stands alone in the JJ line up. It is bigger and more expensive than the rest. But to me, it is the perfect match for my tastes and appetite. That is the Gargantuan. A "Garg" is a mixed cold cut sandwich that also has roast beef and turnkey on it. So aside from the Genoa salami, ham, provolone and other stuff, it has those two items. It is a thick sandwich. They dress it with the usual greenery; lettuce, tomatoes and onions, and they add not only Italian dressing, but also mayo. Now the first time I saw them doing that, and that was quite a few years ago, I thought that using both mayo and Italian dressing was just wrong. But I was wrong. The mayo compliments the meats and the Italian dressing compliments the veggies. It really is a good way to dress this sandwich. I really love Gargs and almost always order them. At the current time they are not cheap, but still a good value at $ 7.50. But most of the JJ sandwiches are big, but not overstuffed like the Garg. The cost either $ 4.50 or $ 5.50 depending on the contents. And they even have some pretty plain ones for $ 3.50. Notable menu choices are the Italian Night Club which is what you would imagine it to be, and the Club Tuna that even has sprouts and cucumber in addition to lots of nice tuna, provolone and the other veggies. They don't serve hot food at JJs. So you can't get a soup or a Mac-n-cheese or anything like that, but the sandwiches are a cut above other fast food fuel stops and I recommend them. The Orchard Lake location was fresh and new looking. It was big enough to seat a bunch of people. It was clean and the counter service; that's all there is, was fast and efficient.
There food is horrible so is their delivery it took them one hour to deliver 2 sandwiches in a mile radius and the food looked fake and tastes horrible I had a BLT the tomatoes were bad and the lettuce was old. Will never go back again
I generally try to keep my reviews positive but I felt compelled to write about our bad experience with this Jimmy John's. Ordered lunch on a Saturday for delivery. Asked if they were busy. They said no. Hour later and no food...we called back. They said now they were busy and said it was going to be a while longer. It ended up being over two hours and closer to dinner time than lunch by the time we got our food. And to add insult to injury-- this was the second time this happened with this location. I'm done patronizing this location. We've given them too many chances.

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