Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop

6490 Orchard Lake Rd
West Bloomfield Township, 48322
I stop here a few times a week and go through the drive through. The people that take your orders are really nice and don't act irritated with you. super fast. go here
Big fan of Tim's coffee, but of all the Tim's I've visited (at least 9), this one is the fastest, friendliest, freshest, cleanest and most comfortable one there is, and they get your order right every time! Really shows that they have pride in their Franchise.
Always go through the drive thru here. They're super fast and very nice and friendly. Today was the first time I actually sat inside to get some studying done. The owner kept on talking loudly with the employees and wouldn't quiet down. And I was at the furthest table from the register. Maybe they aren't used to people coming and sitting inside, but I hears every word of their conversation and wasn't too excited about it. Great from the outside and drive thru, but don't plan on sitting inside again.

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Jersey Mike’s Subs

6480 Orchard Lake Road
West Bloomfield Township, 48322
You can't go wrong with the turkey & provolone! I get it Mikes way with mayo & pickles added and it is the best cold sandwich for a hot day. The best part is how much bang you get for your buck. Their largest sub is huge and $13! Fast, professional service. Love this place.
Was here on the first day they opened, and had a great sub! Jersey Mike's is the old fashioned, wonderful sub like the old independent places we knew and loved on campus in the 70's. Messy, but GREAT!! The manager couldn't have been nicer, and even on the first day with a bit of confusion, all the young people behind the counter were doing their best to make things work. BEST cold sub in Michigan!
Great Subs.

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Fast Food, Delis, Sandwiches

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Princess Mediterranean Grill

7425 Orchard Lake Rd
West Bloomfield Township, 48322
I just had the best chicken cream chop I've ever had. This might be the best mediterranean food around.
I almost gave it one star, but I've only been here once and would not want to downgrade it that far without more than one visit. And I won't be giving it another try, unless someone I really want to share a meal with insists on eating here. I stopped in for lunch and ordered a lamb kabob sandwich ($6), lentil soup ($3.99) and a can of coke ($1.50). The lentil soup was very good, creamy and nicely spiced. Two problems with the kabob, one of which may only be a problem for me. First, the menu lists several sandwiches and describes what each contains. Unfortunately for me, it did not disclose that the lamb kabob sandwich contained onions. But mine did; raw red onions to be specific. I don't like onions, and because the menu listed several of the other sandwiches as containing onions, and this one did not, I did not bother asking to hold the onions. Obviously, this would not be an issue for onion lovers, but it left a bad taste in my mouth (literally and figuratively). The second problem with the kabob sandwich was that the meat lacked flavor, either from the grilling or seasoning. Part of the reason I am writing this after only one visit is that the prior review mentioned a lack of seasoning in some other food, so maybe this is an issue with their cooks that might be corrected. They have a small dining area, but did seem to be selling a decent amount of carry-out. A couple of other minor issues were that they do not have iced tea available, and that I could not find soup on the menu. I asked about soup and was given two choices by the server. This appeared to be a family owned/operated business, which I consider a positive. But to wrap up, I felt that my lunch was overpriced, and at least some of the food I had was not very good. Fortunately, the area has several other decent choices for Mediterranean food.
The best mediterranean food I have had outside the Mediterranean. Chicken shawarma sandwich is amazing get Labna with it and falafel. The women at the counter knows my GF by name and is always asking how we are doing. She is super friendly!! They are great when we ask for Extra bread. Have not actually eaten in but take out always makes us smile. They will be catering my Gfs next birthday party.

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Mediterranean, Middle Eastern

