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Visit below restaurant in Suttons Bay for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Suttons Bay for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Dennis P.

    Great service , killer market attached for sushi ginger, wonderful fall rolls and we had the seafood stir fry -loads of shrimp and mussels as big as your thumb ! Good service and a bar Great we Will be back

  • Chris W.

    After reading the reviews we were anxious to try the Pad Thai and we were so disappointed. The wide noodles got soggy very quickly and the chicken was very dry. They do have a nice deli of which I will come back for and maybe try a pizza but never the Thai. I really wanted to like it.

  • Nancy M.

    Was a truly enjoyable experience. The food was great. We ordered a pizza as an appetizer. My husband and I split the Pad Thai with shrimp & mussels and our friends had then fish tacos. All were excellent! Very quaint and cozy! Will definitely return upon our next visit to the area.

  • Cindy G.

    We ordered the pad thai, seafood soup and fish tacos. The fish tacos were ok but we didn't enjoy the other dishes. We ordered cheese pizza and it had very little cheese and the crust was too hard. Sorry to say we don't recommend and won't go back.

  • Kaylyn M.

    We had one of the best meals in Suttons Bay. Great fish and shrimp tacos and delicious pad Thai chicken. Nice atmosphere and we could actually have a conversation without shouting. So nice to find a restaurant with a few different menu choices and not the typical bar food. We will be back soon!

  • Lou O.

    Best secret in Leelanau County!best Pizza and Best tai food in Northern Mi. You really need to give this Place a try

  • Mary E.

    This restaurant is a bit out of the way and nestled between a few wine tasting venues, but it is worth stopping by. The spring rolls, pad thai chicken and fish and chips are excellent. They also have pizza.

  • Erin M.

    T-H-E best pad thai! This is one of my favorite restaurants in the Traverse City area. The owner, Rich, is always working behind the bar and waiting on tables and his wife, Salve, cooks the food! She is from the Philippines and makes some of the best authentic pad thai I've found. I also love her spring rolls, flat bread pizzas, and fish tacos. Yes, an interesting mix of food, but they are all great! You can also pick up Michigan wine in the deli/store that is attached.

  • Colleen C.

    If I impress upon you nothing else in this world, it would be to get the Thai Coconut Seafood Soup here -- and to split with a friend. Huge mussels, fresh seafood, tangy coconut broth. Sublime. The Green Thai Curry Chicken is also quite wonderful, as are the Spring Rolls -- but nothing beats that seafood soup by a mile. So, so good. Pro-tip: if you go at 3:30 (right when they open for dinner) you'll likely be treated to the freshest fare of the evening as they get the kitching going. This was accidental in timing as we'd forgotten to eat lunch in TC -- but quite a nice bonus. SEAFOOD SOUP. A must.

  • Krissy S.

    Ordered a california thin crust pizza and fall rolls for pick up. Ordering and picking up the food was smooth. For the food though - the pizza was dry and hard. And it said in their website that their food was fresh? The pizza crust definitely did not taste like it. I'd say frozen - probably even got freezer burn. The pizza sauce was lacking in taste and amount to cover the whole pizza. Now as I'm writing this I remember now which pizza it tasted like - Digorno!! They both have tasteless toppings and hard crust and that frozen food look. I'm so disappointed that I wish I just had ordered pizza from Dominoes or Pizza hut. Their fall rolls (chicken with lettuce) was fried and had a soy sauce dip with some herbs which did not really add any flavor to the soy sauce. I hope they come up with a different dipping sauce to pair it with the rolls because it did not complement nor enhance the flavor of the rolls due to being too salty. That's all. I'm not coming back to this place because we don't leave around here:p

  • Marin C.

    Yum. Stopped by for lunch today, I work a stone's throw away but usually my lunch break doesn't accommodate leisurely lunches. Today, I had time, and I am glad I did. I had some excellent seafood soup, just shrimp, as I wasn't brave enough for the mussels and scallops. Plus, I just like shrimp. It had all my happy thai flavors, keffir lime leaves, lemongrass, joy joy. I had a side of rice and a spinach salad also, needless to say I had 3 containers of leftovers. Portions are large, sharing would probably be good here.

  • Brittany A.

    Delicious and unique thai. The food came out very quickly and ingredients tasted fresh. They use green curry in their pad thai which gives it a unique favor. It's in a barn and is very small but is great for a quick bite after lots of wine.

  • L C.

