Whippy Dip

591 N 18th Ave.
The Whippy Dip offers plain cones and dipped cones, sundaes, shakes, blizzards, banana splits, slushies, Whippy Coolers and Glaciers. A Whippy Cooler is a blended mix of soft-serve vanilla and flavored slushie. A Glacier is a half-cup of vanilla soft-serve with a half-cup of flavored slushie on top, not blended. They have about 20 slushie flavors. The Whippy Dip also serves every variety of hot ballpark food. Nachos, pizza, hot dogs, etc. They do not have hard-pack ice cream, and the soft-serve is soft-serve, not the more flavorful custard. Customers order from a walk-up window, and there is no indoor seating. The workers are all high school students with the greatest summer job around. I've been coming here all my life, and I plan to keep that up. P.S. Buy a T-shirt when you're there -- they're amazing!
We had a cheese burger and a foot long hamburger. Sticks to the basics but not something very special. Not many options around here anyway.
Best Italian Sub I've ever had. Didn't get ice cream though because it took so long for our order to come out (45 mins) that we didn't want to wait again for ice cream.

(231) 873-4715

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Pizza

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