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Quinnesec, 49876
Think: a more rustic version of Culver's. Seriously. It even has the same color palette going on with the gray brick exterior and azure-blue accents. The only thing that sets Storheim's apart, from an aesthetic-standpoint, is the wooded interior of this fast food stop. That is, the seating and walls are essentially all composed of logs :D Service: on point. Custard: yUm. Prices: decent - not exceptionally cheap, but not crazy expensive. *Note -they do have some other food options at this place, like pizza, I believe? but we just tried out the custard.
Great desserts (custard and more)? Yep. Great burgers? Yep. (Packer burger is decently big.) Great breakfast? Oh yeah. Second only to B's in town. Try the cardamom toast. Pizza? Meh. Not my style but I didn't ding 'em for that. It is a tad more expensive than I'd like for what I normally get but I'll pay the extra $$ for how big the Packer burger actually is.
Since my last visit here in 2007, Storheim's has grown. They have added a drive-thru order lane and expanded the dining area. The dull interior and plain tables have taken on a more polished, franchisey look with more booths and nicer interior decorations. Most closely this place compares to Culver's, but it's not a chain. They have a different custard flavor daily and usually chocolate and caramel are involved. Burgers and fish are still a great menu choice, though not cheap like other fast food establishments. And if you're dining in, check out the "Taste of Sweden" room, off to the right of the counter. It's a separate wing added to the restaurant with some tables, separated by glass. The walls are adorned with Swedish folk art and wood carvings of deer and giant pine trees. Really beautiful and an elegant touch a fast food chain usually would not have.

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Breakfast & Brunch, Burgers, Sandwiches

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