Cathy’s Homemade Goodies

30910 Harper Rd
St. Clair Shores, 48082
Clean the spider webs! There was tons spiders as big as half dollars crawling around the front.... Other then that, I had the salted caramel ice cream in a warm fresh waffle cone that was pretty awesome! I'll be back
So, after a lovely lunch a few miles up the road, my hubby brought me to Cathy's for ice cream. I do not know which was better, the homemade cinnamon honey ice cream (amazing!), or the warm home made waffle cone (amazing!). All I can say is that both together were OUT OF THIS WORLD! This is not cheap ice cream it was about $4 for a double scoop, but well worth the money. I tried ot get Hubby to share (there was more than enough), but he wanted butter pecan (also yummy), and refused to share! Trust me, there was enough for 2 to share the double scoop. Next time....
Homemade waffle cone and honey and cinnamon ice cream crushes all others. Flipping good.

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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Little Z’s BBQ

22428 Greater Mack Ave
St. Clair Shores, 48080
I'm a fan of carry-out and tried this place when they first opened. My general thought was it was OK. The meat was tasty, the mac and cheese was yum but I hated all the sauces that I tried. I almost let that sway me because I thought the sauces tasted like flavored tomato pastes because they were so thick and really lacked decent flavor. However, I thought I would try it again thinking some kinks may need to be worked out. This time, brisket, mac and cheese and collard greens was the fare. Again, the meat was tasty and pretty darn good. I thoroughly enjoyed the sides and all in all had a very satisfying meal. However, my stance on the BBQ sauce stands. Which kind of throws me off because I have never been to a place where I couldn't find at least 1 sauce. Oh well. It won't stop me from returning. You can get a good meal and the fact that I can get it close to home is nice. I'll just add my own sauce. All in all - I would definitely return and encourage locals to do the same. I think they deserve 3-1/2 stars but that's not an option. This has not notoriously a location where businesses have longevity so I hope Little Z can break the cycle.
Just picture a man and woman running toward one another in slow motion through a beautiful, flower-filled meadow ...their arms extended, anticipating a loving embrace. Then the woman runs right past the befuddled man ...into the arms of a smaller, lesser known guy. The jilted man would be Slow's BBQ and the little guy with the receding hairline who gets the girl would be Little Z's. We were driving home from Ann Arbor and agreed that it was about time for BBQ since we hadn't opted for that in quite a while. Of course the iconic Slow's came to mind but because Deb had already been there once before (average experience) and we jumped on Yelp to sift through reviews (2 hour wait at times?) we thought of giving our more local Little Z's a shot. What a great decision guys. I ordered the beef brisket sandwich which comes on a baked focaccia, with tomato jam and onions. There were 8 or 9 sauces to try but I'm telling you, this was good enough to stand on its own. Outstanding flavor and a huge portion. Plenty of fries, which were cooked, for me, perfectly. They were not the typically undercooked, bendy, gross fries that sometimes can ruin a good sandwich. The redskin potato salad was amazing as well. Deb chose the pulled pork sandwich with fries and slaw. Again, excellent flavor and portion size ... Great tasting coleslaw was a little on the watery side but the flavor was terrific. To top it off the price was reasonable and the service was extremely accommodating and friendly. With apologies to the Goliath that is Slow's ... My money is on the David that is Little Z's. We'll be back!
This place was strange. There is very little seating. It's moderately priced.I had the pulled pork and I just wasn't impressed. I feel like if you need 42 flavored sauces, you don't have a good meal to start with. It was just, "Meh." There are other places I'd prefer to go for good BBQ.