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China Town

4276 Orchard Lake Rd
West Bloomfield Township, 48323
Pretty darn good! My lady friend said "I don't hate myself after eating it!" No MSG's at all! Lots of gluten free items. Prices are great.
Delicious. Fresh, fast and yummy. I was looking for a good Chinese place close to work for carry out, and sadly my coworkers only knew of the place across the street. "That place has 2 stars", I thought. Then I found Chinatown was not too far. No pictures, only great yelp reviews. I must go, I said. And I did. The result is the pictorial tale you'll find here. I've had 4 different choices, plus 2 other orders my coworkers asked to get and everything has been spot on excellent. Reasonably priced, full picture menu for those who want to order but have 0 clue what anything is, and a flavor profile that will bring me back. I officially am hooked and I'm very happy I can spread the word.You must have the wonton soup or the chicken dumplings. So fresh and really good. Coworkers loved the chicken egg rolls, even going to far too say the best they've had. .and the noodles are perfection. The only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is i asked for my 1st meal to be 'extra spicy' and explained if you have heat you better bring it on. My cashier said no problem. When I had my spicy Mongolian beef, it was medium. I think because there were a lot of green peppers, they thought I'd think it was hot...um, no. That aside it is worth the trip here! Yummo !
Excellent food. I LOVE the jumbo shrimp with snow peas or brocolli. The new shrimp with curry is spectacular too. The prices are really good. The only thing I would complain about is that they don't serve beer and if I eat at the restaurant I love a good Tsng Tao with my meal! That aside, definitely worth your while!

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6919 Orchard Lake Rd
West Bloomfield Township, 48322
DELICIOUS FOOD! Really good food, quick service. SOMEtimes my food wasn't 100% correct, but it was fixed. There is always an employee here or there that doesn't do a good job, but the managers I have come into contact have been accommodating, and the rest of the employees are above and beyond great. Overall, I love Smash Burger. My Only overall suggestion is that I wish they were open a little later!
A small menu, but with good enough variety and served fresh and fast. I'm not a fan of rosemary fries
ive gotta review smash burger because i have eaten at at every burger place in the area and ive gotta say that Smashburger is the best! best patties best bun and best fries hands down me and my kids looooooooooove burgers and no matter how good my reviews are of other burger bars there is nothing better than Smashburger

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Huerto Restaurant and Tequila Bar

6199 Orchard Lake Rd
West Bloomfield Township, 48322
I had such high hopes for this place, since the area is in such desperate need of a good Mexican restaurant, unfortunately this place is not it. Food was bland and uninspired. Maragarita's were disappointing. The Presidente margarita was just OK. The Huerto signature had such an off-putting, metallic flavor that it made me paranoid that maybe my mouth was bleeding (it was not)! It was just so bad. Sent it back for another Presidente. I order a LOT of food when trying a new Mexican place for the first time, to make a fair assessment. Started with the guacamole. Bland!! Then Hubby and I each got "build your own 3 item combos" each with 3 different things, so I tried those 6 menu items (Tamale, Tostada, Taco, Enchilada, Burrito, Flauta) PLUS an ala carte Chile Relleno. None of it was good at all. It reminded me of mexican day at a school cafeteria. Bland unseasoned beef, bland overly thick refried beans, flavorless cheese, etc. The food is bland to the point that hot sauce just can not fix. Very disappointed, especially with an 80+ dollar bill. In summary, the decor is beautiful, the servers are attentive, but the food and drinks are just NOT good. Great concept but horrible execution.
Very good Chimichanga . I was not impressed with the salsa though very little flavor. Nice atmosphere
Like so many others around this area, I was excited to finally get a Mexican restaurant. The vibe and the bar area were pretty cool. After that, it went down hill. Menu was odd with fish and chips and ribs but the the Mexican entrees were all very standard...nothing unique. The guacamole seemed to be made with fresh avocados but was totally flavorless. The steak fajitas were made with awful meat and seasoning that cried anything but Mexican. Fajitas aren't difficult and the meat should be the star. The carne asada was dry and the tortillas dominated.....Like getting a very thin burger with a huge bun. The waiter asked if I was too full to finish my food....no, it just want worth eating. For 15 years I've only gone to Mexican Village section in downtown Detroit for quality Mexican food. I was hoping to find a good place in the suburbs. Oh well...I will still be making the drive to the D when I crave Mexican.

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White Palace

6123 Haggerty Rd
West Bloomfield Township, 48322
We went on saturday evening, and the food was amazing! We had the chicken schwarma meal. the wait staff was attentive, and the place looked great! will definitely go again! If we experience the same service and food, i will up my rating to 5 stars.
Large serving of middle eastern food. Tasted ok. Service was quick and price is reasonable.
It's safe to say this was probably the worst restaurant I've ever ordered carry out from. First of all if you don't speak English you shouldn't be taking orders. All we wanted were 3 chicken sandwiches and they didn't even do that right. When someone says no garlic it doesn't mean add on extra garlic. Will never order from here ever again. And for those of you who don't speak Arabic I'd recommend you don't either cause they will get your order wrong. As for the employees there..try Rosetta Stone I've heard it does wonders.

