PUR Cuisine Café

1166 S Lapeer Rd
Orion Township, 48360
I am a total carnivore, so thats said. Not just Vegan/Vegetarian fare. Hell of a rare house burger, tender lamb sliders, and amazing chicken. Gnocchi and risotto to die for. Totally ended up here by happenstance but have 0 regrets. 5 star on any comparison. I dont care if your fet is gluten free or whatever diet fad is this week, this place just has solid 3-4 star cuisine with a healthy edge and full flavor.
Comfortable small dining area with herbs growing in planter boxes near the windows. We had the guacamole appetizer. I ordered the watermelon feta salad with balsamic reduction and oil dressing. Food is good quality with fresh ingredients. Menu has many healthy options, which is important to me.
Maybe I ordered the wrong thing but I can't say I was impressed with my meal. I ordered the Palo bowl with shrimp, a half portion (which was plenty for dinner). I only ate about half of it because I lost interest half way through. Could've used more sauce and consistency in cooking. The best part was definitely the garlic herb shrimp. My fiancé got the burger which he didn't enjoy but he is a very picky eater. The burger was huge and he did enjoy the sweet potato chips. For an appetizer we had chips and guacamole which was very tasty. May or may not return, I didn't feel it was a very good value. I definitely like what they are trying to do with the healthy options but heathy food way be delicious too. Service was just okay, our waitress was slow even though we were her only table.

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Gluten-Free, Vegan, Mediterranean

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Sushi & Thai

575 N Lapeer Rd
Orion Township, 48362
Misti was correct that there is a bit of a language barrier. The service was not top notch, but it was not too far out of line with my expectations. I'm there for the food! Which was quite good. We got a few standard dishes (green curry, pad thai, something else...) between 4 adults and a few kids, and really enjoyed them all. Be careful - my friend was surprised that a "mild" dish was too spicy for their 3-year-old. That warning is true for most Thai places in my opinion. Ordering "no spice" for kids is a safer option. I also got sushi, and it was good. Maybe not over the line to great (even grading on a Michigan curve: great in Michigan might only be okay on the Pacific), but really enjoyable. Jeanae had a good tip: the Crazy California Roll may not be authentic, but it was tasty!
Had the jalapeño pepper roll, Yum Yum roll, and a special California roll. Really tasty! I would definitely recommend Lake Orion Sushi & Thai. Very friendly and happy employees and that make all the difference in the world when it come to preparing food.
First time trying this place just out. It's not common to find a Thai, sushi and pho place. Came here to check out the noodle dish and it was amazing! If you guys like pho try it there's not much over here unless you willing to drive down to Madison Hts for pho. They def have a twist to their homemade pho and I liked it, very flavorful indeed. I will be coming back to try more dishes.

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Sushi Bars, Thai

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Bangkok Crossing

193 Northpark Blvd
Orion Township, 48362
Confused on how this place is still open. Their fryers are always "getting cleaned" therefore they cannot make your food or they are out of the bangkok sauce. Yes, the food is good when you are able to get it however it's a slim chance they will even be able to make the food. Constant upset.
Overall review: food is too salty. Holy cow salty. I've never had any Thai food in any restaurant this salty. I ordered the pineapple fried rice mild plus. I could hardly taste any spice at all (was told mild had some spice). Husband ordered panang hot. It wasn't hot like a normal "hot" spice would be. His was also salty. Soup was some terrible dark brown soy sauce looking disaster. It came luke warm and again...too salty. The hostess that was also the waitress barely said 2 words and was not friendly at all. There are too many good restaurants in the area to ever come back here.
They really have good food here ,small place but food is very good and people are nice .I will go there again for sure.

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Big Wave Sushi

3643 S Baldwin Rd
Orion Township, 48359
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Sushi Bars

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