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Achatz Burgers

24605 Jefferson Ave
St. Clair Shores, 48080
Their lease expired and they are closed. A sign on the doors says the concept is for sale. Sad is an understatement
I'm torn between 3.5 and 4 stars, but I guess my grumpy side won out today. The burger? Excellent, one of the best I've had recently. You don't get quite the variety of toppings you'd have at, say, 5 guys, but the sauce and veggies were fresh and tasty, as was the bun. The patties were hand-formed and the meat was of good quality. What was the problem, then? The fries. I ordered the Cajun fries, and they were assertively spiced, the way I like that sort of stuff. But I could only eat about half the serving, as there was a good quarter-inch puddle of grease in the bottom of the container. Oily, soggy, really unappealing. The folks behind the counter really need to pay attention to things like that.
I'm not a burger gal, but I have a constant, 24/7 craving for the cheeseburgers at Achatz Burgers. First of all, the 85/15 beef blend is fresh with patties made every day and not shipped in frozen and unloaded off a truck. The same goes for the buns that are baked each day and the fries that are hand-sliced. Better yet, get the flavored fries. The ranch is my favorite. You HAVE to get the chocolate malt. I really mean you HAVE to get it ... in all caps. They use homemade chocolate syrup. I have to go back and try the splitter dogs ... deep-fried hot dogs topped with chili made by the Achatz's cousins that make the Achatz soups. They're also related to the Achatz Homemade Pie Co. folks. Their pies are served at Achatz Burgers, too. I love the interior ... contemporary, clean (eat off the floor clean) with a hint of retro. Very cool. I really hope the Achatz family takes off with their burger joint and expands all over the Detroit area -- as long as they don't lose that family vibe feel they share with all of their customers.

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Burgers, Hot Dogs

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Passport Pizza

29638 Harper Avenue
St. Clair Shores, 48082
The best GF pizza around! We've ordered from here a couple of times now. Delivery can be slow, but it's always worth the wait. Also, they have GF cinnamon bread ( which is like finding a magical unicorn). If you don't eat gluten, this is the pizza place for you!
Last order was horrible experience. Delivery, we were told would be 45 minutes and an hour and a half later still no knock on the door. Called there only to be told that the delivery driver should've delivered it by now and that they would investigate. Manager said he would call us back after he talked with the driver to find out what took so long but never called us back. The pizza was dried out, potato wedges were under cooked and meat balls were over cooked. Guess its back to finding a new pizza joint for us.
Awesome food you gotta try the Chicago deepdish. The salads are great too. I recommend this place to everyone. I think the best pizza shop on the Eastside

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Pizza, Sandwiches, Caterers

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Ram’s Horn

23815 Jefferson Ave
St. Clair Shores, 48080
Open for only a week now this former Big Boy as D.R. said looks nothing like the old place on the inside. In fact this pass for much upper scale restaurant on inside looks. Now onto the food. Ordered a 1/2 lb burger with onion rings and cole slaw. This was one of the best tasting cole slaws I've had. Not quite creamy and not quite a vinager slaw. It tasted like they used duck sauce. It was so good I ordered a second of it. The burger was meh, dry and you could tell it wasn't fresh but a frozen pattie. Bleck. They were out of onion rings so ordered the fries which were hot but nothing to write home about. Overall for a cheap eats place it fulfills that promise and is a step up from what it replaced.
Woah. I am definitely surprised at the good reviews this place has. I am convinced that there is a bag of frozen chicken strips in the back that they microwave and throw onto their "grilled chicken" salad. The staff was nice, but this could not even be considered a sub-par CHAIN restaurant- seriously.
came to this Rams Horn location for the first time today and I have to say it was pretty good. The wait staff were freindly the manager were refilling cups of coffee for everyone, I ordered the chicken breaded pita with fries, it wasnt bad, they use something called " brick cheese " i didnt realy care for the cheese, national coney island has spoiled me with there version of a chicken pita ( hani ) they use 2 slices of cheese ( swiss ans american I think ) but anyway I might ask if they will make it like that next time, i would recomend this with no problems, lots of seniors, easy acces to parking.

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Sandwiches, American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch

