2052 W Auburn Rd
Rochester Hills, 48309
Quick subways made with whatever toppings you want, healthy and fresh baked breads. Cant beat meals around 6-10 bucks

(248) 853-7145

Sandwiches, Fast Food

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Cold Stone Creamery

3026 Walton Blvd.
Rochester Hills, 48309
Warn evening so long line for the cool treat. I had french vanilla but next time I'm getting the red velvet...I had a taste and OMG my tongue loved it! I'll be back for sure.
Awesome ice cream. Good place to use up calories. Everyone is friendly and professional. Make your own ice cream from all kinds of flavors and toppings. You can use their menu and chose their signature creations. You don't like what you see? No prob, make your own!
I always feel bad for the single lone employee at Cold Stone Creameries. They are usually in a frenzy trying to get everything done. Here the employ managed that with ease. She greated us as we entered and swiftly filled everyone's order with a smile.

(248) 375-6000

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Tropical Smoothie Cafe

2913 Crooks Rd
Rochester Hills, 48309
The Detox Island Green is PERFECT, and it's so good for you compared to the other choices. Sometimes you just don't have time to juice/make smoothies yourself... The customer service is fantastic on the few times there have been mess ups, it's always taken care of and the employees are very nice.
My new morning breakfast stop on the way to work. I can't believe I've never had Tropical Smoothie before. The Acai Berry Blast was fantastic and so was my Southwestern Omelette Wrap.
Smoothies are good but it's way too expensive for the small portion sizes they serve. Plenty of other places around that serve much better food for your money.

(248) 852-4800


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112 Pizzeria Bistro

2528 S Adams Rd
Rochester Hills, 48309
That was some great pizza and cheese bread!!
A well presented pizza should be a piece of art. Perfectly placed toppings, evenly spread sauce, finely layered cheese and a heavenly crust, in other words properly balanced. This place does exactly that. Perhaps the best presented pie I've come across in my journey of pizzerias ( 87) of them. What I will take away from here are 3 things : The crust, while a wood oven is not used, have managed to get a charred, crunchy crust on the bottom and a light, fluffy crust up top, A +. The toppings, while I only had pepperoni with Italian sausage they were presented in a unique way. Pepperoni's cover each slice and have a row of 3-4 at the top, looks cool. Italian sausage were cut so perfect they were shaped like quarters, and flavored with spices or something, A +. Customer service, PHENOMENAL is the only way to describe how I felt, most importantly honest about their product ( s), A +. Their cheesy breadsticks are amazing as well due to the non-typical shape and form. Buy them. So why not 5 stars? Well ultimately it comes down to ovens. While brick ovens are close and make a good product they just aren't able to reach the same temperature as a wood/coal oven can. Therefore the pizza doesn't have that smoky flavor or the charred toppings and crust as much as I prefer. I will be back with company next time ;-) however as I feel this guy is on to something big! Support the small business owners as they usually offer a superior product and remember to keep an open mind, enjoy my friends. Updated : it's tough to keep my rating at four stars with their new pizzas, especially the Noir. I'm waiting to try the deep dish before I change my star rating ;-).
My girlfriend and I had a wonderful experience when we visited 112 Pizzeria Bistro a few weeks ago. We sat down to eat on a Saturday evening and couldn't have been happier. We started with a house salad and some cheesy breadsticks. The salad was nice and fresh with their delicious house dressing. The breadsticks are some addictive little slices of heaven. A nice garlic flavor and plenty of cheese to go around. It would have been a total knock out if the sauce to accompany them was warm, but I'm not about to deduct points for that. For pizza we ordered the Busy Siegel which was better than described. Truth be told I was a bit hesitant due to the cherry peppers which I feared would overpower the pizza. Boy was I wrong. The pizza was perfect. From the toppings to the perfectly thin and delicious crust, this was an amazing pizza pie. To top the experience off, one of the owners heard it was our first time visiting and she came out to introduce herself. Her name escapes me at the moment but she could not have been more friendly. We had a nice conversation about how they got started and how they get a vast majority of their ingredients from Eastern Market downtown. We really enjoyed meeting her and the dining experience was top notch. We'll be back for sure!

