Walloon Lake Inn

4178 W St
Walloon Lake, 49796
By far the best meal we have ever had in Northern Michigan. We were thrilled to have a meal that was so thoughtfully prepared and superbly executed. The attention to detail want flavored of each and every item were exquisite. Atmosphere was lovely, restaurant is clean, and the piano player was fabulous. Five star all the way!!!
This review is an an effort to be helpful. This is a restaurant with lots of promise. It has been totally redecorated and although dark for my taste it is nonetheless beautifully done. The tablecloths, cutlery,, glassware, etc. are all first rate and polished. The service is wonderful and last night we had a waiter who had worked at Tapawingo for years. He was excellent. The wine list is well done with some minor inaccuracies. The prices are outlandish with some wines at 3X retail. Wines by the glass are similarly overpriced. Four of us went for dinner which was well served. The Caesar Salad was rated a 3 by all of us. Old greens, weak dressing, hidden anchovies. The main course was rack of lamb, filet and two had the rib eye. The meat looked great, but we all rated it about a 5. My wife thought the lamb wasn't lamb. I am sure it was, but she didn't like the taste and she loves lamb. The filet was average as were the accompaniments. The rib eye had great accompaniments, but the beef was unsatisfying to both parties. Overly salted and not tasty. We had two bottles of wine and the check for four people was $700. Today three of the four of us have GI problems which is always disconcerting! Their fish is farm raised. On a Saturday night they had two tables which should be telling the owners something. Prices need to come down, at least until they are established as a destination restaurant. The wine list needs a haircut and the food has to be vastly improved. We are hoping that all of this happens!
A perfect meal on a perfect night. Incredible food, stellar service, breathtaking view.

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