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Butter Run Saloon

27626 Harper Ave.
St. Clair Shores, 48081
More than just your average bar, it's an experience. Our waitress was extremely knowledgeable, and when she found out it was our first time, she was more than willing to go over the expansive whiskey list and craft cocktail list. We ordered up a couple of Moscow Mules, along with two burgers and had a really enjoyable evening. Definitely in the realm of different at Butter Run, which is great, we can't all be a TGI-Friday's...right?! Friends of mine will sometimes chose Butter Run for our gatherings, and I'll be more than happy to attend again. Oh, and our food was really great. Two great burgers, cooked to our specifications. I had the Gwennie burger...with green olives....delish!
This place was straight down the middle. There was nothing about it that made me think it was great. Apparently, they have a large whiskey selection and that's cool. I had a cocktail and it was "Meh." The food was not bad, but it wasn't exactly the best in the world either. Especially for what we paid for it. I was not too impressed with this establishment. I feel like they have a sweet environment and good idea, but they just aren't quite there. You guys need SOMETHING. You need to WOW me. Rare foods? Insane portions? Peanut shells on the floors or something, I don't know, but you gotta do something. You can't have a bar that has such a great atmosphere, location, and decor be so bland. I will be back in the future and I will give you another chance. I hope you guys can really figure something out.
Get the escargot. It's better than any fine dining restaurant. They are smaller with plenty on the plate and served with a nice piece of toast.

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Detroit Style Pizza Company

28630 Harper Ave
St. Clair Shores, 48081
As far as pizza goes, Blaze Pizza, Buddy's or Supino's takes the cake for me anywhere in Metro Detroit. However, Detroit Style Pizza Company is still enjoyable. For starters -- you don't feel bloated after eating a slice or two. What a win that is! You know when you eat a ridiculously greasy hot and ready and feel gross after? Yep, not here! My Auntie lives in the area and while there are a dozen pizza places just on Harper alone, she always goes here. Service is prompt and food is always hot and fresh. Did I mention the breadsticks are heavenly?! Just enough flavor and softness to make you wanting more. The pizza itself has the sauce on the outside, however it's not enough to make a complete mess. Eating a deep dish reminds me a bit of a Pizza Papolis pizza. Still good though! A large one topping deep dish with bread sticks and a Greek salad is about $27. Not too bad considering it was able to feed my family! Can't wait to have some leftovers (that's what I get for Yelping at 7am!)
A place simply called Detroit Style Pizza Co. makes me nervous. It gives me the impression that the owners believe they make the best Detroit style pizza, which makes me nervous simply because if somebody thinks they're the best, they normally aren't. Well, I'll be the judge of that. Nearly a 4, just feeling stingy. I had take-out, so I can't speak to anything but the food. I ate two slices of the, whatever it's called here, meat lover's pizza. From what I could tell, there was only ham and bacon on it. I found it interesting (odd, really) that they put whole strips of bacon on the pizza. I don't care for that, because one bite and the strip comes right off the slice. The crust is probably the best part about this place, though the sauce is pretty decent too. I'm giving three stars just because compared to my personal favorite Detroit style pizza place (Buddy's), it's really not that close. I think this pizza is marginally better than Cloverleaf, and maybe even only a little better than Jet's, except DSP Co. costs a bit more money. I'd certainly choose this place over any coast-to-coast pizza chain if I lived near a DSP Co., but there are too many better local options by my house to ever warrant going out of my way for this pizza. Good, not good enough.
*Not To Be Confused With Cloverleaf Bar In Eastpointe On Gratiot! This place is St. Clair Shores best kept secret. It has by far the best tasting pizza that I have ever eaten!!! My kids love the round cheese and pepperoni pizza and the wife and I love the square special with everything and the antipasto salad. Quit Buying The Cheap $5.00 Pizza From Those Fast Food Chains And Reward Your Family With The Taste They Deserve! P.S. They have opened a 2nd store in Clinton Township on Garfield & they have the same great service and food.