(248) 289-6164


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Antoniou’s Town Square Pizza

918 S Rochester Rd
Rochester Hills, 48307
WOW! This is some damn good pizza! Went here on Friday night after the Detroit Tiger's game. Walked in at 10:50pm (they close at 11pm) and I believe Mike Antoniou was working. We ordered a large pizza and he was happy to make it for us (even so late!) I believe they have a full bar and you can get a six pack of beer, mix & match for so cheap! We got the pizza home and ate the large pizza between the three of us. The crust was absolutely perfect (tastful, and not tough). You can order the pizza round OR square (how many places do you know that you can pick?!) My husband watched and he threw the dough in the air, just like a real pizza place! The tomato sauce is perfection as well as the toppings. Everything is fresh and delicious. I woke up thinking about the pizza the next day and how nice the service was. Hopefully we can get some more before I head back to Vegas!
This place is kind of hidden in a small strip just north of avon and we missed it for about 4 years until another local business owner recommended it. It's a small, family owned, unpretentious pizza and pasta place. The pizza is among the best i've had in the troy/rochester/rochester hills area at this price point. They have great values for families, such as a large pizza and a side of pasta for like 15.00. They serve wines from fieldstone winery in Rochester, and actually carry some bottled microbrews. Great value all around.
My favorite pizza place in the Rochester area! I've only gotten carry-out, so I can't speak to the "dining-in experience", but the deep dish pizza is the perfect blend of a sweet sauce, spicy pepperoni, and high quality cheese.

(248) 650-2200

Pizza, Caterers

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Firehouse Subs

1480 N. Rochester Rd.
Rochester Hills, 48307
Just split a meatball and an Italian sub with my sister and I must say they were two of the best subs I've ever had. The staff members were friendly and the store was super CLEAN. The owner happened to be there and you could tell he really cared about his store and his customers. I found out that he's actually a Detroit Fireman so the pics and fire equipment on the walls are real, kind of cool I thought. It was a rainy day so I took home a bowl of chili, it was awesome as well! Great place! I'll be back for sure.
I got the Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket and added mushrooms. It was fantastic! The meat was tender and the ingredients were fresh. The service was fast and friendly, and the dining room was spotless. Easy 5 stars!
Awesome subs, great service, and very clean. I love the mural, it is really cool! Will definitely be back!

(248) 656-9200

Sandwiches, Fast Food, Delis

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Rockin’ Cupcakes

6930 N Rochester Rd
Rochester Hills, 48306
These cupcakes are really darn good. There is only one other cupcake place I frequent, but that's on my side of town, and this one is on my works. I was notified about this place by my mobibo app the other week, and I decided to let myself go back and try it a few days later. Walk in, smiles all around, and I am feeling comfortable in this place. I ask what are some of the most popular sweets, and he tells me the yellow submarine. I am a big time Beatles fan, heck yes I will try this just because of the name (this happens more often then I would like to admit). First bite, amazing. Lemon flavors are putting me into a trance, and the frosting (which there was a good deal of) was sweet, but not "Holy crap, my freaking teeth hurt!!!!!!" sweet. Its a little out of the way north of where my office is if I am not driving around for the day. I would like to surprise my co-workers one day, because most are from that area and love the place. Well, what can I say. I'm on the bandwagon too.
Its doesnt get any better then this, Rock n Roll and cupcakes. If you get a chance stop by and pick up a few flavors. The White Strip and Lexington amazing. Im really looking forward to trying Adams Apple.
This place has a great variety of creative cupcake flavors: pistachio, chocolate ganashe, etc and it changes all the time! I love how they even have cupcakes for your furry, four-legged friend. The frosting is super yummy and it would be even better if it had a bit more frosting.