(248) 313-9656

Middle Eastern

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Eddie’s Coney Island

1749 Haggerty Rd
West Bloomfield Township, 48390
(3ish stars) Needed some soup bad while I was in the area. Ordered up a bowl of the regular chicken soup (they also have chicken lemon with rice), a grilled cheese, fries, Sprite, and vanilla milkshake for the kid in tow. No complaints about the food or service, but more so the overall cleanliness. Joint has some nice tile/decorative appointments and 3 TVs way up high. Beaded glass flowers on wall could use some deep wet wiping and then regular dusting upkeep. Tile floor was sticky all the way to the bathroom. My particular table could have been wiped down better, and from the looks of the rest in the sunlight, it was not the exception. The TV that was off by me could have used a wipe down too. Considering there were 2 servers in addition to the cook during the super slow time I was there (Weds around 4.30pmish) & only another table was occupied by customers, SOMEbody could've been working a little harder on the whole cleaning part. Open trash can in the bathroom was almost to the rim too. These kinds of things make you think twice about what could possibly be going in the non-open kitchen area. Total meal was $13 and change before tip. Reasonable. Bonus that Eddie's is open 24/7.
Good food, friendly staff and it's a nice twist on your usual coney atmosphere.
Grungy, dirty, the cheapest of everything. Did not meet any expectations whatsoever! So disappointing, for a quick breakfast. Just wouldn't bother again.

(248) 960-1430

American (Traditional), Greek

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Grand Azteca

6041 Haggerty Rd
West Bloomfield Township, 48322
We found Tex Mex!! I'm not sure why this place has low stars. But, let me assure you that this place is legit! We moved here from Dallas in May and have been trying places to find some comfort food. The Texas Margarita, queso (cheese dip) and chicken enchilada with verde sauce made this Texas girl a little less homesick! The service was fast and friendly, thanks Sal! A must try and worthy of more than 3 stars!!! Better than Rojo, Fiesta Fajita and that terrible joint in Walled Lake.
Love. I'm in love with this place. I've recently discovered the fried burritos and they are awesome. Both the chicken and beef. We've tried a few of the shrimp dishes as well lately and they are fantastic. Recently took an order of chips and salsa to go for a late night snack and was not disappointed. I'd eat here three times a week if my husband would let me!
Geat food, but some of the worst service you will find. It is unfortunate as it is a mix of good severs and terrible ones. You roll your dice to see what you get. We went there 20+ times (because of the food), but enough is enough! ! Never again

(248) 669-7555


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Samurai Steakhouse

7390 Haggerty Rd
West Bloomfield Township, 48323
Been coming here since day one, and haven't stopped. My kids love the hibachi, and the show they put on. Nice and clean great food, fast service, and friendly people. The sushi bar is crazy good. I think one of the best around town. Give them a try. You won't regret it!
Hibachi. Japanese Steakhouse. Dinner and a show. It's not that hard to screw that up. Or is it? How many times can you see an onion turned into a volcano? Or a onion into a locomotive puffing out steam? I personally believe these type of restaurants need to step it up and try to get mors attention back to the food. A small party of 4 came here for my birthday.. the place was less than full.... so I completely understand why it was less than lackluster. It was also a Thursday evening. The food? Was nothing too tasty. The two other hibachi places in the metro Detroit area have a little bit of a step up on this place as the flavor of the food and the cooking 'show'. Portions of course are dependent on the size of the people at your table... but you can easily leave this place very full. I don't know though... there was just something lacking from the cooking display, and our meal that just left a sour taste in my mouth for having to pay for an over priced fancy birthday meal. Maybe it was the green tea ice cream. *shrug*
Samurai has a great lunch special on their bento boxes. A ton of food for a great value. Going there during dinner rush I highly recommend avoiding it because the food and service isn't on par. Try going during slower hours for best experience

(248) 661-8898

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