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Pegasus Taverna

24935 Jefferson
St. Clair Shores, 48080
This is my first review, and I have to say I wish there was a wider scale of measurement, as well as a breakdown of service, food, decor, etc. I think they deserve more than two stars, but not with the definitions that correspond to the stars. I feel kind of guilty giving this low of a rating, but it's honest, so... My husband and I came here for 'date night' tonight. Let's see... The saganaki (cheese) was very tasty, as was the bread. (Both husband and I noticed the "opa!" was very understated, and not just on ours, but we're not super into showmanship, so no biggie.) Dessert was fabulous. The service was very good. So why the two stars? I probably made a mistake in ordering the leg of lamb. I figured it's a Greek restaurant, so the lamb should be good, right? Seriously, if you had given me a blind taste test, I don't think I would have ID'd it as lamb. Maybe beef. It was ok, but not worth $15. The peas were so gross looking I did not even touch them. They looked canned, and I HATE canned peas. If they weren't canned, they were cooked WAY too much. The potatoes were ok, but nothing special. The wine the waitress recommended to go with my lamb had a very 'blah' finish. Funnily enough, for the wine I asked her for to go with our saganaki, she brought us a taste first because I guess a lot of people order it and then don't like it. It was fine - I won't be trying to import it from Greece or anything, but it was reasonably good and went well with the saganaki. The wine I had her recommend to go with the lamb, that I didn't like? No taste first. Probably an oversight on her part. It happens. It's just unfortunate that that was the one I didn't like. Husband had the Greek trio. He liked it fine, but said it wasn't great. I had a nibble of each of his dishes, and honestly, liked them better than mine. We grabbed a carry out menu; we'd both like to try their gyros and whatnot. Reading the reviews now, I wish I had gone for the Chicken Lemonato, if not the trio that husband got. We won't be going back for a nice dinner out any time soon, but we'll try it in another context sooner or later. Sorry, Pegasus. If we go back and it's better, I will definitely edit or remove this review.
Food is pretty much on par with the Greektown location. However, if you dont arrive in a group then be prepared to be seated in the bar/kitchen where the waiters will be staring at you while they look to see if other customers need their attention. The lemon rice soup is great, the saganaki (ordered at other tables) is presented in a lackluster "opa or something" manner, and that's about it. Yeah, okay, whatever. Not really planning on going back unless it's the only place open. Go to the Greektown location instead where everything is great except the dust on the plastic leaves in the ceiling.
Finally stopped in the newly opened Pegasus Taverna on Jefferson. Parking lot packed, had to park next door, which I'm sure we were not allowed to do, but it was a Friday night, so we took a chance. Hostess told us there was about a 25 minute wait, we may have waited longer but were able to find a spot at the bar order a couple of drinks and order a Saganaki appetizer while we waited. After we were seated at our table, the waitress came by to refresh our drinks and take our orders. Food came promptly and was exactly what we were expecting from Pegasus, pretty much the same as downtown. Service was quality, atmosphere was good, food was delicious - typical Greek food! Since the Nautical Miles restaurant choices often get boring, it is nice to have a newcomer to the neighborhood.

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Firehouse Bar And Grill

23114-23162 Greater Mack Ave
St. Clair Shores, 48080
What a great addition to the little SCS downtown. $2 bud light draft all the time really???? Wowwww. Pizza is good they could be a more liberal with toppings but maybe it was just this time around will try again. TRISH the bartender really attributes to a great experience. Friendly, hospitable and knows the business. Hope this place sticks.
Admittedly one visit by one person is a small sample but the burger I had for lunch was cooked just the way I ordered and was delicious. Garlic and parmesan fries were loaded with flavor : I would visit just to order them. Terrific beer selection served by a friendly bartender. I will definitely return and recommend.
Awesome local place with tons of screens to catch the game. Some of the great Michigan beers in bottles and others on tap. Trivia, .50 wing night, friendly staff, food to make your mouth water. The place to be in St Clair Shores! Don't forget it's owned by retired firefighters, so if the food and drink doesn't bring you supporting local Hero's should.

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Mike’s On the Water

24600 Jefferson Ave
St. Clair Shores, 48080
Mikes On the Water Restraunt Awesome little dive on the water in the Shores of St Clair. Fall off the bone amazing Ribs Great mini Fish sliders Cheap Beers Good fun, cool crowd... Boat or Car what ever, Mikes can accommodate!
Hope I never have to come back here. This place has a very unprofessional staff that stopped us and told us they couldn't accommodate us because "Mike doesn't like party busses bringing people to the restaurant." What? You don't want a bus full of ladies celebrating a bachelorette party to come spend money in your bar? Ok... Well Mike is obviously an idiot.
I got this big fat sun burnt drunk who's been out on the lake for six hours sitting next to me and he wants to talk about the Tigers and how much they suck this year. All I wanna do is enjoy my Pork Sandwich and cold beer and watch the Tigers get beat up again. Actually, my mind is on football, and that pork sandwich.

(586) 872-2630

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