(248) 656-2253

Bakeries, Cupcakes

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Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

1430 N Rochester Road
Rochester Hills, 48307
I tend to toss the flyers I receive for ice cream/froyo places. That was until I saw the words 'dairy free' on the BOGO for the new Orange Leaf in my neighborhood. The hubs, dog and I ventured over last night. Orange Leaf is a self service establishment where the cost is based on the weight of your dish. The bowls are fairly large and you must trust yourself to the proper portion size. Foxy Brown enjoyed a cup of peanut butter frozen yogurt, while I had a dairy free pineapple with mango tapioca (like in bubble tea) and sprinkles. The cashier signed us up for the rewards program (spend $10, save $1) and cut our coupon with scissors. The interior was fun and orange with very decorative seating. We will most definitely be back!
Great selection and rotation of flavors. The staff is sometimes rude and not helpful.
This Orangeleaf is the best Orangeleaf I've ever been to, it is also the best frozen yogurt joint I've ever been to. This Orangeleaf is always well-kept up and has the freshest toppings around.

(248) 759-4890

Desserts, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Do-It-Yourself Food

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George’s Coney Island & Family Restaurant

1437 North Rochester Rd
Rochester Hills, 48307
For the last 12 years, George's has been my go to for Sunday morning breakfast. No matter what time of day, I always start my meal with a cup of lemon rice soup. The pink Greek dressing is the best I've ever had. I love spreading it all over my Greek salad (extra beets) or vegetarian pita. Service is always solid and fast. My cup of coffee is always full. Everyone here is family.
After the cook got done making lewd comments about my chest he started cooking my to go order. First off when I asked the waitress did they have Souvlaki she said no. Clearly it was on the menu. As my order was being cooked several guests arrived and the waitress wasn't too happy because it was interrupting her meal. I wanted to tell her "eat before or after her shift " very rude to let guests hear you complain about them when their there to enjoy a meal. I could plainly see my order being wrapped up so I approached the counter where the waitress then began to inform me my carry out would be at least another 10 minutes. 2 seconds later another waitress said "here is your order " gheez... Got home to discover NO tazaki sauce and the upcharge for to greek salad had about a tablespoon of feta on it. And the Souvlaki was tough and tasteless. I won't be back.
I have never gotten a bad meal from George's, ever. The food is always delicious and cooked to perfection. You can't go wrong with their lemon rice soup, chicken Greek salad, or gyros! Whenever I need a quick bite or a easy carry out, George is my go to guy.

(248) 656-0030

Greek, American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch

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Tim Hortons

940 S Rochester Rd
Rochester Hills, 48307
This deadly coffee shop is right on my way to work. I am Canadian by birth and grew up at these stores all across Southern Ontario. The staff is usually always on the ball at this location. I found out that one of the servers at the window is also from my hometown area and is passionate about Hockey and Tim Horton's coffee like I am. There is a specific ratio of coffee to cream/sugar that needs to be met when a double/double is ordered. All Canadian Coffee drinkers understand this when it comes to Tim Hortons. If it's off by just a bit - it's not the right Timmies experience. It is rare that this location gets it wrong. I am normally very happy with my purchases here - they meet all expectations to my Canadian taste. I now stop here quite regularly for at least a cup of coffee, if not more. I am beyond thrilled that Timmies is now in Rochester and that there is usually a line up at the drive thru (although it clears quickly with the speedy drive-thru services). Hopefully my regular attendance will aid this location to become a permanent coffee stop in R-Hills. My Canadian heart is overflowing with joy (and coffee). **A technical mention here - as of 9/23/14, the location on the map on this Yelp page is inaccurate. The address is correct (940 S Rochester Rd) but the picture of it's location shows it in a local subdivision. I can't figure out a way to notify Yelp so they can edit this glitch. Anyone out there - please let them or me know how to correct this one.
Sonofabitch! Been to more Tim Hortons recently & my consensus is: they are all OFFSIDES!!
Faithfully & Consistently Very GOOD! Always get a warm friendly welcome & the order taker via the drive thru always identify themselves. Even when the line backs up to the road, they do a nice job of knocking it down. Lately they have blended my espresso shot into my cold drink,which elimainates the usual settling , that other locations are known for.

(248) 652-8292

Coffee & Tea

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