    Had dinner here last night with 8 family members. It is clear that they are understaffed, and the waitstaff that we experienced are untrained (although pleasant enough). It took close to 90 minutes to receive our food, which was five entrees and 2 pizzas. We never got the appetizers we ordered without any mention of why from the staff. Pizza is passable for children. The chicken pad thai was likely the worst entree I've eaten in the past 20 years. The noodles were overcooked to a glue-like consistency. My husband enjoyed his beef satay. Overall, would not recommend.

  • Lauren V.

    Man, I want to give 5 stars ... and for the quality and deliciousness of the food I do... but there is one thing missing that leaves that last star hanging.... the summer rolls! What? you say. The summer rolls are all things fabulous wrapped in a rice paper blanket with 2 slammin' dipping sauces... and I couldn't agree more.. I crave these things. However, the last 3 times (yes, 3) they have been out of them - gasp- they note on the menu that they are a local favorite, and boy they must be since they are always out of them... and to that I say, up your production! I usually just sigh, lick my wounds and order a delish curry dish, then lick my fingers. Besides my love for the rolls that I can never seem to have; this place is fabulous! You can get things mild, medium, or hot. I can handle hot things but typically get medium since we ride our bikes 12 miles there and I don't need that acid reflux on the ride home... we haven't had a bad meal there. Maybe I should learn my past experiences and call ahead of time to confirm whether or not they have summer rolls...

  • Ellen P.

    Hmmm...Thai food AND artisan pizza coming out of the same kitchen, eh? That was my thought upon walking into this establishment and seeing the blackboard specials. Because in my experience everything-for everyone pan-ethinic restaurants have a hard time being good at any one cuisine. Well...my partner and I were pleasantly surprised by the Thai side of the menu here. I enjoyed what I think was the best pad thai I have ever had, and my partner was just as pleased with her fish seafood soup and fish tacos. (Yeah, I know; a third cuisine. But they were really, really good -- light, crispy fish and lots of lime and cilantro.) Actually, we traded plates halfway through our dinner because all the food was just so good. Lots of "pop"; fresh flavors; good-quality ingredients. Be warned that the portions are crazy big, so unless you share you will be going home with a carryout box. We also enjoyed the cozy atmosphere of the dining area -- warm colors and the work of local artists on the walls, depicting the beauty of Leelanau County. The restaurant is located next to the Chateau De Leelanau tasting room and a new specialty-foods store with an emphasis on local products. There's also an interesting gallery featuring local artists and artisans in the same building complex. We will absolutely be back next time we're in the area!

  • Dallas A.

    3.5 stars. The portion sizes are humongous, even the tacos will fill you up to, I am so fullllll levels that you won't be leaving hungry. The food isn't great. It's good, but nothing special. The Mom had Pad Thai, and it wasn't very flavorful until she requested some hot sauce (the waiter forgot to bring it out). The Dad and I had tacos, fish for him and shrimp for me. Like I said, they were big, they had a lot of meat on them, but again, nothing spectacular flavor wise. They also need a beverage menu, or remember to bring one out. I had no idea what wines or beers or sodas they offered when asked what I wanted to drink. Other than the forgetfulness of the waiter, the service was warm, helpful and welcoming. Would I eat here again? Sure, if I was on the M-22 and felt the need for decent food in portions big enough to make me gain a few pounds in a meal, why not?

  • A V.

    Didn't eat, but the wine selection was poor. Many shelves were empty, and half the inventory was from California.

  • Amy T.

    I love to help support Mom and Pop shops and this one is awesome. Mom makes authentic and fresh thai food in the back and Pop runs the front. Do NOT expect to be in a rush, a) it's Leelanau where you can't help but sit by the Bay and watch your blood pressure drop and b) Mom and Pop probably can't afford an army of servers knowing the restaurant biz here only makes money June-Sept during tourist season. Recommendations: thai green curry shrimp pizza (they roast and grind the peanuts for the sauce!) - loads of cilantro, basil, red bell pepper, YUM. Ahi tuna salad, fish tacos and tom yum coconut seafood soup. The contrasting tastes and textures are divine. You'll eat with your eyes closed, it's so good. Promise. Nice selection of beer and wine too. Get a homemade coconut macaroon for the road.

  • Judith L.

    One of my favorite places: the food is very tasty, nicely presented, and always freshly cooked. Lots of crunchy veggies in the Asian dishes, and not over-spiced. Nothing is canned or gluey like many of this variety of restaurant. For dessert: the coconut macaroons are to die for....

  • Robert A.

    Cute little place. Good selection. Tasty food. We ordered California pizza and my wife had a Ruben. The only reason this isn't a 4 is because the service was a bit slow. Still an enjoyable experience.


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  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Good For Dancing : No
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Happy Hour : No
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : No
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No



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